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The Evil Within

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  1. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-07-20 08:45
    Cosmic Eagle
    Yup....that is pretty heart pounding
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-07-20 08:02
    Cosmic Eagle
    Nahh not really. The characters and even the antagonsts are too likeable for it to be scary. You play it more like an RPG experience and storyline than for horror

    For a scary game, try SCP Containment Breach
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-07-20 06:16
    Cosmic Eagle
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-07-20 05:32
    Cosmic Eagle
    Gods that new Fatal Frame is so pretty as's not scary so much as beautiful.

    But why Wii ><

    They are never going to make it for Play Station any more huh?
  5. SilverSyko
    2014-07-19 00:37
    Well I'll be around for about 3 or so more hours before I need to go to bed.

    Also, again, PM me your Skype if you have one please. It's kinda important.~
  6. SilverSyko
    2014-07-17 17:15
    Oh BTW, do you have Skype? It'd be great if we could use that for vocal communication when playing Destiny together.

    Let me know when you got the BETA installed and are ready to go.~
  7. SilverSyko
    2014-07-17 12:27
    The Shichibukai, the Yonkou and the Marines are the three major ones. The members change over time.

    Perhaps the Revolutionary Army too, but it's only recently in the manga that their presence is starting to become significant.
  8. SilverSyko
    2014-07-16 00:54
    In the anime there's 3 canon arcs and 2 filler arcs between the Enies Lobby arc and Amazon Lily arc:

    Canon - Post-Enies Lobby arc, Thriller Bark arc and Sabaody Archipelago arc

    Filler - Ice Hunters arc and Spa Island arc

    Yes, the Straw Hats get new members in both the Post-Enies Lobby arc and the Thriller Bark arc.

    Celestial Dragons or "Tenryuubito" are a class of people introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago arc that are deeply linked to the history of the One Piece world.
  9. SilverSyko
    2014-07-15 13:26
    There's an approximate 100 episode gap between those two points.

    Just a reminder but the end of the Enies Lobby arc is episode 312, so if you ever want to go back and catch up it'd be a good idea to start a little before that.
  10. SilverSyko
    2014-07-14 13:13
    Hm? So the reasoning you gave me wasn't your own?

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