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The Evil Within

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  1. Konakaga
    2014-08-26 05:43
    I thought crystal towers was a raid too? Oh well...
    It's done with Duty Finder or Party Finder groups with zero to few wipes the fights all have some gimmick, but none are super hard, it's more comparable to WoW's LFR thing in difficulty than an actual raid.
  2. Konakaga
    2014-08-26 05:01
    NPC in Limsa sells older ones and gives event quests for new ones.

    Also, what's the endgame for people like me who aren't able to get into raids but want to upgrade my blues?
    Syruc Tower (Crystal Tower part 2), Levi/Ramuh/Moogle EX drops, Soldiery gear from expert dungeon currency (with potential upgrades from hunt currency daily marks/weekly marks/world boss thing or ST drop for accessories atm), and More parts of the Relic Quest post Zenith (though it's a big grindfest honestly, I skipped it for other weapon choices).
  3. Konakaga
    2014-08-24 04:15
    Do some of the events for sure while they're going . (Buy Yukatas for sure, they look great

    If I recall right you had hit level 50, so I'd highly recommend doing the HM dungeons from recent patches especially Tama Tara and Brayflox Hard modes, as well as lost city at least once, all 3 of them are dungeons you should experience once at least. If you already did first part of Crystal Tower, could try the 2nd third of it added back in july, and there was good bit added to the story quests as well for each of the primals.
  4. Konakaga
    2014-08-21 21:03
    I thought you knew I have fairly long hair and like long hair in general as well?
  5. Patchy
    2014-08-19 07:28
    sh-sh-shhyy? Me? >///< N-no-nooo, I'm not a shy one -_-
  6. Namida Takahashi
    2014-08-19 06:32
    Namida Takahashi
    Hello i'm Namida but you can call me Nami*bows* Love your profile˜
  7. Konakaga
    2014-08-18 05:24
    to be announced date still, probably october-ish at this rate (since was one in early july), though Final big patch of the pre-expansion of the game should be around jan-febuary, or so.
  8. Konakaga
    2014-08-18 04:12
    It depends on the group, it can matter for some though.
  9. Flower
    2014-08-13 00:49
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  10. Flower
    2014-08-13 00:15
    Hate when something like that happens...hopefully it won't bruise badly or hurt for a long time.

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