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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 22:27
    Oh hey, XCOM 2 is out, hadn't even realized, that'll keep me busy for awhile anyway. Liking what I'm seeing so far anyway, seems like there's a lot to do

    Possible, though that'd detract a lot from the team aspect, ultimately all that will depend on what happens to Vale after the finale. Yeah, hopefully they'll have Taiyang's 3D model ready next volume. Him or Ironwood make the most sense for her new arm. Eh, you need 50-50 outcomes like those to keep viewers guessing in the future. I've had the same idea as well, and not just cause she's the VA for Cortana (see Halo 5) Coco indicated there was a limit to the number of times Velvet could use them, given she snapped a photo of Weiss right after she probably needs to take more pictures to 'recharge' as it were, along with how long the copies last. Yeah, also saves something for Weiss to shoot for with a full summon in the future, I also saw that chapter and you're right about the interesting implication behind that knight now. Probably just to confirm/prevent people from going mad with speculation on who Raven was. Yeah, but that would have required Taiyang or Qrow to show up and reveal said picture wouldn't it?

    Glynda, really? Are Qrow and Ironwood considered color names too? There and in the Oz prequel movie. I don't THINK he will, we barely know anything about Oz so I don't think they'd kill him off prior to learning that info. I don't know, between being okay with his men dying in Volume 2 to how personal Adam's taking this with Blake it seems inconsistent from V3E7's portrayal, so I'm calling it now that he's got some kind of Grimm parasite warping his emotions to ensure his obedience to Cinder's group, like the actual Beast curse. And yeah people are speculating he can directly cut through Aura.

    Eh, Ymir seemed determined to turn herself in last we saw her. They had better NOT pull some alien nonsense on us <_< Yeah, always waiting on answers and more questions with AoT Well, putting Annie aside I hope Hange made it out okay Pretty much, this is about causes/goals more important to them then individual people, so that's why Bert and the rest of the Shifters will have to die in turn no matter what their reasons. Depends I guess on what happens when they finally confront Zeke here anyway. Very true, though likely no one will really understand the technology, and on the plus side it could give Eren more powers at least.

    Once again though a new race is a long way off for Starcraft, for now the DLC's seem to be focusing on those power plays you mentioned. Cool, then I'll try to check Nier out at some point. Moving on.

    Edit: Oh, hey almost forgot but did you see the new Civil War TV sport trailer? There were some really cool lineup scenes and I can't wait to see these heroes clash now

    The Russos have a new project? Yeah, feels like Marvel's treating Spidey like a state secret everyone knows about Er, Wakanda only got a mention in Ultron as the source for the Vibranium, no actual appearance. Right, I forgot about Ragnarok, though that's actually coming out pretty soon so plenty of time to reinvolve Thor's people before Infinity War.

    Btw, you checked out the new Legends of Tomorrow series? I only ask cause Vandal Savage is probably my favorite DC villain. Currently I'm watching Lucifer on Fox right now.

    Hopefully, Kylo needs a Vadaresque Empire Strikes Back moment to make up for that humiliation Eh, intellectual property transfers always leave things fuzzy for me, like what part of the IP is considered separate from the main franchise etc, just look at the Robotech/Marcross debacle. True, and I won't object if they do in Thrawn's case I suppose. That'd require a LOT of tweaking surpassing Lucas' prequels I'm thinking though, and would Disney waste the resources going backwards when they've already moved the story forward? Ah good for him after the premature Hannibal cancellation. Him and BB-8 hopefully.

    A real shame, hopefully they either get their act together or other companies see sense and pick those expiring licenses up. Kissanime has the Zoid dub, never could find the sub version actually. Hmm, wonder if Toonami will show the Eva movies now that we're on the topic. Origin's still new enough where I don't think you'll need to worry for awhile longer anyway

    Pizza's a little out there to ask of Japan's Iron Chef Yeah, 19° out today Let me know what you think and if you want another recommendation

    That's good to hear, and hey at least Texas propety rates should make it easier to find a place. Good luck and let me know how things go down there
  2. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 04:10
    Huh, Thunderbolt 2 snuck up on me. Check it out here. Overall they compartmentalized a lot from the manga, focusing solely on Daryl's backstory, but despite the shortness of these episodes I felt the pacing was still pretty good overall, let me get your thoughts.

