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Alston De Ventigo

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  1. shelter
    2008-07-21 21:19
    Saya fikir bebertur Bahasa Melayu kerana Bberbanga Melayu. Macham more comfortable.

    But it's ok. I've PM-ed you to explain more.
  2. chibamonster
    2008-07-20 15:03
    I was in China visiting my dad while he was working there teaching English, so I just hung around Beijing for like a month. It was pretty fun. I saw a lot of good stuff. I ate a scorpion, saw the forbidden city, ate turtle, ate... well, lots of stuff. Bought lots and lots of really cheap stuff too. I lived in Japan for a couple of years doing some volunteer/missionary work, so I did not have a lot of time for site seeing, though my Japanese conversation is pretty good now. Still can't read many Kanji though so reading the raw's is not as fast as I'd like it to be.

    Personally my biggest complaint about china was the smell of the Gobi Desert that gets blown in Beijing by Siberian winds carrying fine red dust that gets into everything you own. After a while I forgot it was there, but when I got back to the US I went camping and smelled fresh mountain forests which refreshed my memory for when I opened my luggage which was full of red dust and the smell of Beijing. The other cities I went to did not have the smell as much. My family called it the, "smell of China" as we did not know any other way to describe it.

    I actually set up a thread to make a manga at the suggestion of Derelict88 (a very well trained and gifted artist) where anyone could contribute to put the story together. So far we have the first bit of the story down and are working on concept art and world design. You can see the link to the thread in my signature. It might be a little while before the first instilation is finished as I may or may not be doing the art. We will see how it turns out. Thanks for the compliment on my drawings! I really appreciate the feedback.
  3. shelter
    2008-07-17 22:46
    Oh ok...dalam profile, saya dilahirkan di Singapore. Nama saya Yap Xiong.

    Actually, saya tak minat dalam Bahasa Jepun. Minat saya belajar Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Arab. Minat saya dalam anime ah? Claymore, hasil kerja Hayao Miyazaki dan Makoto Shinkai, Naruto, Evangelion adalah anime kegemaran saya.

    Saya pula suka menulis fanfiction.

    And as you can see, my Malay is pretty bad too...haha
  4. chibamonster
    2008-07-17 20:27
    Wow! That is a lot of places to take tourists! That sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Or a lot of work. Or both. That is cool you want to do fan subs . You must have pretty good Japanese. I am really glad their are people who do fan subs out there. It makes my life a lot easier as they will look up stuff I don't know.

    Good guess! I am from the USA . It is interesting that Christianity is so populous in Malaysia . I have been to Japan and China and it certainly did not see it as often there. In America most Christians divide themselves up into smaller groups to seem more unique . Japan had the same issue with Buddhism being divided into many many different sects to differentiate from each other, though not as many devout Buddhists as I was expecting. China did not have much of any religion because of their government. They had destroyed most of their Buddhist Temples and only rebuilt some of them recently.
  5. shelter
    2008-07-16 10:33
    Forgive me for speaking in a common tongue, but - awak orang melayu? Saya Nasrani also
  6. chibamonster
    2008-07-14 02:47
    How is learning Japanese going? What kind of tours do you lead? You have one of the few profiles that mentions your religion. What is it like being a Christian in Malaysia?
  7. babuji
    2008-07-11 15:38
    no problem.

    Glad I can help.
  8. The Chaos
    2008-07-11 15:33
    The Chaos
    Thanks For Telling Look Really Nice
  9. The Chaos
    2008-07-10 16:57
    The Chaos
    hi~ ..Can I Ask From Which anime is you ava ?

  10. babuji
    2008-07-08 17:32

    Learn japanese for free here. It is a step by step guide for starters and as we proceed, it will get harder and more complicated sentence patter will be use and constructed.

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