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  1. mPervy
    2015-05-20 00:23
    WHAAAAAAAA...!? WHY KAMERAD!? aren't we friend in pervert related thing? look, i'm mPervy and you're Hentaiga, why don't we make a pervert duo like japanese idol group...

    what the hell am i saying here?
  2. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 21:48
    DP gained from killed xHP xMP or 1/10 of xMP stayed inside the dungeon (x is person). killing unnecesary random visitor or saving one kingdom, and make send slaves or immigrant, which one is profitable is clear

    ah, you're reading that? it's the epitome of despair I think... well not bad actually.
  3. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 20:47
    hum~ maa, sonna sasaina koto kinishinainde.

    No, Yuki is just down to earth, he got his point right, I mean, if you're comfortable with your life right now, why do throw it? by going to another world, not only lose his comfort, but his family and friends as well. I don't find him annoying.
  4. mPervy
    2015-05-19 12:46
    ero-toraaaaa!? Since when did you became a HENTAIGA!? Are you finally fallen to the dark side! Good job, kamerad!? embrace the inner pervert that come inside you....
  5. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 12:02
    while death march is not necessarily a nariagari, Tate Yuusha is, Naofumi climb from the lowest caste (he really is weak) to hero, with hard work.

    Eh, Millia still let Kento taste Veronica so it's fine in the end :3
  6. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 09:57
    Most nariagari-themed story just doesn't feel like nariagari with protagonist went OP and they tried to break flag by hiding their ability to the point of obsession.

    As for NetaChara, author wants it to be they join Kento also having err, what's her name again? Veronica? freely do her espionage job and not pestered by her siscon brother.
  7. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 09:41
    I will. I'm typing it now~

    as for status update, the one in Oukoku Michi is already it's own feature, some other adventure story also have it but not as simple and smart like in Oukoku Michi. They are used mainly to record game stats. As for Mushoku Tensei, that's just for Eris growth report.

    As for me, the one in Oukoku Michi is just plain brilliant, example is when Chrol became impotent, the variation of OTL is so cheap LOL
  8. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 06:25
    13 wives and 2 mistresses? bakuhatsushite shisanshiteshimae!!
  9. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 05:45
    sorry for shattering your expectation -_ -a

    Hissu Dungeon Unei tells the story of a riajuu (no matter what he said about being average, I will still pray that he explode into pieces) asked by Luna, a goddess to become Dungeon Master and save another world.

    This story is more on talking and less action as protagonist Yuki is the brain-type, similar to Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki (has the tag that I liked: protagonist lead his own kingdom).

    last thing: Yuki-san, explode and explode for all eternity
  10. amatsunagi
    2015-05-19 05:21
    I do read lot but not all, reading all WN, all of it is impossible. I'm still selective when scooping.

    Already updated Oukoku Michi folder, but haven't read it, get hooked up reading Hissu Dungeon Unei, might as well waiting for the Elves Village part to end. New chapter of NetaChara is out as well today.

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