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  1. ForwardUntoDawn
    2016-04-16 10:31
    I can only imagine what life's going to be like after grad school: probably stupid busy. I guess that Wordpress is not the most ideal place to hold a conversation these days? I've also been meaning to ask you whether or not Tom Clancy's The Division is worth the full price provided that I'll be playing solo for a very large portion of the game (the game costs 80 CAD, roughly 243.45 MYR, for me without sales on Steam).
  2. ForwardUntoDawn
    2015-08-18 20:25
    I apologise doubly for the delay: it's been more than half a year since I've found time to draft out a proper reply, and from my activity, I've really got no valid justification! Naturally, this here message is to demonstrate that I'm still alive and well here (that was a typo on my blog, which I've since rectified).

    So...what've you been up to lately?
  3. Sheba
    2015-01-08 05:02
  4. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-12-18 15:54
    That sounds fun: I haven't been keeping up with the Gunpla thread, so it'll be a bit of digging now to find the images of your creations. In the space of a year, it sounds like you've made more progress on Gunpla than I have over the space of four years

    On the gaming side of things, I'm interested in Valkyria Chronicles for PC. It was released on Steam a while back, and I was able to pick it up while it went on sale!!

    On an unrelated note, have you seen the Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow OVA 1 yet? (spoilers follow behind the link!)
  5. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-12-01 22:12
    As is plainly evident, I've been quite busy and haven't had time to swing by. How've things been on your end?
  6. Wild Goose
    2014-07-06 22:22
    Wild Goose
    Destroy Mode FA Unicorn is in the works, though not for a while now. I've got 6 kits built and 5 pending, so I think I'm good for the rest of the year - fingers crossed, by next year Destroy Mode FA Unicorn will be on sale.

    Anyway I'm started with my Jesta. I'm going to be taking a few photos to make a photojournal of sorts, documenting construction.
  7. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-07-06 21:05
    It looks like I'm a terrible procrastinator, too: the recent flow of anime means that the Ars Nova post is delayed. There's absolutely no pressure, though, and moreover, I enjoyed the Total Eclipse piece you have. As for Gunpla, I take it you're not going for the Destroy Mode FA Unicorn?
  8. Wild Goose
    2014-06-25 20:43
    Wild Goose
    Yeah, I keep getting behind on my in-depth look thing. Well, I suppose I could still write a closer arc-by-arc look at the series....

    *looks at desk and to-do list*

    *looks at beta editing backlog*

    *looks at own work backlog*

    ...Oh dear.

    Also, the only bit of proper (as in published) fanfic work I did this year. A little thing for Total Eclipse.

    Also, I cancelled my Unicorn normal (which was out of stock) and ordered the Full Armor Unicorn normal and a Jesta. So once I finish my Banshee Norn, I'll do my FA Unicorn, then I can mix and match FA parts and weapons. Fitting, given that I'm doing planning/brainstorming on an OC Build Fighters fic (which I'll probably post in the Gundam fanfic thread).
  9. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-06-19 00:03
    I've finally finished Ars Nova after all this time and will probably do a talk on it before the month is out. I find it to be a favourable anime that, in spite of leaving some questions, provides some interesting concepts to think about and ends up with a reasonably satisfying ending
  10. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-05-27 20:55
    The finale was quite something: despite the rather unusual ending, I found it to be most fitting as a conclusion to an excellent series and will be sad to see it go.

    I recall a review from a while back by rrobbert184 on the HGUC Full Armour Unicorn (Unicorn mode), and he shows just how awesome the Banshee looks with the Full Armour parts

    I ran some numbers: 600 RM is roughly 200 dollars where I live, which is indeed quite a bit of coin! My total spending this year on anime stuff (including Gundam models) is more modest, all of which, I spent at a local anime convention. I'm currently in the middle of many things right now, so I won't be able to actually build the FA Unicorn I bought there >.<

    I have no idea how Riddhe's being a Newtype works, but there were hints of it as far back as episode two. I can accept it as being there: even though no mechanism is provided, it does help push the story forwards.

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