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  1. Tangowr
    2015-09-05 02:00
    Hihi~ Gamefaqs, mainly lurking, more active on Komica and 2ch, English forum is junkguild
  2. DevilHighDxD
    2015-06-01 00:59
    I had, been following IF since it first revealed.
  3. DevilHighDxD
    2014-12-13 19:01
    Yep, was asking around for a Saki in wedding dress pad and I got someone to made it.

    That custom pad is expensive very, I shelled out about nearly 100 dollar for it.
  4. DevilHighDxD
    2014-12-02 20:11
    Hey Key, beside Carmilla/Hinowa which other Valvrave model do u own? Currently I have Full impact Hito(still in the package) and just finishing Carmilla with the other 3 Valvraves coming soon.

    Edit: I currently on a Valvrave shopping mode XD
  5. Flower
    2014-07-12 23:00
    Thanks for the sig adjustment btw. Looks okay now.
  6. Key Board
    2013-09-09 23:02
    Key Board
    "Don’t try to be original just try to be good." - Paul Rand
  7. OPN
    2013-08-15 17:06
    Sent you a PM ^^
  8. Key Board
    2011-05-11 00:02
    Key Board
    If you are on her route she doesn't throw a hissy fit and sleep with Shinji.
    If you are on Haruka's route she does.
  9. BadtheGuy
    2011-05-10 21:53
    Dude, blast from the past with this question but I seriously need to know and can't be bothered to play it for a while. In kimi ga nozomu eien, is there any route with her(TE maybe?) where Mits doesn't cheat?
  10. Key Board
    2011-02-26 17:29
    Key Board
    Advanced level Madoka spoilers (that I pulled out of Homura's time machine)

    1)Madoka will become a magical girl the same way Hei from Darker Than Black became a contractor. She will SPOILER it from SPOILER and thus remove her from the burdens of the contract.

    2) Madoka has so much potential because she has been through several time loops with herself as the focal point of the time space anomaly. Each loops dumps the residue power of the previous Madoka into the new timeline Madoka. For another parallel of this also see Yuuji from Shakugan no Shana and his Midnight Stray relic

    3) The black cat we see in the opening is Homura who has lost her human body. She has turned this way because she has forfeited most of her power to Madoka. See point 1)

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