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Character Appreciation
Dedicate to the Character Hinako from Training with Hinako.
10 2 5 7
The Bikini Bottom, where random things happen, come, and go. This is just a group where you can discuss just about anything from Gundams to bikini babes.
11 1 5 14
Shipping (Fandom)
Welcome to Kalulu Shirlulu United. Here we celebrate both the Kalulu and Shirlulu pairings as we all know they were the closest to canon pairings for Lelouch in Code Geass.
12 1 5 14
whether you are on the internet or not, never fear, we are always here!! in real life & in the cyber space!!!
7 4 5 6
Character Appreciation
For fans who love there artistic Skill & there lovely personality.
14 4 5 5
Character Appreciation
do you like Euphiemia? then join the club
16 1 5 28
Character Appreciation
For all fans of Misaka "Biri Biri" Mikoto!
24 3 5 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
talking about tthe latest Gundam show on tv. presently S2 is airing in full swing.
13 1 5 13
Series Appreciation
Hori may seem like a normal teenage girl, but she's a completely different person after school. In her workaholic parents' absence, Hori has been like a parent for her little brother since she was young herself. Between taking care of her brother, feeding them both, and housework, she doesn't have much time for a usual teenage social life. One day, she meets someone else who does not present his true self at school: a quiet, glasses-wearing boy called Miyamura. She'd assumed he was bookish, and possibly an otaku, but Hori couldn't have been more wrong. Outside of school, Miyamura is a friendly guy with many piercings, and he's not very good at academics. Now the two of them have someone with whom they can share both halves of their lives!
4 4 4 0
Series Appreciation
A story about a reincarnated NEET who dying when saving bunch High School students from accident --> to became Supreme Badass Magician who has his own harem, and not dream one like before he reincarnated. Defeating Gods in order to save his family and go back to his previous world. Well, what'll you do if you in his shoes?
39 1 4 49
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