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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 22:48
    I'm kind of skeptical as to how well that would translate outside of Japan anyway given that story's basis. Well Marvel aside until we hear something new I just found out, after all our talk of Aquaman, that he's being featured in the next animation movie, the trailer looks sweet btw, so hopefully this helps raise his stock among fans Sounds about right, but as you point out there's plenty of Tolkein's unofficial material to draw from if need be, I doubt that draft ever got licensed anyway so it wouldn't have been too hard for WB to wing it under their own licensing coverage either way. Sounds like most things in life honestly, we humans being such fickle creatures as we are Honestly that would be too hard to predict for me, at the very least though at least the fans liked it for the most part, even the book readers from my understanding, so we'll just say that's what really counts in the end

    Or it could lead to the really, REALLY slim chance she develops some respect for him, but we'll see how it works out next chapter once his tasting is done New spoiler summary is up on mangahelpers, it essentially confirms my previous suspicions that Subaru chose to disregard Souma's manuever as a desperate and self-destructive ploy, that's gonna cost him though I'm curious as to how his grill/steamer might have played a factor in terms of balancing this dish out as the spectators confirm my initial speculation about the flavor being too complex and out of synch as is. Unless I missed my guess I think we'll get the results at the end of the next chapter after Souma's tasting, and then in the chapter after that we'll deal with the aftermath/post-match reactions and then segway into the introductions for the next match. And I'm not disagreeing with you on that point, my main hope out of this takeaway though is what Erina's reaction will be and how in turn this whole process might affect her relationship going forward, because looking back on it wouldn't things be rather cheap if Erina only ends up respecting/admiring Souma after learning he's Jochirou's son? Even if it's reluctant and she'll never admit it publicly I'd rather see them develop a more natural chemistry before getting into that drama.

    I hope so, while I've enjoyed these moments of development there comes a time where things dragging down. Ozpin would be a nice touch though I do wonder on length of time that would take when there's still a lot to do and only 5 episodes left. No doubt, given the intro I say it fairly certain CFVY shows up at some point, I mean it'd be cruel for them to not show off their weapons before the series ends. Yeah, though like I said I do hope Weiss treats him better. It was a nice surprise all around, so let's leave it at that, though be on the lookout if Monty tries to insert another one in the not so distant future That would make things difficult, and you're right on the lockers, nice touch to see the utility value in this case and not treating it like some throw away comedy device. It'll probably depend on the character and how apt they are with Dust to begin with. But speaking of difficulties for the main cast I've been going over the latest world of Remnant episode, nice tidbit on the Kingdoms as I hope and we now have their respective locations along with confirmation on a few suspicions like outside nomads, but the most intriguing implication was that bit about the military and only calling citizens when needed, given Atlas' robot army I'm sure they're the exception, but do you realize this means Vale probably doesn't have a standing army at the ready and whatever Cinder hits the city with they'll have no defense beyond the police and the Hunters, that's scary foreshadowing right there. I personally never followed the stories enough to learn them plus it'd take some rather circle logic plot device to explain that, regardless let's just accept it on face value and say Cinder's cover is currently safe. I wasn't really referring to the fans, I was pointing at the low T.V rating/viewerships as being the main problem with how the scheduling and mismanagement/advertising should still be a worry for when Book 4 hits.

    Edit: Will get the rest up tomorrow Dann.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-20 21:52
    Dann, just wanted you to know everything is cool, I'm going to save my reply for tomorrow night with the hopes we have a spoiler up for Shokugeki by then to discuss.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-18 23:12
    Gonna be delayed getting my response Dann, bit busy with some family issues, nothing big to worry about though, FFXV looks good, will comment as soon as I can.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-17 11:34
    That seems rather doubtful with everything else going on no doubt, Celebrimbor will be the big focus on any flashbacks which makes sense in context. I'd give it another 2, maybe 3 years before everything goes exclusive next gen, but that's just a I guess. New gamers love box sets, plus there's the nostalgia factor for a lot of gamers who have to throw out their older gens at some point, we'll see though. A good idea, I've been following people on youtube, and you hit the ceiling relatively quickly, I'd hold off until they start updating more content for Destiny and we can get a better feel for where the story is heading, it all feels very introductory to be honest. That'll help though be careful, from what I've seen it's going to be FAR more difficult then RE4 was even in terms of generic enemies. It's co-op with leaderboards and stuff, but I'm told you can put AI bots into the companions if need be. The premise is great though, so take a look at some of the trailer, videos, and demos and tell me what you think. That's honestly just my impression, probably because she and the Inquisitor seem to have the most interaction going back to that introductory trailer where she questions his survival during the breach. That and unless some dramatic consequence reveals itself I probably wouldn't change much in the Keep the second time around, maybe a class change but that'd be it on any replay.

