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  1. Dr. Casey
    2014-09-15 12:15
    Dr. Casey
    Spoiler for Today:

    Spoiler for September 8th:

    Spoiler for August 24th:

    I'll keep on chipping away at the older videos over the next couple weeks.
  2. risingstar3110
    2014-09-12 14:29
    Wow that was a good composition. I think it head North probably 40% of the time. But out of roughly 10 times heading East, made to boss 4 times and killed her everytime....

    Got a Tanikaze and I-8 drop, which not really useful for me as i already had Tanikaze, and already had three I-8. But too lazy to farm for more Shioi
  3. risingstar3110
    2014-09-12 10:15
    Didn't have time to play this morning, so only doing daily quest and such so far. Probably will attempt them during the weekend ^^

    And 1 CL, 1 CA and 4 DD? Seems like a nice composition as i need to level up my DD. Have plenty around and they are harder to grind than the rest
  4. panzerfan
    2014-09-08 08:09
    Thank you. The 13th MMD cup just ended at that. Kancolle really dominates the MAD scene as of late.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2014-09-07 20:44
    Dr. Casey
    Alrighty, top to bottom, yesterday's post first and then the one from September 2nd.

    - I do like. Unique art style, seems more like an extremely fluid cartoon than CGI.
    - I'm not sure what I just watched, but it was funny. I love her facial expressions.
    - Nice song. Lady Gaga puts out pretty good stuff.
    - d'awww they're dancing so energetically

    - Not sure which is Hiyuu and which is Jinyu, but black-haired girl's hot as fuck.
    - A nice, catchy little song.
    - Definitely the best song of this bunch, and the dance moves are very smoothly animated.
  6. SigUp
    2014-09-07 07:14
    The Kaga one was done nicely, she looked great. Although I can't really imagine her doing that, sounds just too no-nonsense.
    The Kongou one was also nice. Good vocaloid song and dance moves. Although I didn't quite like the design of the lower portion of her outfit.

    I'm currently thinking, after surviving an event there isn't much that can rattle one. Just took on 4-2. Sent out 2 CVL, 1 BB, 1 CA and 2 DD. They weren't even my strongest of their class. Still easily took down the map. Those regular BBs and CVs don't seem much of a challenge, even if at flagship status.
  7. risingstar3110
    2014-09-06 06:00
    Hoppo-chan sure is popular...

    A really nice dj of Hoppo-chan:
  8. risingstar3110
    2014-09-05 22:37
    Jun'you kai ni? Well i will say.... her dress look weird....
    But i guess that's what distinct her from other so...

    Have to say her damaged version was brilliant through
    A guy on kancolle even kept her damaged version as secretary
  9. kenjiharima
    2014-09-04 15:01
    Well animetake is back, but on magnet torrent links. Some are moving IRC again and chatting.
    If animetake took a day to get back most of the sites will be back, but not as soon.
  10. risingstar3110
    2014-09-04 05:43
    I often get the message saying something like "this is the low quality version, if you want to watch in high res, subscribe now"... or something like that

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