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Shipping (Fandom)
Welcome to Kalulu Shirlulu United. Here we celebrate both the Kalulu and Shirlulu pairings as we all know they were the closest to canon pairings for Lelouch in Code Geass.
12 1 5 14
Unmaintained / Inactive
let's be friends
7 3 8 1
Shipping (Fandom)
They're so canon it almost hurts! Two souls connected to one another by a bond stronger than any friendship.
7 1 2 0
My Love :* Anime :D
8 1 1 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
we are a team of anime creaters and story line developers.
4 1 2 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
If you were courageous enough to click, I want to say Welcome to Clovisland, our kingdom dedicated to our Clovis, beach and wild toys fangirlism ^___^!!!! This club was created during a wild evening on january 15th by three girls who wanted to talk about Clovis, Code Geass, Costumes, Clovis Cosplays, Beach, Clovis in bathing suit, Plushies, Dolls, Figurines and other cute toys :3 Don't be fooled, this is not restricted to Clovis, but if you want to make Nogitsune happy, talk about him all you want :3 You can post all the photos you want if they are related to toys or to Clovis or to Code Geass :3 ****THE STORY****
15 1 14 2
Unmaintained / Inactive
A fanclub based on Fallout 2 and 3's shadow government of the United States of America. Talk of how to restore America after a nuclear holocaust!
3 1 1 7
Character Appreciation
a simple group,dedicated to our beloved bassist. Moe Moe Kyun~
37 0 0 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
OLD REY Mysterio(chores)WHOs that jumping out the sky R.E.Y Mysterio... here we go When the Masks out the girls they pass out The boys just Blackout better tap out (chores) the top rope so look out below And the next thing ya know you be on floor what ya going to do when your on ya back from my mean body slam ah damn ya wack! You like, what the heck, all of a sudden this dude sittin' on my neck Where's the ref? Strait from the WWE Know how much trouble you see, when you face the man of Mystery? Flippen' and spinnin' and doing it fast You can't remove the mask(why?)...Coz he's kickin' your ass! (Chores) Mr.Mysterious is serious and he gets furious and delirious and everybodys curious Wanna know were he,'s from and ya who he is? Know not a damn thing but he gets busy.The entertainer and your now on his stage. And it don't matter if your in the ring or trapped in a cage.What he looks like you all dying to see But guess what looks like a winner to me. C'mon...
4 1 3 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
10 2 3 3
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