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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Today 15:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Sunrise has a countdown up for what appears to be the next Gundam project that ends on the 14th. We're also getting re-releases of the original series on DVD and Blu-Ray from RightStuf.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 18:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Actually it turns out we are getting the anime as well, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 16:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Saw an interesting announcement today. The first three novels of Legend of the Galactic Heroes are being localized over here next Spring by Viz. So maybe that could be the start of us eventually getting the whole series. They've said that the other novels being released is dependent on sales of the first three.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-25 20:46
    Dann of Thursday
    Given it was already a thing at that point and that the guy who made the announcement of the PC port is the one who approached everyone about seriously doing it, he knew exactly what he was doing. Might have been a way to gauge crowd reaction as well. He was doing something similar from what I heard about the SE E3 conference with teasing the KHIII footage. Who can say? They’ll come out with something eventually I imagine.

    I’m not sure I ever would for that one. It’s simply too big and too long and the way I tend to play would make it go on forever. Far more so than Inquisition. I’ve been playing on and off and am barely anywhere in the game. I’ve heard of several people going with that ending actually and seeing it as the best case for the country as a whole even if it’s not necessarily the happiest for Ciri and Geralt. I feel like the whole Virmire thing might have served as a double edged sword as while it was an interesting choice that carried over, it sort of felt like it neutered what you could do with Ashley and Kaiden. Well, full Renegade often comes across like a lunatic so that makes sense I think. I think I’ve heard of people doing mixed playthroughs using both types, but being able to do that more in the sequels would be a good idea. I still think they’re far too tied down to the whole moral choice system (Red or Blue meter) for their own good. It’s something I think Witcher 3 does well with its choices, though that does cause me a lot of pausing since I simply don’t know what to do at times. Already noticed it quite a bit really and general policy is to be polite when I can be since there’s no need to start a fight if it can be avoided. Yes, how they plan on handling that will matter a great deal, though it’s too soon to tell what Bioware plans to do.

    Been meaning to see Inside Out since it came out and heard good things, though don’t have much time to spend away from home currently. Did manage to see Jurassic World with family, which was rather stupid in a lot of ways if still entertaining. They did finally come out and announce it for PS4/PC, though it remains to be seen if they’ll just be simply ports of the PS3 version or if they’ll take the time to fix some of the issues that apparently arose due having to run on the older hardware. I’m still not clear on what the deal with that eventually was since it apparently expired and they still never released it over here. They seem to be doing fine building themselves up from that first reveal of the system and are making some good choices I think. It remains to be seen if the remake will even come to the One. I’d say there’s a decent chance, though I think PC is probably a sure thing. It’s going to sell best on PS4 regardless. Same with XV I imagine as well as Kingdom Hearts III. Tales of Beseria? None that I can recall and nothing about Zestiria’s localization either sadly. If the latter is still intending to release this year then they’ll have to start getting marketing going if they want to have anything in the way of sales. I definitely think this was overall a great E3 all around with most of the conferences being solid. Sony left the best impression on me I think, though I agree with criticism that pretty much everything they showed was either coming out in 2016 or later. They didn’t really have anything for this year left.

    I think some movies have been doing a better job of it, like the Star Wars trailers for instance. Curious when the next time we might see a trailer will be though I don’t exactly mind being so in the dark about the film, which will make it a surprise. Did it? I’m only familiar with the movies concerning him really, where he’s just some bounty hunter. I wonder if they’ll ever utilize the Chiss in some fashion.

    There was a new trailer that is online now. Nothing really new, though a look at what seems to be a new character who may or may not be a party member. Don’t have a link on hand since I believe it was ripped from some blu-ray that came with that Dancing All Night game. Jun Fukuyama is voicing the lead it seems, for all that it’s worth since the lead doesn’t talk much.

    I think that’s a pretty decent amount of time to wait since it means we don’t get something that’s rushed like DAII.

