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  1. Frontier
    2015-06-20 00:11
    So Flare, I'm curious...who did you pair Chrom and your Avatar with on your first playthrough .

    I did Sumia and Lucina .
  2. Frontier
    2015-04-01 00:17
    Course .
  3. Frontier
    2015-04-01 00:05
    I mean, I think I can find pretty good examples of romances in both Shojo Manga and Light Novels, but then again I'm a romance fan and not very critical so maybe I'm the wrong person to ask about that ?

    If anything, I'd say there's generally a lot better examples of good romances in those mediums than in something like Mecha .
  4. Frontier
    2015-03-31 20:54
    Reading some of the comments in the Akagami anime pre-release thread has, once again, reinforced my opinion that the quality of a romance in any genre is subjective and up to the beholder .
  5. Frontier
    2015-02-20 12:39
    Fair enough. I got into the original way back when, so watching EVOL was a big deal for me at the time. It was also with EVOL, oddly enough, that I first started watching anime as it was currently airing .

    So yeah, as a fan of the original I was one of those guys who kept trying to guess who was a reincarnation of who practically every episode. And as a fan of the original, I also wasn't big on the retcon they did near the end which basically felt completely unnecessary and hurt an aspect of the original I liked. Though considering you probably don't remember it nor haven't seen the original, I guess you'll have to take my word for it or maybe that was one of the reasons you've forgotten it ?

    Do you happen to recall how you felt about the love triangle at all, or Mikono vs. Zessica? I can tell that you felt bad for Zessica of course, just like I did, but did you like the actual Main Heroine and her romance with the hero? Just curious .

    If we do end up following Zessica's reincarnation, I wonder how alike they'll be and how Zessica's unrequited love might effect her reincarnation? Will she still be outgoing, flirty, and show a lot of skin? Or be the complete opposite...though I can tell you which one I'd prefer .
  6. Frontier
    2015-02-20 00:43
    I though Evol was really enjoyable up until after the beach episode and Zessica changed into her new outfit, and came back around for the finale, but maybe that's because I'm biased since I'm actually a fan of the franchise .

    But yeah, if nothing else this series might cover Zessica or her reincarnation finding happiness. But hey, at least the Ai Kayano character in this anime actually won her love triangle/quadrangle, whether she deserved to or not, rather than losing or getting replaced by a completely different character .

    Still hated that reincarnation retcon though .
  7. Frontier
    2015-02-18 17:57
    Heck, as far as I can tell, it doesn't look like Sorey factors into why it happens at all .

    Though a catfight in a Tales game was something I honestly never expected I'd see .

    You have a point about Harem's. For the most part the ladies in that are pretty passive-aggressive and not physical, usually being respectable/friendly towards their rivals with maybe the occasional snide remark or beingobviously jealous about something and taking whatever chances they can get with the guy. Just look at Kirito's harem .

    Love rivals in general usually seem to get along well for the most part and never seem to antagonize one another that much, though maybe that's because by the time they realize they're in a love triangle they're already good friends ?

    Considering Kouko, you might not have been surprised to see her in one though the only girl she was ever physical with (if you can call it that) was Chinami who was never really competition. When she caught Linda and Banri together at the club, it was the latter that got the brunt of her feelings and a slap rather than the former.
  8. Frontier
    2015-02-17 22:36
    You know that whole Alisha/Rose scene has me trying to recall the last time I saw a catfight in an anime. The best I can come up with right now is that big fight in Toradora .
  9. Frontier
    2015-02-12 18:35
    There's been a youtube video posted in the Zestiria thread from the Alisha DLC. There's not really any spoilers, just have to see it .
  10. Frontier
    2015-02-11 01:31
    Yeah, poor Saber .

    Though yes, as Heroine Rin has gotten pretty good focus and development especially in terms of her relationship with Shirou and Archer. And those reaction faces can't be beat .

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the anime expand on ShirouxRin and how it'll be portrayed in season 2/the second half, hopefully expanded on from what was in the movie and with a satisfying romantic conclusion .

    I was also looking forward to Alisha as the Main Heroine, as well as a possible romance between her and Sorey, so being prepared for that made it all the more disappointing with how things ultimately turned out. I don't want to be too harsh on Rose, but from what I've read/seen, I would've much preferred we just be left with Alisha or not have the Heroine switch. Heck, it seemed like it would've been so simple just to find a way for Alisha to fuse with the Seraph rather than add one more character just so someone else can do it. But that's just me .

    Seriously though, it's so unprecedented for something like this that I'm really surprised it became an issue at all. I mean, most Tales games are pretty clear on the whole Main Heroine role, and it's not like you get situations where you start with Tear or Estelle and then they just up and leave to make way for Natalia or Judith .

    Though I think some Alisha fusions would probably have looked pretty nice .

    Yep, trailer definitely got me excited for the game and for new info, also made the wait all the more worth it...and will make the wait for new info even worse .

    I hope if nothing else, that they keep multiple lover options for the new Social Links system, just expanded and maybe better integrated compared to 3 or 4 and that female party members are still romanceable. And going back to the outfits for them as Phantom Thieves, I wonder if the rest of the ladies will wear leather too ?

    I've heard nothing but good things for Inquisition, so it sounds like things have definitely improved since II and ME III. Though yeah, I'm pretty much in the same boat as to not actually having a PS4. Did recently get a 3DS actually .

    Green Lantern: The Animated Series is pretty awesome, and was canceled way too early, so I'd really recommend you watch it if you ever get the chance .

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