    Gundam frames in general are supposedly known for their versatility to fight in any environment. But Barbatos was specifically stressed to being able to utilize any parts it comes across, while other frames like Kimaris with its high-speed features seem a bit more specialized. Yeah, that certainly invites for some intriguing drama, we haven't had something this overt in terms of partnerships between opponents since Char's Quattro days. Same, helped shoot down the effectiveness of the whole mask trope when it's so blatantly obvious to the audience anyway

    He did have special lens installed though, and speaking of Char's mask we'll be seeing the origins of that soon in episode 3 this summer And we'll be getting an interesting contrast with Kabuki lady showing up to join Gaelio. Ein's filling the traditional support and humanization role for the antagonist I think and to show the negative consequences of some of Tekkadan's actions. Can't wait to see it in action, it'll be kind of hilarious if Fareed deploys that machine AGAINST Gaelio and co. in order to get Kudelia to Earth Part of that I think is to show the degradation under Gjahllahorn's, with their monopoly of mobile suit production leading to stagnation in any further development. I believe Orga and Kudelia are aware of that weakness however, and Kudelia has already taken the first steps to change that, while Orga might be able to use keeping Fareed's real identity a secret to his advantage, now it'll depend on how well they handle the situation on Earth. Things are getting complicated down there, with the person she was supposed to be negotiating with, the Prime Minisiter of Arbrau Togonosuke Makanai, being ousted on trumped up bribery charges by Fareed's dad and that green haired lady from Arbrau's Parliment, with Makanai stuck in the Oceanian Federation sipping champagne while waiting for Kudelia. Part of the reason is the need to build this universe from scratch, another reason is probably the huge size of the cast involved that need to be fleshed out, hopefully if the Season 2 rumors are true we'll get a more meat from the main story. Exactly, should make for some exciting implications, I do wonder how long this alliance will last though should Fareed succeed in his goals, he's a real wild card

    Yeah, and exciting stuff from chapter 154, good to see my two favorite characters getting back into this fight and I hope my boy Kurokiba wipes the smug smirk off Rentarou's face. I think he SHOULD win. They could put the Worf effect on Ryo but I think since Central's won so many matches offscreen that these reserve guys are going to be fodder to plow through and set up the need for the Elite Ten to directly take on the 92nd kids. That and Alice JUST got the Captain title, would be a shame for her to lose it now

    Exactly, so let's leave Erased alone for now. Depends on how it ends, if he fails to stop the killer at the last moment or the loss was too great then I hope the Revive technique kicks him, sends him back to the car to send the killer into an icy grave instead. Yeah, just the first 2 episodes pulled at my heartstrings, causing me to see spoil myself so I could know whether or not I should continue. Nothing for it until the story is resolved

    Huh, did not know that, makes me wish there were some actual harem scenes with all of them now if it didn't make a difference Well, Eruru called out for help to revive Araru and Hakuro's side of Wits answered I believe, which makes sense since Eruru is the reincarnation of Hakuro's wife, Dii just stumbled on the dark half on his own though. Most people speculated that Wits let Hakuro go, without the demon mask fused to his face this time but we could find out the answer to his fate with this new series so we'll see. I'll see for myself soon but yeah, I've heard the same thing, a shame but it seems they wanted to go all fantasy slice of lifey first which the first season teased but ultimately averted. I'll grit through it and maybe see what you're currently guessing at regarding the end, but this universe has a lot of variety so don't be surprised if something comes to turn your prediction upside down Cool, that would be nice and hopefully won't take as long to make as this second season did since the new game will be accompanying it It'd be tough for Atlus I'll be honest, especially the hentai scenes from the first game and given the length of time, but crazier things have happened I suppose. Wouldn't get my hopes too high though, at least we have a third game to look up depending on where they end the story for this season anyway.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-02-12 00:26
    Ultimately I think you just have to face the fact that you can't just find the 'correct path' in terms of pairings with this many options involved with Fates. Faced with this many choices you just have to pick what YOU think would be the most fun combinations to play with regardless of anything else. I for one will never compromise what I think is a good story couple for skills, if they happen then that's nice, but ultimately not where I derive the most joy from playing games, and I'm sure there are plenty of other features/concerns in FE:Fate to keep me occupied gameplay wise as is, ultimately just do some research and then settle on what you personally want, then plow forward regardless of any other consequence, because if you constantly second-guess yourself you're just going to take the fun out of it.

    Something to keep in mind, though it'll also depend on how some of the new titles for both Vita and 3DS play out.

    I'm more of a function then form type of guy anyway, even if it isn't the most 'optimal' build if my new PC can meet my requirements then it's all good.

    Well that's what I meant in terms of partnering their hardware with the new VR technology of the other companies going forward. Speaking of, is it wrong that I want to play Summer Lesson at some point? Cool, you definitely won't regret it and there are plenty of guides for LS to help you get some extra scenes in the end as well if you're confused Really? I know the initial sales weren't spectacular but I thought LO became something of a cult hit over the years. No doubt, and I hope Xeno continues that trend but something new is still needed I think in order to shake things up for Nintendo regardless.

