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  1. Flower
    2014-11-23 17:37
    Lol at you for spewing negativity at Beyond the Sky, Into the Firmament before its available in any medium whatsoever.

    Give it a chance at least!

    I do agree about the character designs looking to be great, though, and also agree that people should stop harping on the Chisato-hate. On the whole I enjoyed Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, though it would have done better with two cour in my opinion.
  2. totoum
    2014-11-23 17:01
    Oh THAT
    She's part of sphere (lucky me the group seems pretty popular so even if she's not doing much individually I get to see her as part of the group)
    Before they got an anime they got a V show aired late night featuring them, that's the first episode, and yes I have watched all of them raw.
    My favorite part of the whole fan thing is actually Hokura Tomatsu's "WTF is your problem?" attitude during the whole thing.

    That's their first single at the end, far from my favorite, that's probably the 1st ED of HSI
  3. Haak
    2014-11-18 08:17
    According to Flowers, it gets better from here on now, though to be honest I don't see how it possibly get much worse...
  4. Flower
    2014-11-17 11:42
    Heh...prolly before you were born? Man... -_-
  5. Archon_Wing
    2014-11-16 19:53
    They'll be as relevant as Kyoani!

    Aka, fucks not given. Well, maybe we can hope he learned something over the years.... hah.
  6. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-11-15 00:34
    Oh wow look at this Pocari!

    Even Sibyl knows how valuable Okada is!
  7. Flower
    2014-11-07 22:20

    Are you still kvetching about Glasslip?

  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-11-07 03:41
    The main point of that list was more or less to make fun of Funimation - and I'm one of the people who actually has a soft spot for RDG.

    Did you try ordering through Rightstuf? I know they won't ship NISA stuff to Japan, but I don't recall seeing other export restrictions (unlike on Aniplex of America's stuff).

    As for Shirobako, two points:
    1) The gap between tier 1 and tier 2 shows for me this season is not that significant (I still wonder if I should have dropped Daitoshokan to list 2), and there more or less there because just because I felt the tier 1 list was too long. It's not like I put it in tier 3 or 4.
    2) Shirobako is very polished but as with Tari Tari before it, I feel it's missing a bit of something. Remember, I am a moe and melodrama fag. I dig cute, sap, and feels. While I appreciate some sophistication (which is why I dig stuff like EF, Bakemonogatari and Hyouka), typically flavour goes further than polish for me. Oddly enough I feel the characters end up reflecting this too: Ohana Mark 2 is just too professional and composed for my taste. The original was better.
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-11-06 02:03
    I'm not sure I'd consider Ore Twintails ni Narimasu a true "watching for lulz" show... it's too sincere and has a higher tongue in cheek wit to fanservice ratio than Unbreakable Machine Doll, Seikoku no Dragonar or Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. All of which I watched in full as they were airing.

    BTW I decided to make up a list of who has licensed what PA Works stuff for US/Canada distribution:

    Bandai (AKA license Limbo AKA out of print): True Tears
    Sentai: Canaan, Angel Beats, Another, Tari Tari, Glasslip, Shirabako
    NIS America: Hanasaku Iroha (including the movie), Uchouten Kazoku, Nagi no Asukara
    Funimation: Red Data Girl
  10. totoum
    2014-11-04 01:28
    You dare laugh at my suffering
    That was my face wednesday when half the staff was missing and all printers in the office stopped working because someone in an IT office in Saint Louis decided to reconfigure the firewall.
    I also worked 6 years in live action video production and it's pretty close to anime.

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