    I think we did, but I don’t think I ever got around to it. I’ll add it to the list, though I’m not really watching anything at the moment due to trying to get other things out of the way. Sort of just skimming quickly through the shows I am looking at.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-25 20:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I’m not sure I’m worried for him on that front really and he does have experience dealing with customers as well as the breakfast trial from way back when. It feels like something will happen to stall it or not let it happen quite yet. It’d probably be among the best paths for him to take in that instance. His tendency to be overconfident could be a serious problem for him, though in some ways I guess he has gotten a little better with it. Curious how long this whole thing will go for before we hit the next stage. Well, it makes her a bit more agreeable now that she’s not actively hoping for his removal, but just sort of having this weird rivalry. That too and I’m sure she’ll gloat over any difficulties he may have. He does sort of encourage it at times I think.

    Overall I’d say this has been a fine adaptation thus far and they look to be keeping it up for the most part. Yes, that’s always true for series that have a lot of that going on and with that one seeing the various military maneuvers reduced to giant chess displays didn’t help even if I got what they were going for. A lot of the stuff with Dungeon is background information though there are a few others that are a few decisions that are a bit more odd. The thing is, I actually understood how GitS worked faster I feel, though some of that may be due to how the information was delivered as well as that not being based on a LN. He seems to do just fine for the most part aside from a couple instances here and there really. Given there didn’t see to be any hints of them dropping the whole incest thing I wouldn’t say her chances are high, but she does seem to have the most time with him I agree. Won’t she be graduating soon anyway and not be as involved with them anymore. The fact he’s even willing to go along with that bizarre joke they do where they actually pretend they’re lovers is just really weird and suspect, but he definitely doesn’t seem to be in a state that allows him to do much of anything. I sort of just lose focus when she’s talking and get back in when she’s not, but am afraid to straight up skip scenes since there might be some important bit of info for later. I thought there were hints with that mention of her having studied at their school or something, but I guess I’ll just have to see. Always better to take that route as opposed to some original thing. I hadn’t thought of that, but you could get a good basis for a fighting game here.

    He’s just so dense I’m not sure I see it happening anytime soon, but it’s fine so long as it’s just played for comedy. It’s good she’s becoming closer to everyone and also has this confidence as well. It certainly has that feel, but wouldn’t going mindless until they eat another shifter (or can a titan work) be a given based on what we know? We still need an exact explanation on how that works as well. It will also help reduce fatalities quite a bit and maybe encourage morale among everyone. Granted, if any shifters come and wreck things again it’ll be for naught, but it’s still nice progress. I honestly hadn’t realized that we hadn’t seen him in so long so it was a surprise to learn he was involved here. A relation would be the most likely if there is something between them out of the possible options. Interesting how fearful the other shifters are of him as well. I wasn’t getting the feeling he was some sort of superior to them since he seemed independent, but perhaps that is the case in some fashion.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-25 20:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, I’ve noticed that they seem to be doing quite a lot to keep up with the times and will likely be better off for it. It is sort of weird looking at all the new tech and how it’ll replace a lot of what we have now though. They’ll be working on something new assuredly so we’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

    I don’t think Tomino had much involvement with the Origin series as a whole. It was done by the lead character designer/animation director for the original series as well as a few of the later ones. And didn’t they already do a bunch of Zeta movies that changed some things around that Tomino was involved in? It is always annoying to discover something has no gone out of print. Rather surprised they haven’t yet honestly. True, that one seemed to have quite the long development as well. It also seems like it’d be a lot of work to go through when you have a perfectly fine dub right there, but I don’t know the details of what complications that brings to it all.