    No doubt, speaking of length of time I wonder where they'll cut off Season 2, what with all that additional Tifa/Cloud drama they'll be carrying on the journey I will give FFVIII's story this much credit though, at least they didn't play around when it came to shipping and stated exactly what the pairs were like its predecessors Well that's what I meant with VI, a handheld remake, I think it'd be too hard to convert a 2D game into a 3D console game after all <_< Well there was some good news for Hellsing Abridged, TeamFourStar said they'll be releasing the remaining episodes twice a year instead of just once so they can finally finish Wouldn't be surprised if that was the case no matter how many times people have to explain what Fair Use laws are I'd live with it too but since they started this whole Compilation train I do feel there's an obligation to finish it and wrap up those loose ends already. Like I said, that's fine in terms of just doing early concept, bringing in previous directors or outside help etc so long as it doesn't detract from their CURRENT projects.

    No, I get why with all that baggage you'd be cautious, I am too frankly despite my great hopes for XV's success and its ability to revitalize the franchise. I was more specifically regarding those GAMEPLAY aspects you were worried about from the demo. I am glad you liked what you saw though, as for the turrets I figure it just comes with trying to add new dynamics like stealth while also providing an option to quickly clear certain levels by mowing down mooks instead of having to cut through them one by one. Same, a lot of good things seem to be coming in March honestly Pfft, after what we've been through as long as it's still in this YEAR I think most people will be happy with whatever date FFXV comes out now. Oh cool, I wondered if there was any tie-in to all those scenes from his and Luna's childhood. He WAS still in the first XV transition announcement trailer so I think so, especially since the Raven haired chick is confirmed to be in it as well as Luna's aid.

    Well I think with the variety offered in Fates I think it might as well be as random as Persona's system don't you think, and why I really do think you should treat it more like that. Eh, I'm sure copies or new guides are around somewhere for both those games now that they have handheld remakes. Huh, now I'm feeling old after this conversation, anyway let's just leave it at it'd be nice if my questions about Kuja were answered but I'll live without it like I always have if not.

    I'm still a bit parched though based on the video I've seen, I've liked everything so far mind you but people were still too low level because of how short the beta was to show off much. Half of me agrees with you *sigh* but let's leave AC to the wayside for this year like everyone else has I will say though that Ancient Egypt would be different enough to make things interesting again depending on how they handle it. Yeah no, Dark Souls is just a dungeon crawler time sink to me, not real story I can get into. The others intrigue me though only Deus Ex looks like it'll be a semi-big commitment time wise, so those upcoming JRPG release dates should fit in nicely for 2016, for now anyway.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-02-06 02:59
    I don't think Ymir was killed, waste of a transformation power, so since she's not here they likely sent her to their village, though I can't fathom who escorted her. As much as they may regret it like they did when they thought Reiner died I don't think peace/understanding is possible, too much blood has been spilled in recent memory and both sides are too dedicated to their respective cause/species to turn back now. I'm sure the First King justified it with that kind of insane logic but I figure there's an underlying selfish reason as well, like putting human bodies between itself and the Shifters for protection or something, but we'll see. Well we'll at least get one step closer to seeing if one of them does make it in a few more days Yeah, i keep having a bad feeling she's going to wake up and slaughter everyone or something, or if the Shifters survive this battle they make their way to the capital as originally planned, they still don't know what Zeke looks like after all. Likely there's info, but I keep thinking there's maybe a lab for making Titan serum, Grisha did only arrive with the clothes on his back so either he stole it from the conspiracy or he made his own when he injected himself and Eren.

    Well the same would be true of the Protoss and Zerg as well, so yeah, Terrans better hope peace lasts for a good long while is all I'll say Ah well, best not to get too far ahead with talk of Protoss DLC until this first set with Nova runs their course, moving on. Yeah, me and my friend did with Drakengard 1 and I briefly watched a playthrough for 3 and left me confused as to what was going on. Oh well that's fine, I just wanted to make sure Nier made sense without all the disjointed twists like Drakengard, I'm fine with the multiple endings if that's the case especially if it explains more about the world. Oh cool, didn't know that was an option with Bravely Default, I can definitely do digital if that's the case. Same here, moving on.

    I do wonder what the epilogue of Civil Wars will be previewing next while we're on the topic of upcoming Marvel films as well. Still wondering how involved/incorporated Spider-man will be in this one though I'm glad he's back with the Marvel franchise at least. Glad for Black Panther as well, can't wait to see what Wakanda is like when his movie comes . Mayhap it won't be until the next Avengers film, the stones seem like something Asgard would get involved with anyway. I'm sure it'll be fine, and funny, but as you say even the trailer is still a couple months off at least so moving on from that end.