    Do what as an option, PVP in Inquisition? We just went over why they should but probably won't for awhile longer.

    Given how they doubled down on the series before I wouldn't put it past them unfortunately but I just pray they aren't that stupid with XV still in the works. The Oculus rift? It's still way too early in the development stage to say it'll pan out though. Okay, I'm feeling more optimistic we'll get news on how things look for both XV and KH this year at least. Great news, and a great way to drum up more interest for Type-0, I do wish there was more advertising for it, I really want this one to do well overseas so that we don't have to wait so long for these kinds of imports.

    Maybe they'll learn some day, god knows their economy is screaming for something to gin up sails. Besides the Levi OVA? That'd be nice but I'm expecting next year before we get any kind of preview for season 2 at all. Good to hear, just be careful with Evil Within so that you don't regress, they seem to be going all out graphic content wise

    That does seem to be how things work in this series doesn't it? At the very least some character conclusions like with Kenny could use some closure, so hopefully that works out once we resolve things.The benefits are definitely there to go ahead with her coronation and no doubt her stance against Reiss and the conspiracy will smooth the process, though her qualifications have to also be considered even if they only plan for her to be a figurehead, but my main suggestion is whether or not they want to continue with a monarchy to begin with, though a republic comes will all kinds of issues as well, so it's all up in the air until the issue in the cave gets some resolution.

    I could live with how they're going about things with Revan depending on how it all ends, I'm generally okay with the premise of his being an enemy to both sides, just that I don't want some cheesy hammy execution involved and that he's effective.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-17 10:32
    I could see something releasing before the years end too. Seems rather lackluster if that was the case Exactly, Peter tried to make it into one film to his credit, but whatever problems there were we are where we are. I have no knowledge of what the relationship is, I do know the Silmerillion isn't available for licensing but the developers for Shadow made it out more that the project was too close to Tolkein for his son to give the rights away, still enough of Tolkein's thoughts/notes are supposed to be public knowledge for them to get an idea of where to go/what to do as least from how I've looked at it, he even gave an interview tying Sauron and the Necromancer according to the wikias, and that all falls under their current prerogative under the licensing agreement. You're probably right, just given how hyper detailed he was about so many things I doubt he would have ever been satisfied/finished with it though. Probably not happy, artist rarely are when others have to interpret their works, yet at the same time I do hope the commercial success and name-recognition that such a wider audience knows of the work might have assuaged him, but that's just my hope anyway.

    I would think so by now, what we really need to watch out for is their follow-up face-to-face meeting perhaps surrounding that bit about the manga, though if we're right about the ultimate prize of the election it could dramatically change the nature of their relationship. Exactly, as I said I'm fairly confident I got this right, Subaru is just too safe in a lot of ways and rely's too heavily on his ability to read people and doesn't strike me as a guy who experiments all that much with food, if he can't see the purpose himself behind the move I don't expect him to take it up/follow through himself. I don't know how you wouldn't make something overly heavy with that many ingredients personally, and the key issue isn't the variety of flavor but instead how Souma balances them all so that it doesn't confuse peoples pallets. You're right on that, I expect maybe 2-3 chapters at the most and that third chapter to introduce the next match at that, though a lot of people are already penciling in Akira for the win <_<

