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τηε πιγητ ωατςη

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  1. Haseo 360
    2010-07-31 02:48
    Haseo 360
    Hello how are you doing on this fine day? my name is Haseo it's nice to meet you
  2. Rurik
    2009-09-23 14:45
    I think these days now is not really about long debates, rather, I found myself in a difficult position to debate regarding current events or about Naruto and Sasuke which Im not interest in. For me, it haven’t been the same after some characters have been Killed a time ago.

    Besides that, I think 2 or 3 replies of the same thing is good enough to understand each other position...I got to read your last post, but I dont think is really necesary to reply to it as your points were very good there, and difficult to counterargue...
  3. Fipskuul
    2009-08-17 19:30
    Just another one of those complaints....

    Harry Potter is becoming more and more like the who-cares-what kind of British TV series.

    I can understand the author is very fond of his country, and wants everything to look like how it is in her country.


    At the least, leave the job of looking behind the camera to a non-Brit....

    I am afraid this director is going to terrorize the last two movies too. The movies which are supposed to be the best two in the series...
  4. Fipskuul
    2009-05-14 14:49
    I have been noticing this for some time, but I guess the effect of a mod on leave can sometimes go beyond the space of explicable formations.

    See the current series thread. If you check the history of threads opening in that section, and compare the inter-creation times of such threads within the given timeline, you will notice a significant change within the last year. All I can say is, I am really happy with this development, and hope to see even more dynamic changes.....
  5. Fipskuul
    2008-11-17 22:53
    The right time to change over? Not me, the album in me.

    When I know...

    what comes next...

    without even seeing the end.

    Like, now?

    Not yet.

    Ah, whenever I hear someone say I'll call you mine, the message sinks in noninvertibly.

    And, you. Whoever, you are, you get many many thumbs up. For sending me the invitation to enter the garden of earthly delights.

    And, to ShishiKishi, "Die, die, Mr Kakashi die, as, I would care, what would happen and how"....Definitely a very much broken version of the original song.

    Keyword: 3.0 (2.975), crxx...
  6. Fipskuul
    2008-11-06 01:50
    Here comes a day when the message hits a dead end. Such as. Ties, never broken, and, changes, never come. I don't mind the new hybrid technology, and it is great that I found my place at the top, but I am not romantic enough to expect miracles. If you are, try not to fall asleep, cause waking up from those dreams might prove to be a painful process.

    Sorry, gotta stay at the top to not fall ahead of the others.
  7. Kairin
    2008-06-11 21:45
    I'm glad you didn't mean to bully me. I hope we can be friends.

  8. Tommy
    2008-06-11 01:15
    I thought so too, and of course that's why I'm using it. Guess I'm just a fun loving guy.
  9. Tommy
    2008-06-10 19:05
    Thanks, well as long as no one complains it should be good. I've only had to take down one avatar so far and it wasn't that one.
  10. Kairin
    2008-06-10 18:43
    Mask?! Waaah!
    That really hurts my feelings.

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