    Wait and see as usual then. I’ve never been clear on the logistics on how that all works myself either. I suppose it’s more how things are these days that it seems more like a sequel series rather than one that was commissioned as a 52 episode one right from the start. But then that seems to go for everything these days with it all being divided into seasons. Probably a safer bet than locking yourself in for that many episodes. Yeah, they’ve got a Marvel thing, Minecraft, I think another Walking Dead Project and something else I’m probably forgetting. That’s a good point. It’d be a bit of a shame to falter at the finish line, that’s for sure.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-25 20:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, really liking what I’ve been hearing of this one. They’ve also been hiring some interesting talent like the lead writer for New Vegas, one of the lead quest designers from Witcher 3, and the guy who both wrote a lot of Shadow of Mordor and also co-designed the Nemesis System. Hopefully this works out for the developer since this is the first thing they’ve gotten to do that’s not Killzone in years.

    They got overshadowed by pretty much everyone I think, though I did quite like the whole puppet thing. Not too much in the way of exciting new announcements though.

    I got codes for it, though I haven’t registered it yet. They gave me two, which I assume is to give the second to someone else to spread it around. Did you want the other? I don’t have anyone else to give it to. Sustaining it with enough content out the gate is the big thing with this one I think and hopefully they can manage. Read some mixed things on people who played it at E3. I feel like he may be out, but listening to them talk about it makes them sound like they’re really trying to leave a better impression to keep people coming back and not getting tired of it.

    Oh, did they? I never did get around to the multiplayer so I wasn’t aware that was a thing though. Perhaps they’ve worked to enhance that feature then. I am also curious how they may have changed the classes and abilities to push the game forward.

    I wouldn’t be against it either, though it would also depend on the level design of the new game. Yes, though the later systems featured evolutions of it beyond what VII did I think there’s still a means to have something like that, though it’s still hard to say. Nomura did indicate we’d be getting away from the whole thing of everyone jumping to attack and then jumping back in line, but I imagine we probably won’t get much more until hopefully this winter when they reveal more. Yeah, and I’m not sure it would necessarily feel right either. Granted, they’ve said that there’s no point in just remaking the original with prettier graphics so something is going to be different. Well, no sense in getting too far ahead when we really don’t know much.

    All this just sort of reminded me that I’ve only ever played VII once quite a long time ago. I think I just stuck to the main story too and did barely any of the side stuff like the Golden Saucer and such. Maybe I should do another playthrough of it.

    At this point, I think I’m past it. I just want a good, well-made Final Fantasy game. XIV has apparently become a worthy entry, but the MMO aspect makes it still different from other entries. If they can make a single player FF game with a good enough story that’s fun then I’ll be happy. If they can’t, well then that won’t look too good for SE.

    I am quite curious how they view XIII overall. The whole aspect of creating an engine for it just ended up backfiring on them too, though with the use of UE4 for KHIII, perhaps they’re finally getting over that.
    Sort of weird to think it really has been that long really. Still need more info of course and it sounds like they’re still deciding on aspects of gameplay like whether to have the Drive Forms come back. I feel like KHIII will start getting a fuller focus once XV is out. Unless they actually finish before XV. Apparently Nomura said they have a date decided to release, but they aren’t announcing it quite yet. Of course, I think he once said the same for Versus and we know how that turned out. Maybe they want to wait till we’re not so incredibly far from the date to announce it.

    I do wish they’d stop announcing games so soon really. I think Bethesda’s approach on not saying a thing on Fallout 4 and then dropping all this gameplay footage at once with a date not too far off is a better approach.

    It’s really nice to see how much it means to him and other others really so I hope it works out for the whole team to the point they’re satisfied.

    List I’ve got going right now is like this:

    Probably getting:

    Ratchet and Clank
    Mass Effect: Andromeda
    The Last Guardian
    Bravely Second

    Waiting on/Maybe:

    Street Fighter V
    Fire Emblem Fates
    Dishonored 2
    Fallout 4
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    The Division
    Uncharted 4
    Dark Souls III

    And probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting. Will probably be waiting a while before getting a lot of the maybe ones.

