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  1. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 16:04
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Well hopefully they stick around longer than a few episodes. Don't see why they would be removed though, extra mobility is always a plus, even the bulkiest Barbatos form had hip boosters, as ugly as they were. Got my fingers crossed. Now I just want the story to stay fixed on Mars.
  2. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 15:50
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Well it's permenant add on to the new default Barbatos. Later upgrades might remove it, but for now I'll take what I can get.
  3. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 15:13
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    The hip boosters sealed the deal for me, my favorite feature from the 5th form, now added on permanently. And there's only 1 Graze so far, thank god. Now hopefully the battles will be bigger.
  4. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 14:47
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    IBO season 2 MS look fantastic. The 2 new Gundams are gorgeous, and the new Barbstos Lupus is far better than all the other forms.
  5. Kuroi Hadou
  6. Kuroi Hadou
    2016-06-13 16:37
    Kuroi Hadou
    I do too, when I see code commits like this:

    196 files changed, 36 insertions(+), 80188 deletions(-)
    Remember the insertions and deletions are entire lines, not characters.
  7. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:19
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Oh damn, and the dragon one cross bow too!

    I'd also like to see of someone could make like a fully closed off dragon scale helmet.
  8. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:11
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    I'd like to try and make a new type of weapon too. Call it like...dragon scale weaponry. Basically it would be dragon bone weapons, but the hsndles in dragon scales.
  9. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:09
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Oh, and that one mod where you tell The Blades to STFU about Paarthurnaax, I wanna be able to use that one too.
  10. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 06:26
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    So....Skyrim is being remasted on PS4, and it will support console mods. Looks like I'll be able to finally have some extra fun with it now.

    Hopefully that mode you told me about where you can exchange dragon souls for health and magic will be available. Or your Dragon Knight armor.

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