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  1. dniv
    2015-10-02 23:48
    Cool. I like your taste.

    Also, I'm the same. By Post-game, I meant post-game story. It's cute being able to recruit extra characters for the final battle, but I meant that it was lacking extra story aside from the paralogues.

    I also didn't realize that that was the distinction between the two versions. I just thought that one was darker than the other one. Wow. That's actually really cool! Makes me even more hyped. I was pretty hyped earlier and was paying attention to the specifics before, but I stopped doing so after I realized that it was still going to take so long for it to be translated and released in NA.

    Other than that, I love RPG's and especially JRPG's. Obviously, FE lol. Legend of Zelda (which lol doesn't seem like an RPG at first glance I guess) is one of my favorites. Pokemon, FFIX, FF tactics advance, Ace Attorney, Bravely Default, and especially Dragon Quest (which is my favorite video game series). I'm surprised you didn't mention DQ. Is it just not your thing or have you just not tried it out? If you liked old FF games, then I feel like you'd really like DQ because Dragon Quest is basically a series of RPG games with good plot, characters, music, art and etc... but with more retro menu-screen gameplay and weird (as opposed to FF style of cool) animation. It's focus is on the story, and its games have the best stories ever. IMO anyway, lol. If you haven't played DQ V or DQ IX I recommend trying them out (even if its by emulating). They're really fun/good games and V has MC romance as part of the main plot. DQ VIII is only out on Japanese 3ds and on PS 2, so I won't recommend that, but it's my favorite game of all time, so I recommend it as well.

    Look, so many recommendations... anyway, I'm always open to new things, but I also play games for the story, so I think we have similar tastes anyway.

    As far as anime goes, I feel like my series I page explains it rather well lol. Though my list of favorites always changes except for Index.

    But yeah, I'll stress one more time that DQ games are like old FF games but (since they're newer) with better animation, at least as good story, and a focus on comedy, hilarity, instead of on the cool shenanigans from later FF games that I sort of dislike. It has an old-school feel, and the music is really good classical orchestral music.

    In terms of other LN/anime stuff I've been into recently. I've recently discovered the world of Chinese wuxia/xiaxia web novels, and I would also recommend ISSTH (I shall seal the heavens) to you. It has a really good story, and gets new translated chapters every day.

    Anyway, yeah, I'd always love good game/story recommendations from you. Because if it comes down to it, I can always just get a feel of the game by watching a bit of LP's for it before deciding whether to buy it or not.

    Edit: I see that you are trying To-Love-Ru. Try Mushoku Tensei. No Joke. It's a harem with an amazing story. Even though it's a web novel, it's on BT. I strongly recommend it to you if you liked To-Love-Ru because of harem elements or for any other reasons. Mushoku Tensei has some of the best world building that I've ever seen. Anyway, do with recommendation what you will.
  2. dniv
    2015-10-02 22:39
    Cynthia was just so cute, so I had to the second time through. I think it's funny though that both times I made the Avatar and Chrom indirectly related through the marriages. For me, I usually also stick with the best pairings that I find after I find them, because then I feel like I'm betraying the romances, but if the pairings aren't very good or if they don't sort of have a good chemistry then I don't feel really bad about it.

    When it came to Lucina, I just wanted to try something that wasn't as completely scripted. I think so Cynthia whose speech mannerisms were hilarious was someone I ended up picking. Lucina is great, don't get me wrong, but it took me three playthroughs to figure that out.

    I'm sad that the story didn't have much post game stuff... and that it's like most Zelda games, just not continuing after the final boss, but instead letting you get more characters to prepare for the final boss... I wish it was more like PMD or other pokemon games.

    Are you excited for fates? What other types of games do you like to play? What stuff do you like to watch, etc.?
  3. dniv
    2015-10-02 22:19
    Oh I see you played Awakening. Nice. Who 'd you pair first, second time through for Chrom and your Avatar...? (#shamelessly copying previous question I see on the page). Also, I did Sumia and Lucina, and then Sumia and Cynthia, and then Sumia and Lucina. I basically never have the heart to not pick Sumia, and then while Cynthia is great, Lucina just gives the extra plot flavor, so she's the best especially if you marry her before that certain chapter where she would otherwise try to kill you.
  4. Frontier
    2015-06-20 00:11
    So Flare, I'm curious...who did you pair Chrom and your Avatar with on your first playthrough .

    I did Sumia and Lucina .
  5. Frontier
    2015-04-01 00:17
    Course .
  6. Frontier
    2015-04-01 00:05
    I mean, I think I can find pretty good examples of romances in both Shojo Manga and Light Novels, but then again I'm a romance fan and not very critical so maybe I'm the wrong person to ask about that ?

    If anything, I'd say there's generally a lot better examples of good romances in those mediums than in something like Mecha .
  7. Frontier
    2015-03-31 20:54
    Reading some of the comments in the Akagami anime pre-release thread has, once again, reinforced my opinion that the quality of a romance in any genre is subjective and up to the beholder .
  8. Frontier
    2015-02-20 12:39
    Fair enough. I got into the original way back when, so watching EVOL was a big deal for me at the time. It was also with EVOL, oddly enough, that I first started watching anime as it was currently airing .

    So yeah, as a fan of the original I was one of those guys who kept trying to guess who was a reincarnation of who practically every episode. And as a fan of the original, I also wasn't big on the retcon they did near the end which basically felt completely unnecessary and hurt an aspect of the original I liked. Though considering you probably don't remember it nor haven't seen the original, I guess you'll have to take my word for it or maybe that was one of the reasons you've forgotten it ?

    Do you happen to recall how you felt about the love triangle at all, or Mikono vs. Zessica? I can tell that you felt bad for Zessica of course, just like I did, but did you like the actual Main Heroine and her romance with the hero? Just curious .

    If we do end up following Zessica's reincarnation, I wonder how alike they'll be and how Zessica's unrequited love might effect her reincarnation? Will she still be outgoing, flirty, and show a lot of skin? Or be the complete opposite...though I can tell you which one I'd prefer .
  9. Frontier
    2015-02-20 00:43
    I though Evol was really enjoyable up until after the beach episode and Zessica changed into her new outfit, and came back around for the finale, but maybe that's because I'm biased since I'm actually a fan of the franchise .

    But yeah, if nothing else this series might cover Zessica or her reincarnation finding happiness. But hey, at least the Ai Kayano character in this anime actually won her love triangle/quadrangle, whether she deserved to or not, rather than losing or getting replaced by a completely different character .

    Still hated that reincarnation retcon though .
  10. Frontier
    2015-02-18 17:57
    Heck, as far as I can tell, it doesn't look like Sorey factors into why it happens at all .

    Though a catfight in a Tales game was something I honestly never expected I'd see .

    You have a point about Harem's. For the most part the ladies in that are pretty passive-aggressive and not physical, usually being respectable/friendly towards their rivals with maybe the occasional snide remark or beingobviously jealous about something and taking whatever chances they can get with the guy. Just look at Kirito's harem .

    Love rivals in general usually seem to get along well for the most part and never seem to antagonize one another that much, though maybe that's because by the time they realize they're in a love triangle they're already good friends ?

    Considering Kouko, you might not have been surprised to see her in one though the only girl she was ever physical with (if you can call it that) was Chinami who was never really competition. When she caught Linda and Banri together at the club, it was the latter that got the brunt of her feelings and a slap rather than the former.

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