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by deathcurse
2011-12-21 23:42
General Chat
Here's a thread for general chatting that doesn't fit into any other discussion thread :). ...
Yesterday 18:58
by DezoPenguin
2016-05-06 13:18
Fic Draft: Ashes of Yggdrasil
Otherwise known as "Opalneria and Hiram Play Dark Souls"! :) I thought I would just share chapters...
Yesterday 18:53
by DezoPenguin
2012-09-12 23:47
Original Creations Thread (for all)
I can't believe I didn't think of this before. :heh: Basically, this thread is for posting any...
2016-04-26 13:28
by DezoPenguin
2011-05-02 15:11
Random GrimGrimoire Thoughts Thread
Exactly what it says on the tin: a thread for posting thoughts/ideas/musings that kind of wander...
2016-04-16 18:43
by DezoPenguin
2013-01-14 22:33
Fanart and Image Thread
The idea to create this thread hit me today when I was thinking about yui's most recent pic, which...
2016-04-10 15:41
by DezoPenguin
2016-03-25 15:26
Fic Draft: Caretakers
As five-year-old Cressidor said when she first met a nine-tailed kitsune, "Fwuffy!" “It’s nice...
2016-04-03 02:42
by DezoPenguin
2016-02-06 10:11
Fic Draft: Story Time
Well, I managed to shake off the creative doldrums enough to generate this one-shot. Hope you...
2016-02-08 12:43
by deathcurse
2015-04-27 22:25
Game time: Arkham Horror!
Arkham Horror – Game time! **ARKHAM HORROR WIKI Link -- Reference all the cards here** How we...
2015-11-06 07:18
by DezoPenguin
2015-10-05 15:47
Omake Fic: The Ballentyne Method of Marking Cards
Bartido Ballentyne didn’t exactly walk up to the library table when two of his fellow apprentices...
2015-10-11 12:29
by DezoPenguin
2015-09-10 15:43
Fic: Restless in Death (and OC profile)
I hereby bringeth a short fic! “Tahlea, I’m telling you, this is a bad idea.” “Oh, Hibi,...
2015-09-23 18:26
by DezoPenguin
2014-11-23 23:04
I Fail at Smut (and now you can see how badly!)
Well, I finished typing up the alleged smut fic's prologue and first two chapters, so I thought I'd...
2015-07-02 19:55
by DezoPenguin
2015-05-09 21:28
Fic Draft: Untitled (Margarita)
Been plinking away at a couple of long Margarita stories (including the one I posted the first...
2015-06-16 10:08
by DezoPenguin
2015-05-30 11:30
Omake fic: Currently Untitled
Working on Chapter VIII of "Some Call It Dancing," I made an oblique reference to a previous...
2015-06-01 22:04
by DezoPenguin
2015-06-01 13:41
Omake Fic: Drawing to the Point
In which we confirm that Bartido is indeed a bit of a troll. But hey, it's Hiram. “I don’t...
2015-06-01 18:56
by DezoPenguin
2015-04-22 08:02
Omake Fic: Not-So-Clair Voyance
I had a good day yesterday. Here's some mad alchemical science to celebrate! :D Hibiscus’s...
2015-05-01 09:49
by DezoPenguin
2014-12-25 14:16
Fic Draft: Christmas is for Everyone
A/N: This one's probably a little rough even for a draft, because I just sat down and wrote it...
2015-04-18 18:29
by DezoPenguin
2015-03-13 12:58
Omake Fic: Make a Clean Sweep of It
Cold, silver moonlight streamed through the window, painting the room in its icy brilliance. Its...
2015-04-01 07:54
by DezoPenguin
2011-04-04 20:30
Fic: Tempus Materia
Spawn really ought to be doing his own advertising :p, but for those who haven't been following it,...
2015-03-30 19:10
by deathcurse
2014-02-05 20:40
[Challenge #1] Royal House of Magic, Year One
New writing challenge! :) Here are the rules: 1. The setting is Lillet's first year at the...
2015-03-01 17:43
by FNS 2-1-0
2014-10-30 10:48
Drabbles and Short Fics
Title says it all! This is a thread for drabbles and short fics that don't really have a place in...
2015-02-23 14:24

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