    I don’t know much about it either, though by all accounts it was a very ambitious game for its time. That one did look quite cool I thought, though I’m in the same boat of it not really being my thing.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-25 20:39
    Dann of Thursday
    To be fair, that’s something I can appreciate in this day and age when time isn’t quite as plentiful for me as it was in the past. Still, it’s low priority in my mind.

    Have they ever made one that had Unicron? I’m not an expert on Transformers games and thus don’t know if he’s ever made an appearance. He could certainly make for an interesting boss battle. I hear the studio that made them has been regulated to making maps for Call of Duty or something, which is a shame.

    That’d be great but probably not likely. I’m also not sure I want them to keep committing to these HD remasters and such. Big remake projects like FFVII are okay I think given how old, though even that should be limited.

    I believe it’s been mentioned online by SE and others about winter, but the bit about it being at PSX is speculation. We’re not even sure Sony will be doing another of those, though the last seemed to go well so it’s certainly possible. They do I believe but at the same time Nomura has mentioned that one of the reasons they’re going for this now, among others, is that consoles aren’t doing well at all in Japan. It’s hoped that this remake will give the PS4 a big push in Japan then and perhaps then lead to them looking at other games and such. Why not? VII had plenty of silly and goofy stuff alongside the serious plot and I think that should stay. Nomura already said to look forward to Cloud crossdressing, so why not keep that too in some fashion? Honestly, I’d prefer if they drew as little from the Compilation as possible. AC isn’t as big a problem since it’s a sequel, but there’s only certain things I’d like to seen drawn from something like Crisis Core for instance.

    I’d have to think we’ll start seeing the marketing campaign for XV ramp up soon and I think I read something about that indeed being the case. But hopefully they pace it well enough. They were going overboard with all the stuff with Episode Duscae by the time it was set to come out.

    They admitted to toying with the idea, but never really got far with idea until recently. From the sound of things and the way it’s been phrased, it was already in some stage of early production when they made the PC Port announcement at PSX last year. Someone who has had a lot of accurate info on this prior to the announcement said they saw early concept artwork in 2013 or so, but I wouldn’t put the game as having gone into full production of any sort until 2014.

    It would, though the more I think on it the more I find myself doubting it. I suppose it all depends on what exactly they’re going to be doing in terms of gameplay and environments like whether we are having ones like in VII and older PS1 JRPGs where it’s all pre-rendered backgrounds you move through and the like. I’d place that as the most likely as well and it lines up with what insiders have said as well.

    Oh and here’s a translated interview with Nomura about VIIR he recently did:

    I’m fine with it honestly since it still maintains the look and all along with them revealing that the previously shown demos weren’t even running on regular PS3 hardware either. Hopefully they announce an actual date sooner rather than later. Uncharted is in March next year so I could maybe see it being before then, though it’s more likely to be after.

    I’m sure we’ll see a few returning races, though I can’t say I’d ultimately care either way so long as everyone is interesting. With any luck we’ll get more details on these sorts of things pretty soon. Maybe someone like GameInformer will have it as a cover story or something. There’s probably a way to make that seem fun and not like busy work. They just need to find it. I was a tad surprised they had nothing beyond the trailer as well. It’s got roughly a year and a half till release though so I guess it’s not too odd not to have anything they actually want to show off yet.

    Given the characters, it could go either way though a more personal campaign for each would be nicer. Still, they’re both allies and have the same goal so it’s not out of the question that the campaigns might be the same with only minor differences. Hopefully they correct it a bit where you can really use a lot of the powers but still do a non-lethal run as I’d heard the first only really let you play around on one where you’re willing to kill people. So long as the final thing is fun and of course actually runs well, then it should turn out fine. Not sure if I like the whole thing of building enclosures and then having to set up traps to defend them. I kind of like the idea, but the whole thing of having to defend it constantly doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

    That’s an interesting addition, especially for a game in this genre. Promising though.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-17 21:22
    Dann of Thursday
    Figure we can just add this to the previous bit, but it looks like Division has a release of 3/6/16 so we're going early in the year for that one. I'll probably see about getting into that beta if I can. Confess I'm still worried about this just being another Destiny, which has fun gameplay but with issues including a lackluster story. Though from what I hear, Bungie is taking steps to correct that starting with this new expansion.