    That's what I think anyway, well we'll see in any event. And given the fandoms impatience after all that drama I rather hope RT recognizes that enough to spare us of it, we have plenty of other issues for them to invest development in going forward now. He is from another kingdom, so communicating back home to Atlas makes sense, still you're right in that it depends on his reaction which we'll know by next week hopefully, at the very least Penny still has the tournament to look forward to for the time being to get that development. While I admit Jaune may have improved unless it's explicit I'm not going to count on him taking that big a step just yet on his own Hey, I never expected the food fight, but if they were going to do it that was the time, let's just role with the dances when they come and enjoy, Monty actually hinted at this awhile ago on his facebook with a dance preview testing on Jaune Total net crash probably as well, the equivalent of a communications blackout/emp possibly, should be intriguing to find out but whatever it is I expect it to sting given how competent our villains have shown themselves to be. Oh no doubt, all that clothing has to mean something, likely the fire-power up infusion to the weapons maybe, but I digress. Eh, it's animation, some logical doors have to be bent for the sake of the story, I mean Superman kept getting away with it and all he did was take off his glasses Given it's either the mission of the tournament next episode that seems a safe bet. No question, It'd be the best use for them at that point given how much trouble marketing/awareness has been for the series with all the idiotic schedule changes. Until next year/next preview for Book 4 then.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-15 20:45
    Gah let's move on from Capcom, it's too depressing to think about <_< That will be a nice bit to see, how the Rangers operate and live their lives, for the brief moment we have until Sauron's forces attack the black Gates anyway Transition considerations maybe? They do wait several years before the old gen is discontinued. Oh, I get what you're saying, not sure personally, besides price reduction do you think they'd rerelease a 'complete version' for Shadows like that or save it for some kind of DLC later? Nah, the Frostbite is too complicated, like with ME1 I fully expect them to modify the previous games for next gen rather then the other way around, and given how much effort that'll be you're probably right it's not going to happen, at least not for awhile. Nicely done, speaking of games how's destiny treating you or have you not picked that one up yet? If you had to cancel that one is probably it, anything you miss will likely be on youtube soon enough. If you can handle it, and have people over while you play then why not, though always play it in the middle of the day Hey, I nearly forgot but Freedom Wars is due to be imported at the end of October, do you have a Vita per chance because that'd be the game to get for it. The premise is so interesting when comparing it to some of the other dystopian settings. Especially with something on the scale of Inquisition, if it was just FF for example I'd probably wing it until guides came out online. That's what I like to hear, okay I'm looking forward to this a little more, still disappointed with Vivienne but I'm coming to terms with it now. That's the plan if he does appear, we'll see, I do think Bioware is pushing the Cassandra relationship given the trailers, so I'm not overtly worried it might be an issue for now. If the Regalyan issue doesn't pan out I certainly hope there is with Josephine More irritating but also discomforting now doubt and I'd be complaining on why I had to pay for it in the first place, but it might make the replay value more enriching, either way though I'm not getting my hopes up on that possibility until we hear otherwise, I already had them dashed when they cut Vivienne in the first place

    Well for now it's only a notion, until it actually happens we'd best be comfortable when a wave of new COD MP videos come out >_> That does sound very cool, and would be the perfect video to drop with still two months left before release, I hope it happens.

    Die already XIII! And may your spirit be exorcised out of existence! I'd probably like that in my old age if I don't need to walk by then They have released trailers of XV during december now that I think about it, god I hope it's true now in this case.

    You're probably right, though the censorship laws contradict that fanservice quite a bit, which makes them incredibly stupid regardless given what sells over there and what would make it sell even more. You could be right, doesn't mean they are for trying though. That'll be fun to read when the Season finally arrives I hope it isn't such a big issue for you anymore, that type of stuff would make me max out whatever insurance I had to cover the shrink expense to get rid of

    Either way I'd just like to know what exactly is going on, whether they uncover it from the nobles or Historia/Eren learn more from Reiss and Kenny. Yeah, I don't think Historia is going to betray Eren like that whatever the reason and I doubt they have one compelling enough as you say. So barring that it is a genuine turn on her part I do wonder if they're going to stick with the plan to put her on the throne of if they'll create some new form of government now that the military has nominal control for now.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-15 20:06
    We'll just have to see what previews they show after Ultron comes. Well if you've got original content to add you can basically dictate when to add it And I'm not disputing that but this is one of those situations where they were really stretching it with so little source material. To the public yeah, but mayhaps his son let the production team take a look as a basis on how this would work structure wise. I know, it's the same thing with Shadow of Mordor afterall, but weaving tablets of information into a story that does have a basis instead, especially when you have so little to work from, would have been greatly helped if they had a general idea of what Tolkein wanted to do, especially since I do make the point a lot of elements are being tied in to the later Lotr series with the Hobbit.

    I think it warrants it from her when Souma pulls off this crazy combo of his, but we'll see soon enough. Now going off your comment on Subaru, I've gone back and looked at his rare surprised faces, he doesn't really carry all that much in his expression when he is caught off guard so that little panel shot of him doesn't really tell us anything. Even if he isn't surprised I'm still confident in my analysis of his personality, on the off chance he did see this maneuver coming I think that he would have discarded the notion given how he likes guarantees and if he thinks Souma is self-destructing on his own he's likely to take it on face value. My understanding of cooking is pretty limited you understand, but I have heard of dishes that incorporate various spare parts of an animal, just never in something as concentrated as a stew, because using so many different ingredients like that threatens to overly complicate the flavor, which seems to be Souma's aim given his amusement park analogy actually, how he balances it out will be interesting to see, but I digress. The tasting is next chapter, so there's nothing left for Subaru to pull out and counter with, and given Souma is pretty much guaranteed to win given the stakes I'm of the opinion Subaru either didn't see this was coming or has just discounted Souma's move as an obvious failure, but we'll know next chapter in any event.