    I suppose I see the appeal, but he could have been more menacing at times so that I could take him as a threat more seriously, losing to a non-trained force user using a light-saber for the first time at the end was kind of weak so I hope he comes back stronger in the sequel at least. Thrawn in Rebels? I can't see how they'd merge the book lore in now that we're following this new canon, I mean does Disney even have the right to appropriate the old book characters? Eh, the spin-off stories sound different enough so far to keep it fresh on that front, though as you say the quality still needs to be spot on. Like I said, has Disney even acknowledged KOTOR/TOR is still canon and can they appropriate characters/rights from the games like that? Finished Hannibal Season 1 finally, be sure to watch it with some company It would be nice to see Po return in the sequel regardless, he's Rogue Squadron in spirit if not in confirmed name anyway.

    And that would be all I'll ask of SF if they can manage that, but like we've discussed they'll have to do some serious work to hammer the story out, moving on.

    Gah, really, who owns the initial rights to Outlaw Star's dub anyway? I thought I did on Amazon once, though I've usually just resorted to streaming since you're right, Chaotic Century IS hard to find after so many years. Yup, and yeah, that is kind of funny now that you mention it, probably a good thing Eva got moved to Adult Swin in the end then Yeah, too late for me where IBO is concerned unfortunately, just hoping for the best now Well I'm sure someone SOMEWHERE will have extra copies lying around in the worst case scenario, and hopefully Vertical doesn't follow that pattern, I think a special order is possible with a hardback tankboun like Origin anyway.

    True that, best focus on Andromeda for now until news on DA comes out. Yeah, I've grown to appreciate Kobe more now that I've established Italian as my favorite food genre Well, snows finally starting to dissipate, plus I'll have time off soon (mid-winter break) to recharge a bit. I'll give you a short but good series first, with a very... different kind of protagonist

    Hey, that's great to hear! And don't worry so much, times like this are when you get to call all your family and friends to help with moving
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-02-05 00:15
    Well to be fair the Barbatos itself is purported to be extremely customizable to begin with. I don't know, there's not much similarity between the original Guision and Rebake, it could be that the frame itself was just extremely adaptable but I guess that's neither here nor there now. Good to get back into the action but it looks like we're getting a reprieve next episode, curious as to how Kudelia will get them out of this though.

    There's probably some kind of special sensor in the mask or something that he turns off and on with the slot. All in all I think Galieo acquitted himself well in his new frame, now I wonder what the kabuki chick will bring to the table when she shows up. Fareeds machince isn't a Gundam btw, though it does come from its own rare and ancient line of custom frames from the Calamity War so like most Char clones machines I expect it'll match up well against them. Yeah, looks like it's Merribit after all in the opening, a shame though, I was starting to really like Fumitain Given Nobliss reaction this last episode and him agreeing to help Kudelia I'm fairly certain it was the latter and fears about McMurdo have been put to rest, but despite the temporary truce/alliance now I hope Nobliss gets what's coming to him in the end Primarily this is a character driven story moreso then a plot one Dann, and about having these characters personalize the greater struggle going on around them which I thought episode 16 did rather well. The A-laws didn't work in 00 because it was just a bunch of miscellaneous characters thrown together and united only by their hatred of Gundams/personal issues with no identity as a group, but after episode 17 I felt Gjallahorn as a real organic organization with a real mandate/doctrine for the first time after their execution of the suppression operation, and are now more like the Titans from Z instead.

    Well as of the latest spoilers for this week we'll have to put all that aside as some new faces have shown up instead in the 'Invasion Arc', though I will say that I like how Soma put to rest fears he'd be overshadowed by his father in Erina's eyes after his statement about focusing on what he/they should be doing now instead of worrying so much about the past. I can't see Azami accepting an 'inferior' brand of cooking he wanted to get rid of in the first place in Jun's seminar even if Hayama was willing to join up, it'd be rather hypocritical for someone as zealous about his perfect food world as Azami is, but we'll see.

    Yeah, sure, THEY'RE fine but the MC not only had his old life ripped away in the previous timeline, separating himself from his schoolgirl co-worker from episode 1 when he was 29, but was robbed of ever building a new life in this timeline despite all those promotions with him and Kayo, while for 15 years the killer ran free killing who knows how many children since and now it seems all the MC can dedicate himself to is catching him, but what happens to the MC after wards when that's done, will HE be able to find some personal happiness when it's all over? That's my wish, that after everything he's done he deserves to find some measure of happiness for himself Ditto, I might check out the ending of the manga, whenever that completes anyway <_<

    True, though multiple paths/romance pairings rather mucks up how much of the game information is relevant Well, he had no malice but being a social Darwinist after getting possessed by the evil side of Witsuarunemitea/their god, has its own stigma of malevolence Dii said that same thing to Hakuoro about starting a battle between them now so I don't think it was that odd, Hakuoro seemed to agree since he dragged them both down into eternal sleep after merging back together. As for the second season and Haku I agree, though it starts rather slower then the first I've read it'll pick up by episode 16-17 so I'll look forward to watching it all then when it finishes.