    Also, going by the ME trailer, do you think the jetpack might be an actual new mechanic for battle? If so, I think it could add some interesting possibilities by adding some verticality to gameplay.

    Regarding VIIR, what do you think they should change? I feel like random encounters should be gone for one. I feel like you could keep some form of the ATB system if you perhaps used some of the later versions like the one in X-2, which I thought was actually a good thing (probably the best part of that game). I'm actually quite curious if Nomura might use this game as a way to integrate some of the ideas he had for Versus. This could be a chance to make the materia system even more robust and unique as well. One interview also had Nomura saying they'd already achieved rather a lot of progress, though who knows exactly what that means.

    I think one of my biggest takeaways from the interviews I've read is that Nomura sounds like he's having fun doing this, which is pretty great I think.

    Any thoughts on the KHIII footage? I thought it looked quite nice myself. Seeing "Now in Development" again at the end irritated me.

    I'm kind of fearful for next year in terms of releases. I've narrowed it down to two more things this year, but next year has a lot of great stuff.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-06-16 07:44
    Dann of Thursday
    This also really feels like one of those games you could get the same experience out of watching it online then actually playing it.

    That would definitely be nice. Do you know if those Cybertron games from a few years back were any good?

    I wouldn't either really as it not's like you'd need to have it in all the time if it came to that. I don't imagine we'll hear anything about something like this any time soon in any case.

    The was something somewhere about staying tuned for winter to get more information, so there's been speculation that Sony might do another PSX and that's where we'll get our next batch of information on it. I hope they keep all the comedy and such to it all and the general feel to the characters. I have this weird feeling they might try to adjust or change to be more like the interpretations in Advent Children for instance. They could easily screw it up though depending on what they change, but we'll just have to see what those changes will be.

    VII, but XV as well really.

    I'm not too sure this was all that recent of a decision to be honest. Perhaps made in the aftermath of whatever happened with XV, but I'm not for one second going to buy that this was in any way all part of some plan.

    Interesting speculation is that this could be a 2017 release, which would coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the original game and the 30th of the series as a whole. I'm not sure this is something they could accomplish in that timeframe, but it'd be a good time to release it. Then again, we don't know how long this has been a thing. I've seen some people who are insiders mention that they'd known for at least a year that it was coming, but couldn't say anything for obvious reasons.

    I think what's thrown some people off is that the game looks hardly any different from when they showed it off for the PS3 back in the day, which I guess may be a fair criticism.

    I'd take more new races over just having a bunch of the same myself. Maybe, but I'd go for fewer well written romances then just having more options. Quality over quantity and all that. I'm sure they'll try to give enough options for everyone though. Given the complaints originally, I'd think they'd put the right effort into making it a fun experience this time around.

    Yeah, I tended to hear that the two paths you could go down were a bit exclusive in how you could use your abilities and such, so giving more options and the different characters should provide a good amount of variety. I was talking of Dishonored, though the same is true of Fallout really. I do rather like that each of the recent games don't really require you to have tried the others. I can't get the Shelter one due not having an iPhone, though the Pipboy one shouldn't be a problem. It's a fun little thing nonetheless.

    Yes, they haven't really shown much at all with the systems and such, so we definitely need more detail.

    It's an Open World RPG-Adventure and it seems there is some sort of crafting mechanic using parts from the robot dinos (sounds kind of similar to Monster Hunter in that respect). Very much want to hear more about the mechanics and gameplay.

    They've already said that Zelda won't be at this E3 unless they decided to change their mind and show it off. Curious what SE has as well. Hoping for that XII remaster.

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