    I think so too, and I'm looking forward to this next World of Remnant episode, hopefully it'll be the one on the various kingdoms and their locations that I've been waiting for. Agreed on Neptune and Weiss and because of that I don't think they'd invest this much attention and development on him and their relationship just to add more drama with Jaune, so I'm leaning to just a stronger friendship personally. Indeed, though I do hope this meeting between Ruby and Ironwood might give Penny a chance to go out and interact with people more. Jaune likely isn't thinking that far ahead so I doubt they're in a formal relationship yet, but the possibility at least is becoming more apparent, so hopefully they can build off this. I'm sure Monty couldn't help but insert that scene in, it's like his signature now Given how much public access the CCT has and how many people probably transfer data over it I rather doubt Cinder would able to sort through it all and find Weiss without prior knowledge, it'd have to either be a specific data file she alread knew was there and either stole or has a program ready to pick it up later, but given how critical the CCT is to the Kingdom's communications and infrastructure I'm betting it's a hidden virus designed to sabotage it at a crucial moment, especially with that hidden chess piece motif blinking in and out on all the computer screens. Cinder did have several canisters containing powdered dust strapped to her, so don't give all the credit to the clothes for her weapons and abilities, but being able to change out of them on the fly was a nice touch. Doubtful, the security teams would probably be screening for who it might be, so while Ruby might wonder I expect them to throw up the Green Lantern mask rule and no one will be able to tell it was her, at least until it's too late Either one I'll be fine with, but with all this setup and the character development arcs out of the way I'm just ready to get things rolling again. I know, let's hope for the best then. I certainly would think so, and it'd be a good way to make up for that lapse at the very least, especially now that its a rerun then why not air them at this point, you're looking to fill up time slots not break ratings like the premieres were trying to do. It does feel a bit surreal but as long as the quality/production stays on point I'd rather get it over sooner rather then later with a hopefully redemptive story arc that can leave everyone satisfied with the end that washes away the bitter memories of their complaints, that's all I'm really asking for, but as you said we'll see. So until new info shows up I think we can put Korra at least to rest for now.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-10 22:41
    That figures. Don't be too hard on yourself, I've yet to really look at RE6 Damn right it is, and with your tidbit on RE Capcom is just burning their franchises down it seems the Hobbit takes place 60 years prior to Lotr though, this would logically be the perfect period to work with lore wise. It's not unexpected, the hardware requirements to fully implement the system must be crazy and unlike with previous split-gen games Shadow seems built with the next gen primarily in mind. I've been considering that for some time, and given that the ME trilogy came out less then a year afterward 3 did it's not unreasonable to assume that, but I've decided I'm going through with it because if the older games were still needed to build the world in Inquisition I would say no question a box set is coming. The fact that we don't leaves me unsure it will and we won't know until only a few months prior like with ME. So rather then wait and agonize over games I don't know will come out and won't necessarily need thanks to the Keep I'd rather take the financial hit of buying Inquisition first, then converting it into points at gamestop to buy the trilogy later, even maybe waiting a year after if a complete set does come out because the price for that set will probably go down $10 to $20 from the initial retail value. Thanks to youtube walkthroughs I already know the storyline so there's no rush for me to get it after Inqusition. But if your more patient then I am Dann please go ahead and wait, it probably makes more sense money wise but I just don't have the energy to wait for another dozen walkthroughs to see all the decisions/options people make with something this big/long. It obviously corresponds with the decisions you make and what you can gauge of their personalities, along with your interactions at Skyhold, and because of my impatience again I'm getting the strategy guide to help navigate what to do. God I hope so, I don't want this romance to be a letdown after being boxed in decision wise like this and that includes more complete consummation scenes given the blackscreen overuse in their previous games aside from Liara <_< I could live with that but ONLY if Bioware doesn't have some hidden option where they can hook back up together like with Tali and Garrus otherwise I really will have to go to Josephine I'm not saying she might be bad, we don't know, I hope her and all the romances are good to be honest, but an overly optimistic love interest generally doesn't appeal to my taste if I have other options or if they go through some character changes like Liara or current Leliana did (thanks a lot Bioware for making Leliana interesting for me and then not romanceable ) so i'll take a look when someone posts it up on youtube and see if I might change my mind, which could happen until we actually play the game. You're damn right, unless the other bits of the DLC content is significantly enticing I may not bother to get it for some time or at all if a box set comes out and instead watch whatever happens on youtube because of how insulting it'd be to save my character's romance status for a one-night stand.

