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Dancin' fools

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  1. Flower
    2015-04-13 20:07
    Actually, the first thing that came to me was "Hmm ... lots of folks in this series could potentially be called 'psycho' - I think the one referred to is probably Femt, but juuuuust in case...."
  2. Flower
    2015-04-13 18:49
    Psycho Guy? You mean Femt?
  3. Flower
    2015-04-13 17:43
    You should totally use that dancing Zapp ani avy btw
  4. LKK
    2015-04-07 09:45
    Ow!! That hurts. Quitcha pokin'.

    Whas up?
  5. PreSage
    2015-03-30 21:51
    Yams! Your Tomoe has arrived...with two different borders.

    Schmucks...he looks almost unrecognizable with such a smile!
  6. PreSage
    2015-03-25 10:50
    I'm rooting for another season of Kamisama because the next arc is THE major one I'm sure every fan wants to see get adapted!!!!!!! Blows all the other arc we've seen so far out of the water.
  7. PreSage
    2015-03-25 09:37
    Umm...both my avy and profile pic are of Tomoe...I meant which of those two?

    I wanted to make a sig of that scene where he sat with his pipe but the focus was moving, so couldn't make a good animated sig of it. ):
  8. PreSage
    2015-03-25 08:19
    Which one? XD

    Been waiting for awhile to use these, since Ao dominated this season. XD
  9. monir
    2015-02-16 14:06
    Kind of a belated response to my darling, but January has been a very hectic month. Thanks a bunch for the birthday wish and for feeding my beastly side with such tasteful fanservice. The matching blues bring out the bulge in me very well. I have watched a couple of Binan Koko and it is absolutely hilarious. Another show that I'm enjoying a lot is Nanatsu no Taizai. I'm enjoying it as much as when I started watching Naruto.
  10. Flower
    2015-02-03 18:22
    Nope - not surprised. As I was watching the ep I remember chuckling to myself and thinking "I know a handful of people who will probably love this guy!" and you were among them. That aside you gotta admit - the VA did an excellent job at conveying the character.

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