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by Tak
2012-08-31 19:31
The All-Purpose Macross Discussion Thread
Because the mods aren't letting us have any fun on the official forums, we might as well have our...
Today 14:02
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2016-09-20 11:04
Tenchi Muyo! Discussions
TWENTY-FOUR YEARS of Tenchi Muyo! 11/30/2016!! The 4th...
Today 13:38
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2013-02-18 19:36
General Anime Discussion
I figured we (I) need a thread like this, being the rant group. Ya know, I just recently...
Yesterday 20:37
by Tak
2016-08-22 22:17
Yes, heavy spoilers aplenty. You have been warned.
Yesterday 16:19
by Darthtabby
2016-09-24 22:44
Fall 2016 Anime Chart
The Fall 2016 anime season is fast approaching. :)
Yesterday 09:27
by Tak
2016-06-26 01:40
NUN vs Windermere Midnight Edition. Rated M for extreme violence
When mods start issuing warnings, this is the place you go. :) Anyway folks, I created this...
Yesterday 01:18
by Matts Go to last post
by Tak
2014-05-19 16:01
General Movie Discussion
Because we can talk about movies, too!
2016-09-22 12:46
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2013-07-29 23:00
Gun Porn!!
What uncle Tak likes to do on his spare time... :D
2016-09-20 16:43
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2016-08-02 09:55
RE Zero
Because its a fun series.
2016-09-20 06:34
by BetoJR Go to last post
by Tak
2014-06-27 11:35
Random Chat of Randomness!
Because we need one. :)
2016-09-14 23:20
by YF19EX Go to last post
by Tak
2012-12-28 11:38
The weird!!
Some things are so weird it deserves its own thread! N5qLLgPsdpo
2016-09-10 19:43
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2016-09-04 00:10
Battleship Iowa with pics.
Finally had my chance to visit the Battleship Iowa. Thought I'd share some pics.
2016-09-04 13:34
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2014-08-24 23:35
General Gaming Discussion
We need one, obviously ;)
2016-08-30 14:23
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2016-03-31 12:14
Macross Delta Shipping War 2016!!
Well, its comin...
2016-08-12 07:54
by BetoJR Go to last post
by magnuskn
2016-06-29 07:16
Summer 2016 anime discussion
So, Random Curiousity's preview is upon us. It's a bit sad that Darthtabby ain't here to...
2016-08-07 16:24
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2014-05-29 11:39
The Fan-Fiction Thread!
Just for you, Yu Ominae.
2016-08-06 20:39
by Tak
2012-06-08 20:15
Mass Effect 3
Alrighty, lets talk about the ending, why do some people think it SUCKS!!??
2016-07-21 04:19
by BetoJR Go to last post
by Tak
2015-12-28 23:13
Heroic Legend of Arslan - Because I am a fan
Yes, it deserves a thread, because Arslan is that good. Welp, finished watching the first...
2016-07-12 22:52
by CriiGV Go to last post
by Darthtabby
2013-10-20 19:57
Awesome AMVs
This is a thread for sharing awesome AMVs. Going to start with one I first saw as part of a...
2016-07-12 00:12
by Tak Go to last post
by Tak
2016-06-27 16:44
Anime Expo 7/1/16 - 7/4/16
Heading to the con between 7/1/16 a 7/3/16. Will take & post pics if I can. Though I doubt I can...
2016-07-07 14:13
by Tak Go to last post

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