    Sure, but whatever happens Vale will be a long time recovering from this, so perfect time to go world traveling I say True, probably they'll save her potential return in Volume 3. Especially not with Cinder zeroing in on them now, it's now or never for Pyrrha, I hope she comes out okay and at least Jaune will be there with her no matter what happens Suppose we'll see, though Beacon looks way too intact in that dream like scene to seem like it's in the near future anyway

    You mean the color thing? A lot of the teachers are just based on fairy tales like he is, but I get your suspicion since color naming happened after the war He has said he's made more mistakes then anyone on the planet and has more experience then any of them according to Glynda though. I think it was her wandering through that specific corridor when the match was going on that prompted Mercury to act, I doubt Emerald even noticed.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-31 22:17
    Suppose you're right, but going back to my previous comments I don't think there's a 'right' answer to be found in terms of pairing/children, you're just going to make yourself go nuts thinking that way instead of just going for the option YOU like the best. Not a bad strategy, hopefully by Revelation you'll have things like your support pairings down. Just make a determination of who you like paired best beforehand and use the fixed partner option where they partner characters up in their movements, like in Awakening, to build the support convos. That's generally have prequel DLC's work I would think, but you're right there's no rush to get to them all things considered.

    True, and I'll do my own research if I get a 3DS you don't push yourself to remember titles if they're not coming right away. Huh, thanks for the heads up, definitely need to watch a playthrough first then.

    I remember, my sister has a DS we used to play with back in the day. The latter, don't know enough about computer hardware to even attempt the former, though I'll lean on advice of people I know who do when I make my selection.

    Same, though maybe they can package their motion control systems as an add-on if they have to, I know Sony and Microsoft bombed when they tried to get into that market. I think you definitely should take a swing at LS if you ever get any free time and there's a lull in releases, very good game all around from what I saw. Yeah, that is a problem though Bioware managed to get around it with Mass Effect 1 and Yu Suzuki did the same with Shenmue III. Oh, that could be intriguing, it's been awhile since I heard anything from Mistwalker. Ah, forgot about the Xeno series, still with the variety of titles elsewhere they could definitely use something new for Nintendo to be taken seriously again.

    Eh, that's short term, in the long term we could get great dividends from the pair as you said later events take place No argument here, there'd be a LOT of things to make fun of like the whole Laguna flashbacks Well here's hoping they stop speculating and DO do it, I don't know maybe the new Dissidia will get the ball rolling again where VI is concerned. I knew you'd like it, and good to hear about Hellsing 6, and pfft, I'm not worried, Four Star's dealt with THAT issue for a long time now and I'm sure they'll get it resolved, in the mean time plenty of fans will have posted the missing episodes somewhere I'm sure. No doubt, and it'd be a great way to throw hints of that VII sequel I know you're still squeamish about Oh, no THAT'S fine, the concept people probably have plenty of time now that XV is coming out soon, I meant the animation/programming teams. But if they do have outside help for VIIR you're probably right that XVI might not have a big impact at this stage anyway.

    Regarding the new info on XV I'm glad we're getting a release date announcement soon, and I really like all the gameplay elements they showed off, stealth, magic, party member commands, environment effects on the battle etc. Those worries you had from the demo starting to alleviate now? Nice to get more info about the antagonist by the way, same very varied characters on the other side.

    Well, all I'm trying to suggest is taking that mindset to other games like FE:Fates, like the fusions I think worrying about the best children stats is just going to overwhelm you. Oh well, that was a given I think, gotta get that Christmas date in P4 Nah, I don't blame you on that count, I probably saw XI a lot more recently,in the early 2000's, then you did. As for the final boss, well XI was hardly the first FF game to throw us a curve ball in that department

    That's not much of a beta, but I'll check out footage coming out either way. Like I said I hope things like For Honor causes them to help UNSTICK that pattern, or at least make open worlds more unique anyway. Well they can hopefully reboot a main freaking character to replace Desmond is all I'll say. Now that WOULD be pretty cool to see, that'd be the longest we've gone back in any AC game if true and likely play quite a bit differently. Moving on then, what do we know that have set release dates coming up in the next few months besides the Division?
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-26 23:46
    RIP in any event Marco Ah, the soldier mindset, makes sense cause they likely didn't have a choice given how sad Annie's dad was. BTW I wonder what happened to Ymir... I wouldn't say it's better, just that that line of thinking makes sense given in our own history we often engage in genocide based on ethnic and cultural lines. Likely they've been indoctrinated with some kind of propaganda in order group all humans with that mindset. True that, though maybe we'll finally learn more about their village after this battle at least. Possible though keeping humans caged like this and refusing to intervene even with Titans knocking at the door every time its power passed on makes me think the Coordinate Titan still wasn't the kindest of creatures, though we can only speculate until more info about it pops up. If Bert/one of them survives I think it's fine as we can still get closure later even if the other dies I think. For now that likely was the implication, which is why Reiner probably backed down as he did, and the Coordinate power being the only exception we've heard so far requiring it being passed down a specific bloodline. I HOPE that's what's in the basement anyway, to me it'd make the most sense given he was going to show it to Eren prior to the wall breach after Eren's vocal determination to see the outside world.