    Can't argue with you there, and until it happens in their next announcements I suppose we should just move on with the matter. I'd certainly like it, especially for Dragon Age and it's wide ranging features compared to PVP shooters. You might be right, and it'd be a travesty if it is, but I'm going to let the issue of Vivienne go now and just press forward. Hopefully they'll show a video or something of Skyhold prior to release.

    It's what they get for shooting themselves in the foot with FFXIII and pressing on with stupid sequels for it. I can't imagine what will be next when we get that old, but it should be fantastic to see Moving on then since we're not getting any news from TGS.

    I wonder if the Japanese have collective dementia or something with that kind of disparity in products? Could explain the censoring idiocy Which only speaks to the care they put into their work and why they're successful. It'll still be fun to watch the fangasm spill out on the internet, probably more so if it is only a small teaser I still consider that better then some of the alternative butchery they perform compared to most manga endings. Luckily for me I've had more weird/strange/surreal dreams growing up otherwise I'd have to clean my sheets on a regular basis

    Yeah, but what I really want are some damn answers and hopefully once they've resolved things with Eren and Historia they can start interrogating some people about what's up with the walls and the mind erasing bits. I think it's a ruse, they wouldn't be putting this much of the focus on Historia's development for a losing cause that we both know is going to fail before they can do anything regarding Eren anyway so it'd be a waste for her to turn now of all times.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-10 21:12
    Don't know how they'd pull that story-line off given they can't go the Civil War route, Invasion maybe instead which could involve the Guardians as well now that I think about it. I don't disagree, though where they ending would be precisely in the first of two movies would be a bit awkward to place as well, still I'd probably have preferred that rather then everyone and their grandma trying to bust out trilogies. Huh, maybe Peter Jackson is relying on that version or at least what he knows of the draft given his movies are acting as prequels.

    Exactly, and despite how reluctant she'll be to admit it if/when he wins he'll have proven himself as a chef, especially since he showed he can work with high-class ingredients and flavor profiles compared to what he normally does. Honestly, I COULD see a scenario where this might work where Subaru thinks some component of Souma's dish is bad and goes for something else while Souma manages to persist and turn it into the key to defeating Subaru as well. But going back to my latter scenario, my thinking is that if Souma carefully considers the best way to perfect his dish then it'd only be natural to use the techniques Subaru comes up with after analyzing it in order to make it perfect, and if the dish is already as perfect as it can then what room is there for Subaru to improve upon it, playing on that theme of a race between the two actually as they match each other blow for blow to see who thought just enough ahead to win. But we've got at least one more chapter to see which of the three scenarios Souma uses so we'll just have to sit tight for a few more days until the raw and some spoilers come out. Also, extras came out with the newest English release today, is it just me or does Shinomiya have some kind of secret harem going on? I like the diversity the new judges bring by the way, the Spanish chef is pretty funny and it was a nice surprise to see they were so young

    EDIT: Huh, just read new spoilers on the mangahelper forum for Soma, it looks like you were right Dann, Souma's gone into complete bonkers territory that no one could have predicted. Get back to me once you read the summary

    I get it but at present it's not a very fair rivalry to be establishing at this point given their power difference. Eh, it comes with the territory in having these kinds of discussions, and one way or another we'll have it settled by next episode. I'm hopeful, rooster teeth can't be that cruel to keep dragging the issue between them the entire volume... can they? Indeed, though I suppose if they were to signal Jaune's maturity they could have him agonize over a decision to approach Weiss or go after a sad Pyrrha, but I'd rather avoid that drama either way and get right to the good stuff <_< Should be fun to watch if it happens that way, we'll see soon enough tomorrow. Hah, I'm with you there, always great to have more fight scenes and probably the only opportunity to see some of those dream matchups before lines are drawn and sides are chosen in the real battle up ahead While that's nice to know it won't really change the bitterness of how Mako will be remembered going forward no matter who they blamed, it'd be a squandered opportunity and Bryke has one last chance to salvage the situation before that happens, which I hope they take I suppose, they're also going to reair Book 3 episodes on nicktoons next week, I wonder if they'll go all the way to the online ones as well and what that might mean. And great news on the release date, I'm glad we won't have to agonize over production now and can look forward to closing the chapter on a flawed but fun series to watch these past few year
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-09 00:11
    Oh Dann, just saw the new chapter of AoT on crunchyroll, things moved extremely fast and are now coming to a head, if you haven't already read it please go and check it out so we can discuss. Some very interesting development all around

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