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by antlan87
2014-01-09 18:15
Crazy crossovers
So, wanting to get back into writing that GG/MGNL crossover I was writing, I went looking into the...
2014-02-05 15:24
by Gx Hero Go to last post
by DezoPenguin
2011-11-01 07:12
Omake Fic: It'd Be Easier Being Bedeviled
Just barely got this omake written in time for getting it posted on the 1st, so there wasn't really...
2011-11-01 09:55
by antlan87
2013-03-23 14:59
Fic: Zafira's Childcare for the Children of the Magically Gifted
Well, I TRIED to make it light hearted and silly, but I don't think I can really pull it off too...
2013-05-01 14:20
by DezoPenguin
2012-08-28 20:52
Do Homunculi Have Souls?
Prompted by one of deathcurse's replies in the discussion of Chapter 4 of her fic, Seirei's Gate. ...
2012-08-29 00:40
by antlan87
2013-11-11 21:21
3DS Friend codes, and games that use them
Since Laith mentioned it in general thread for Pokemon X +Y, I figured why not just have a thread...
2013-11-14 21:44
by DezoPenguin
2011-07-16 00:22
Question about the propriety of image use
I'm wondering about adding a few pictures to the Exiled image collection, but I'm not sure if it's...
2011-07-17 00:58
by Laith
2011-10-03 11:50
GrimGrimore and Odin Sphere on PS3
So Sony is going to launch a rare game collection on the PlayStation Network which includes the...
2011-10-03 19:30
by Absolut
2013-12-09 21:01
Partial Transcript
I've been simmering a tale of an earlier loop, and I wound up making myself a partial transcript of...
2013-12-10 15:29
by DezoPenguin
2013-11-18 17:06
Omake Fics: Wag the Black Dog's Tale
Yesterday afternoon was gray and dreary and generally Gothic, and the options for football watching...
2015-02-01 13:32
by DezoPenguin
2012-10-03 17:05
Omake Fic: A Homunculus Is Fine, Too! (Tahlea Side)
Hibi's back! Tahlea Grande scowled down at the collection of alchemical equipment, at the blue...
2013-05-06 15:54
by DezoPenguin
2013-10-07 07:35
Fic Draft: Ghosts and the Machine
I took a break the week before last from Spectral Dance to indulge in a bit of cracky fun featuring...
2013-12-31 20:05
by Fuyu no Sora
2012-03-17 19:56
Omake Fic: You Just Had To Go And Jinx It.
“Dan, I’m telling ya that this is a bad idear.” Theodore Portman complained to his partner....
2012-03-24 10:18
by DezoPenguin
2011-10-04 17:48
Omake Fic: Either That or Get a Different Bird
The spring rains, Lillet Blan thought, might have brought the promise of rebirth and renewal for...
2012-07-01 16:13
by yuiseppe
2011-04-25 01:52
Pics: Memoires of the Mage Consul's elf
Mostly thanks to Dezo's awesome fics, I have been assaulted by a series of Gaff related shorts. I...
2011-04-30 15:46
by yuiseppe
2012-03-15 07:10
Fan Art: Resignation
*Points to gallery* - better resolution here on deviantArt. This idea came about the same time...
2012-03-16 01:21
by DezoPenguin
2011-09-15 19:27
Omake Fic: Bring the Black Dog to Heel
Cressidor Blan-Virgine was definitely her mothers' daughter. On a rainy afternoon—and sometimes...
2012-02-01 08:06
by DezoPenguin
2011-09-06 20:25
Omake Fic: Whine and Cheese
Lillet Blan was many things: a Royal Magician of the palace's magical staff, a prodigy who'd...
2012-03-01 07:58
by DezoPenguin
2011-05-31 21:18
Omake Fic: She's Doggedly Working At It
Okay, deathcurse, I accept your request! Here's your dog training omake: ~X X X~ It was what...
2011-12-02 02:13
by DezoPenguin
2011-04-29 19:13
Omake Fic: It Didn't Resonate With Lillet
A/N: In which we are reminded that Amoretta is, in fact, a blonde... ~X X X~ Amoretta...
2012-09-01 06:50
by DezoPenguin
2013-12-22 12:04
Fic: It's All in What You Use as Bait
As mentioned in the opening author's note, I actually wrote this story last year as a Christmas...
2013-12-31 19:35

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