    Too bad it folds like cheap tin when facing a protoss psi-blade or a zerg claw They each have their advocates, I'm interested if after Covert Ops the next DLC missions might be protoss, given I don't think the zerg have very interesting characters/dynamics going on from a story angle. Nier eh, tell me is that series as... disorganized as Drakengard or does the story follow a more understandable pattern? Gah really? That'd be a disappointment if I consider getting a 3DS and Bravely Default isn't available. Good plan, definitely makes the most sense at this point in terms of getting the most out of your money, while having something you can engage at your leisure.

    Well, only have a few months until we get a taste along with confirmation on whether my fears for Cap and some of the others prove true. Same, was interesting anyway, wonder when we'll see what Loki's up to along with whatever happened to Odin. I'm looking forward to it though Strange is still a ways off.

    Wait and see seems like the safest bet. I did enjoy Star Wars thanks, though I saw your points about reusing a lot of the old elements, and Kylo Ren reminded me a bit too much of whiny Anakin and not enough Darth Vadar, but overall a very solid reboot that incorporate modern humor/tastes into a beloved story universe. Still miss Thrawn though Well, that'll certainly leave me busy in the theaters if that's their plan Huh, might check it out then though once again as you say I hope they focus more on fleshing out this new era, or at least filling the gaps of the time skip anyway. Yeah, I haven't finished Hannibal season 1 yet myself, still I can definitely say that it's incredibly twisted but thoroughly twisted so check it out when you can Wonder if Rogue Squadron got reborn in the Resistance or not now that I think about it... Po seemed to fit their mold very well at least.

    Which is why I still like BlazBlue out of all of them, confusing as ITS story can be Operative being hope but we'll see if SF can mange, in any event I do still have to check out the latest MK story campaign first now that I think about it <_<

    A good series to invest a box set into, the other one I think I would have gone for had I had the money in my youth during that era of Toonami would have been the original Zoid series. You're not wrong, they only previewed the first episode of Nadesico on Toonami and a few other series I've forgotten now (I think Evangaleion was one of them but that got moved to Adult Swim eventually) but never followed up from there. Geez, don't jinx the best Gundam series we've seen in a while Dann, I'm nervous enough as is I'm sure there will be some copies lying in a warehouse you can special order from Amazon of B&N for a good long while Dann, do manga/book companies that are still in business do that actually, just never publish a series again after a certain amount of time even if someone special orders it from them? Anyway, I think that B&N 2 for 1 thing was only in your state or something, NY didn't have one during that stretch as far as I could tell.

    EDIT:Sad to hear about Gaider, though hopefully/likely they've written ahead enough to complete the current story line regarding Solas. And hey, I get a lot of the same nostalgic impulses myself, whether it be Iron Chef or some other series I haven't seen in awhile Thanks, the snow wasn't too bad, stayed in all day, but the delay on public transit was really hampering me. It did let me catch up on my manga reading though and I've been going through a lot of cool new series based on web novels that I can recommend if you like
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-23 23:39
    Like how the Brewers pushed the armor on the Rodi frame suits even though that's not typical? Possible though that shield on the new Guision looks like it came from the front-chest of the old one but we'll see. Personally frames to me are built to be customized around and don't have a specific look to them. That'll be interesting to see given how outclassed the Graze Custom is getting as Gjallahorn breaks out their own Gundams and other big guns.

    I share them as well and it won't get better as we near the end and there's still no word on a second season, just have to hope for the best. Eh, it's taken a life on its own, we just have to deal with it and hope they at least apply the mask in an interesting way. We haven't actually seen Gjhallahorn's best in action often so that's understandable, but if they come with the huge fleet we see in the opening though that could change I'm sure SOME Gundams haven't had faces/had visors throughout the franchise at some point right, so would Fareed's be that much of an exception? I don't think that'll be the case, I mean communications officer is a big deal after all and I can't see Merribit replacing Fumitan indefinitely when she has so many other things to do, but we'll see <_< Eh, constraints of time, too many things were occurring to really flesh out Biscuit's bro's motives so all we got were small hints, mayhaps we'll see more in the next episode depending on how this whole thing with the Union rebelling gets resolved.

    As of this last chapter it looks like they're brushing the cooking part off for now, I think Jouichiro will need to show up in person in order to convey that philosophical outlook. It's interesting to me that Jouchiro's not graduating Totsuki seems to be the root cause given Azami's whole 'ruined him' speel. Well anyway, Azami seems to be moving full steam ahead with his reformation, wonder what Isshiki, Kuga, and the former third seat will do along with whose going to replace them. Also, this could be a good way to bring Akira back since I figure he'll be fighting off Central in regards to saving Jun's seminar.

