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  1. Akuma Kousaka
    2016-11-27 22:26
    Akuma Kousaka
    Actual even-handed love triangles like True Tears and White Album 2 are things where I don't care about who wins even if I like one more than the other. Because they know you have to see it, and sometimes it doesn't even show you (Oreimo)

    Speaking of things you have to see, that leads into the situation Re:ZERO presents for ships; does what the character experience and what we as the audience witness align with each other? Every Return by Death in the middle-late portion of the show seemed to push Subaru away from Emilia, while Rem was the only constant supporting him no matter the timeline. Emilia and Rem from their perspective were probably with Subaru for roughly the same amount of time, but that wasn't what we saw due to Return by Death. The SubaRem shippers' contention is something like this, and the defense for Subaru's...insistence boils down to that idolization you talked about

    Of course, even if context can make you understand why a story element is there, doesn't make it a good thing (poke Triple about Sunshine). Feeling a story is always better than understanding one, even when it's ABe or Anno and you feel confused af
  2. Akuma Kousaka
    2016-11-27 10:25
    Akuma Kousaka
    Spoiler for Empire Strikes Back:
  3. SPARTAN 119
    2016-11-17 13:36
    SPARTAN 119
    Why am I not surprised to find you viewing the Euphonium thread!?
  4. Triple_R
    2016-10-28 09:37
    Good to hear you're enjoying Re:Zero!

    And yeah, my reaction to Re:Zero Episode 18 was much the same. Rem was beautiful in that episode, but the last few minutes of that episode... serious gut-punch. ^_^;;

    Rem > Emilia, do you agree?
  5. SPARTAN 119
    2016-10-27 21:32
    SPARTAN 119
    As per the plot and general feel of Euphonium, if my previous posts make it confusing, my thoughts are that it was generally better in the first season, which was fun, but at the same time, did more to develop the characters and the band , having just the right sprinkling of drama from time to time- allowing it to rise above being simply classed as "K-ON 2.0."

    It seems to me like Season 2 is having some difficulties maintaining the balance, with the relatively filler-y second episode followed by dropping in some heavy drama on us. Admittedly we did get a bit of drama still in episode 2, and ep 3 had a few moments of Season 1's fun and energetic Asuka-senpai.

    Overall, I'm am still following and finding Euphonum 2 entertaining, but I wouldn't place it on the tier of Season 1. Even only following only a handful of things this season, would place multiple things above it.

    For instance, I am really enjoy Shuumatsu no Izetta thus far, in part due to my inner WWII history geek, as well as the interesting juxtoposition of a realistic alternate history with one fantasy element. As divisive as it is among some circles, I even found Keijo!!!!!!!! more amusing this season, simply due to it's sheer self-awareness, to the point that it's practically a parody on fanservice anime.
  6. SPARTAN 119
    2016-10-25 15:43
    SPARTAN 119
    As per the whole Euphonium thing, I had not noticed the signs of a lower budget, maybe I wasn't paying that much attention to the animation quality, with the possible exception of the overall image detail seemed to decline a bit during Reina's "dead fish" face, but that might have been an intentional stylistic element. Seems to have garnered attention on the forum either way.

    The pool episode though, is oftentimes a classic example of filler material, thought in this case, they at least used it to progress the Nozomi arc. Also, as for Natsuki and Yuko's Engrish T-shirt argument, Yuko's made at least marginally more sense, so she wins!

    As for the plot, I haven't gotten around to episode 3 due to reality, but I have been spoiled on the fact that they drop some more drama into it with regard to Taki's past and the whole Mizore-Nozomi situation.

    Edit: Just watched episode 3, and the drama is real!

    As for Reina, based on Season 1 and the first two episodes, it does seem like she is bouncing between crushing on Taki and yuri-baiting. Maybe she's going for the harem ending!
  7. Flower
    2016-10-23 22:22


    Shakespeare it definitely is not ... but if nothing else it is entertaining.

    At least for me. ^^
  8. Flower
    2016-10-23 21:59
    Whoa ... seriously? You are NOT watching Scorching Ping Pong Girls?

    I thought for sure....

  9. SPARTAN 119
    2016-10-23 20:01
    SPARTAN 119
    Recently got almost caught up on Hibike!Euphonium Season 2, or at least the second episode, and then randomly entered the thread and noticed your breakdown of the episode.

    Personally, my thoughts on the lastest developments are: "Ayano Takeda and KyoAni, are you trying to insinuate the Reina may be heterosexual!?"
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-10-03 18:46
    That sucks...

    Guess ill start having to use pidgin again.

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