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Unmaintained / Inactive
This group is dedicated to the unique way of thinking that is displayed by Kyon. Thus Kyonism here is not a religion, not even a philosophy - it's a way of life. All of you who appreciate sarcasm, are maybe a bit cynical, do not believe in things that can not be explained by logic and science, but also are romantics at heart - welcome! NB: This philosophy has no relation to religion of the same name or also known as The Kyon Theory. This doesn't necessary mean that members deny the right of existence for this religion or any other branch of Haruhiism for that matter. The truth is: they don't care. At all.
13 1 3 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
A group for people who love Kanon, CLANNAD and Air~ ^-^
28 1 23 14
Unmaintained / Inactive
Group for people who are fans of cat girls :3
6 0 0 4
Character Appreciation
Fan Club dedicated for Kawasima Ami fans!^^V.Well actually im mot watch ToraDora so i don't know much about her.So if you like Kawasima Ami join this FC!
12 1 2 0
Lettings all the AnimeSuki Graphic Desigers come together and share there work with each others.
10 1 1 0
Genre Fandom
Its a Group Dedicated to all those who love Yokai / Supernatural anime .
14 3 27 5
Unmaintained / Inactive
for all those who love Sephiroth hahahaha he is teh coolest
4 0 0 0
Series Appreciation
All AnimeSuki members who love Shugo Chara series.. Let's all talk about it here..
15 0 0 0
Character Appreciation
There is a new bad ass in town... He's Hardcore, He's Blind (He's SEXY!) He'll chop you to pieces and the laugh his ass off! The Baddest Hijikata of them all! EPIC, HARDCORE, GAR, AWESOME ...You name it he's got it! "Until Death Do Us Part"
5 0 0 1
Series Appreciation
This is for the characters group.
7 0 0 1
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