    Spoiler for Boku Dake ga Inai Machi:
    Oh ho, trust me now, you haven't even begun to see Hakuro's true power just yet, let me know how it goes, season 2 btw seems to have hit a new turning point as well so I'll likely start on it as well as all of Akagami in a few more weeks.

    It'd make for an interesting 4th Volume if that was the case, seeing some of the other Kingdoms and Remnant in general, we've yet to see that village Ren and Nora were interested in last volume as well. I think so as well, there's still so much we don't know about her and we just got a glimpse of her father, but whether Penny will be the same one afterwards is something to consider. Depends on if she even gets the Maiden power since people speculate that the pad Adam and the WF are deploying Grimm on is Beacon Academies'. I've had the impression that the epilogue for V2 was actually some kind of dream sequence of Yang's though, so who knows if it will occur. Well, it'll be another week until we find out since a new World of Remnant's come out, though it IS rather larger then the others, looking forward to seeing its public release tomorrow.

    It'll be interesting if we see Ozpin fight in this volume, only he and Yang are currently at the Academy from the looks of it after all. Indeed, all hands on deck for this crisis I think it's more of Mercury was always in that specific location in order to prevent ANYONE from crossing and interrupting Emerald, it just happened to be Ruby in this case.

    Yeah, but nothing we can do for him now except wish him the best. The fact that RT hasn't made an announcement about his departure makes me a little confident that they have a handle on the situation, since I'd think they'd be honest enough to admit their might be some delays if this was a really serious setback, well have to see though, so moving on.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-23 19:31
    In a lot of ways I'm the same but also the opposite. I'm just more obsessed with finding every bit of story element versus stats. Nah, it wasn't that bad to narrow things down based on a story perspective for the offspring, like I said I worked off of personality, class, and how interesting/unique their support dialogues were like I did with the pairings, for example Severa has VERY interesting discussion if Matoi is her daughter, providing me with incentive to go for that one. Like I said I'm both the same and the exact opposite in terms of obsessive research to find who has the best plot chemistry rather then statistical benefit, in the end I think focusing on stats in this circumstance is a no win situation however optimal some pairings are since it's ultimately about providing you with a variety of different choices and going with the one you think is most fun. Huh, intriguing, well it's not the type of DLC I'd rush to get anytime soon, not when dealing with the whole Invisible Kingdom/Revelations bit

    Eh, about the only thing that caught my attention is Bravely Default (oh, thanks for the reminder about the sequel, I have to start looking going through the first game before 2 comes out )

    Your point about the DS games does stand and there are a lot of those I'd like to look back into at some point. I'll shove the matter aside for now, a 3DS/Vita are still a ways away anyway. 250 would be the ideal but you're right that it's unrealistic so I'll take the 300 if the opportunity comes, for now I got to focus on a new PC, I imagine I'll have my hands full dealing with that for awhile.

    Indeed, and while welcome they're also kind of tired as well and won't scream 'must buy' compared to the other consoles unless things change. Splatoon was good, though as you said they'll likely need a LOT more to bring Nintendo to the forefront again. There was one called The Last Story that was really good but never any follow up as a franchise, which was a shame. Heck if they came out with a sequel to Lost Odyssey somehow we'd be talking more about Nintendo on the RPG front again.

    But the important thing is they're talking about it, which I THINK will ultimately be for the good in terms of resolving the issues between, but fun times are ahead in Season 2 regardless Ah, I see and it definitely would be cool of Four Star though that's likely a LONG ways off since wouldn't take VIII and IX on until VII was finished. You might be right, and my issues with certain plot holes in IX might be influencing, but yeah, I was actually thinking that about VI as well though I wonder if all the 2D series might not be better off as hand held remakes like IV got, regardless VI definitely needs some kind of rerelease as well at some point. Really? Oh Dann, you have NOT watched an abridged series until you've seen Hellsing, I HIGHLY recommend you go check it out right now Suppose you're right, it will definitely be nostalgic after so long and interesting to see how much Cloud himself remembers of those events. I HOPE they don't given how big FFVIIR seems to be, I'd rather they not get into XVI until at least the second installment nears completion. I'm just saying it's off to a better start then XV got, so I have reason for optimism, and even if it's just the opening section that's still a bit chunk of the game they'll have knocked out. Suppose we'll find out how far they're along as the year goes by.

    Especially for a stat maximizer like yourself, have you considered just playing stat based games like P5 especially on easy in order to wean yourself off overachieving? I can see the appeal on higher/max difficulty but it's got to get tiresome to dish out that much overkill when less optimal builds work comfortably? I can't see the point story wise given that Zidane survived, and I was just REALLY curious to see how his relationship with Kuja ultimately went given their potential reconciliation, which they only just showed was even POSSIBLE near the end.

