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  1. Ryonea
    2015-08-08 19:57
    Oh, hi there!
    Nah, don't mind about the late reply. I was rather busy too in these few months. Heck, I even "skipped" the animes of the last season.

    Yeah, I'm doing quite well thankfully. Anything new and crazy, huh? well... I don't really know where to start but 2015 seems like a YOLO year for me, lol. some of the recent ones would be:

    - I finally bought a new laptop with decent specs. Though it's still mediocre in nowadays gaming standard (only i5 @ 2,70 GHz, nVIDIA 840M 2GB, 8GB RAM). But at least I finally get to play re;birth1! never played the original one, but I'm happy with the game as it wasn't that comedy-heavy like I presumed.
    - I graduated 2 months ago! Yeah I know it's way too late hopefully I can redeem the time I lost by the time I get a job.
    - I ordered this beauty. Ooh, my wallet's gonna cry for sure . Not really interested when it was still a prototype, but damn... never thought that the processor units would also be made. I just had to secure my order.
    - Probably will do a cosplay for the regional AFA next month! since the artist lineup didn't interest me so might as well allocate the money for something else. I chose to do a cosplay since this AFA might be the last for me and my group of friends so might as well make it a bit more memorable.
    - And I'm planning to make my own circle of ilustrators since creative business has been growing quite well over here.

    Well, I guess that's it for me. Have plenty of things to do till the end of the year. How about you?
  2. EvI
    2015-07-24 07:55
    i'm glad to see that you started playing it, hope you like it
  3. PreSage
    2015-07-22 20:37
    Haha, thanks! Ao is <3!
  4. Flower
    2015-07-14 15:05
    Yes...I blog as part of a team.

    Last season I covered Plastic Memories and Show by Rock. The winter 2014-5 season I covered Koufuku Graffitti. This season am doing Gakkou Gurashi.

    As for Aria yes! I hear BDs will be coming, of course, but also the 3 OVAs titled Avvenire...I assume you have heard of those two?
  5. Flower
    2015-07-12 17:51

    Regarding Vanadis...I have read up to Volume 10, if I remember correctly. The anime was only okay at best, I thought. It was plagued by many of the commonly complained about problems of LN adaptations - story rushed, poor production values, etc. The novels are a decent read in terms of a page turner, though.

    This season has some promising adaptations going on as well, as you may already know. From light novel souces we have Rokka no Yuusha, and from manga sources we have Akagami no Shirayuki, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Gakkou Gurashi, Ushio to Tora and Himouto Umaru-chan.

    For carryovers from last season there are Arslan Senki and Ore Monogatari. Then there is the odd Gatchaman Crowds Insight...I happen to like the first season, but it is a very divisive series - many really like it, dislike it or are just confused by it.

    The second half of Cinderella Girls is also airing soon - another series I am looking forward to.

    Aside from all the forum activity I help mod and the manga, novels and anime stuff I also do a little blogging on the side, and have been since the Winter 2014-5 season.
  6. Ryonea
    2015-04-06 20:25
    Yeah... but being drowned in this Japanese culture sometimes made us forget of our own age. but at least we have a young spirit!

    Let's see...
    - Core i3 2330M (@2,2 GHz)
    - 2 GB RAM
    - and AMD Radeon Mobility 6470M, shared VRAM, don't know the exact number

    Yeah, I have a plan to build a desktop PC, but too bad the economy in my country turned bad recently and the exchange rate got pretty low~ orz

    Compared to most series, yes. She's still superbly popular. But within the LL community itself, I think she's quite at the bottom. I'm not really the type to shout out my fondness unfortunately but well, at least the fans of her that I met so far are quite lovely personalities too.
    A game would be nice... since I think this is a bit too early to switch focus.
    Aikatsu? the arcade game's pretty big here wow, already 100++ episodes? o_O hmm let's see whether one of my friends have them. I'm a bit interested in iM@S Cinderella Girls instead. Many recommended it to me, is it really that good? I was never into iM@S before.

    No, not yet. Akatsuki no Yona is from several seasons ago right?
  7. Tempest35
    2015-03-29 15:08
    I could deal with it in I.R. when he was still a brat but now in Cavalier, he's a freakin' adult but he's still acting like a kid who's lost his first love because of a misunderstanding. I can't feel too sorry for Nex on matters concerning Serin, but everything else, he had Depore, who can read minds and intent, to help him rule. Just so happens that Depore is a yandere for Jae Hyuk... I kinda want to see just how much she changed from before because it looked as if she had become an emotionless drone of a Magic stone before Nocht got her and gave her human-like emotions. If there was a way to get rid of the 'yandere' part of her, she'd be perfect.

    I had pinned my last hope on Serin's imprisonment being a ruse for him to keep her out of the way until it was safe for her again but no, he's keeping her there because he thinks she betrayed him (again). Honestly, how many times did he jump to conclusions in I.R. and that came to bite him in his undead ass in just that story? And he repeated the same thing again and again... he hasn't learned a thing about trust. The woman was a living stand-in for a magic stone for 3 years AND had blood siphoned off periodically for you, even if you didn't realize it - what in the world did she do that was sooooo bad this time? I swear I'll flip a desk if it's just something like a shadow of Serin stabbed him in the back or something...
  8. Tempest35
    2015-03-27 12:51
    Didn't think people were still following this - lol. Over the past few days, they've released Ch. 99 - 106 so I got a bit of reading any analyzing to do.

    But for Nex, you can see how he is by the way he still treats Serin. In this latest bunch of chapters, when one of her children is severely wounded and the mental trauma reaches out, Serin reacts enough that Nex feels it through the magic barrier he set up around her. And what does he do - he rushes off to see Serin, despite Depore right there, telling him not to go. She - of all people/beings - know that Nex can and never will kill Serin because he loves her too much.

    Standing back from it, it's a very abusive relationship they are in and despite Nex being a protagonist, I don't want to see Serin anywhere near him after this. He flies off in a butthurt rage too often and lashes out - who'd want to be near someone like that? Whatever that other girl coerced Serin to do must have been grand indeed. I hope Xix does kick his ass near the end of all of this.
  9. Ryonea
    2015-03-01 20:40
    Sorry for late reply... guess I'm getting busy again

    Amen to tha-- but, wait! shouldn't I file a quest for her to get me a great PC instead? she'll gain my faith from that. Yeah, most probably that's what I'll do if the game could run on this laptop.

    I see... so it's non-Japanese made. That's understandable. The game's look interesting for sure, I'll be sure to check it out when I could.

    Yep, hopefully there are still some stocks left. Considering Hanayo isn't really popular among the cast (as the most of my fave characters) I think I could get her whenever I want, but this is still from the uber-popular love live!, so I''m kinda in doubt. Oh yeah, have you seen the seemingly a new Love Live! project? I wonder what that is.

    So how's the Alisha problem going? haven't really keep up with the internet lately... but yeah, the answer of her being not the main heroine is just weird. He talked about it in an event which has a lady cosplaying as Alisha

    I somehow think that Baba is kind of forced, though probably by Bandai Namco. The company is well known for its greed about DLCs. I thought their past series (even the past Tales series) already a have a numerous of expensive DLCs, of which if we buy them all, the total price will far exceed the original game. But stepping up the practice like this will really harm them. Just my guess, though...
  10. Flower
    2015-02-20 12:53
    Agreed...though I have been especially curious to compare the source with the adaptation to see where Shaft has been faithful ans where liberties have been taken. ^^


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