    I do think it's a much more interactive/alive game with much more potential content even outside the main plot, but I get your fear about a possible Destiny 2.0. Not a bad policy and lord knows they'll be enough video on youtube when it comes out to make a judgement on the Division anyway. I'm curious as to how long a beta would last given that I thought the Division was supposed to be out early March? I'm not going to go THAT far on my wish list given it feels like EVERY recent game, not just Ubisofts, feels like they're going open world, and will take what I can get in terms of changing the pace through For Honor. Hallelujah, it's about time frankly, maybe they'll FINALLY give people a bone and move the plot forward, personally I think they need to bring out the Sengoku timeline if they have any real hope of getting out of their current rut but we'll see, I'm glad for the break this year though, plenty of other things to keep us occupied in the mean time.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-16 21:55
    I am glad we finally did get an answer, however sad it turned out to be. Given his thoughts right before they jumped him I do think it was inevitable that Marco would have figured it out, on the other hand he might have been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, the real problem of all of this I think is the lack of trust or willingness to communicate first before resorting to death and destruction. Maybe less the greater good and more for the preservation of their civilization/species/culture, like nationalism. I think there's probably some definite sins of the past everyone is working off of but whatever transpired 100 years ago the humans of this generation have no knowledge/bearing of that, Grisha at least seemed to think humanity was worth saving in any event. Does make one wonder how the shifters village is organized and what kind of hierarchy they work off of, and whether they regularly manipulate/use the titans like this in a pseudo-first king/power of the coordinate which constructed the original walls around humanity. Probably not, though I do think Reiner will ultimately kick the bucket regardless if it's now or a little later. Zeke did mention that if Reiner wasn't up to the task he'd give his armor power to someone else, so likely there's a finite of amount of special abilities/vials of titan power they can have one person use. It's also possible they might have been afraid of the Coordinate/First King's power being used if they were that overt an assault, who can say though.

    Sorry to hear that, all we can do is keep plugging away, use whatever advantage we currently have, contacts we've made, and just hope a break happens at some point. In any event let's move on to less unpleasant topics until we have good news on that front, agreed?

    Basically following the rule of not counting my chickens before they hatch, hopefully by the summer I'll have balanced everything out and have a chance to splurge on my gaming desires finally, but for now let's save this conversation until then

    Indeed, we've wrapped up one story arc so all that's left is to see what's next for Starcraft, which Nova and Zahn should hopefully clarify for us this year. Yup, though to give credit Terrans can be intriguing by how random they can be as well Hopefully this won't be the last we see of interesting Protoss character introductions, a lot of writers seem to shy away from the difficulty of writing alien mindsets and I'm glad Starcraft didn't in this case, despite the mixed bag from the zerg in Heart of the Swarm. Good to see you've got at least a list to work from, and hey, worst case scenario you wait until next year if need be for your schedule to clear up and strategy guides are out, heck a lot of those games might get pushed back so just focusing on your definite pick ups for now is prudent strategy, btw would you mind sharing which titles you've settled on? Silver lining for everything and my strategy as well for if/when I finally get a gaming system of some kind along with my new PC, likely picking a few titles around next Black Friday or Christmas of this year.

    Civil War will be interesting to see how they incorporate Bucky into a more active role and may foreshadow how they treat him in the following movies. True, though Thor/Asgard always confused me by being a kind of magic/technology hybrid Still, it'll be cool to see if/how Tony manages to explain definitive magic away when Strange is introduced into the Avengers

    I'm both anxious and dreading it now myself, I don't think I can check out the premiere of BvS myself personally and will likely wait for reviews Finally settling on Monday/Martin Luthor King day to see SW:FA with a friend, I'm getting pretty pumped now and will let you know how it turns out in my next post Huh, those are interesting, are they full blown releases or just short DVD films? Cool to hear about Mads (btw have you checked out Hannibal yet?) though I'm a bit concerned about them putting so many resources on anthology movies (if they're full films, if not then I don't mind OVA style/length) rather then building on expanding the new time period they've started.

    But MK did a full reboot before embarking on that route in order to reintroducing the story, will SF given it's equally lengthy history?

    Same, I feel like rewatching Outlaw Star now myself along with maybe finally getting around to Mobile Battleship Nadesico, though I also need to watch Sword Art Online 2 and Crescent Lover while I'm at it, and maybe the new Ghost in the Shell movies for good measure. I got a lot to catch up on if you haven't noticed Damn straight, I don't want 00 being the last memory of English speaking Gundam on the American airwaves <_< Huh, need to check with my B&N branch and see what's up then... Nice, though I'll likely be sticking to paper back mangas until next Christmas before getting into something as pricey as the Origin series

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