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  1. usspaul
    Today 05:02
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  2. usspaul
    Today 04:00
    kongo I loves her btw I really like the gif image
  3. usspaul
    2014-07-10 07:51
    them hip motions man specially atago and takao gawd

    I wish they had a better model for Akashi
    a Bismarck one for you
    audio might not be the best but its a overload of taigai
    sighs why did they have to add the beaver

    god damn I don't know what to think of this one

    yeah this one is nice

    lmao at the atago part

    nagato playing a rabbit ??

    kana colle breakdance ?

    lmao this is both cute and disturbing at the same time and funny at the same time lol

    for shits and giggles

    atago version


  4. usspaul
    2014-07-05 06:47
    I really like the back ground on this one.

    btw I really fine suzuya to be really hawt

    taigai is also really pretty

    this one is really nicely done

    shigure is so pretty

    so which one would you want lol

    shoukaku has nice panties lol
  5. Triple_R
    2014-06-28 19:30
    Thanks a lot! Three nice pics, and three excellent selections. The Rozen Maiden reboot and Free! were definitely two of the more memorable anime shows of last summer. And Little Busters! was one of my favorite anime shows of the entire year, with one of the most colorful and likeable anime casts I've ever seen!

    But you're right, between Selector-Infected WIXOSS and Love Live!, this year might be even better.

    I'll try to get back to you soon on your last PM to me by the way.
  6. Masuzu
    2014-06-22 00:16
    I actually thought though that Rei-chan would have read long before me.
  7. usspaul
    2014-06-21 04:30
    kongo verison and in English lol

    yamato version for comparison

    and another English one with kongo I love her
  8. Masuzu
    2014-06-20 03:31
    The very second scene of Gun Gale has Kirito trying to figure out a way to kill someone through the Amusphere and concludes it's impossible.

    The line from the new PV is what he says after that.
  9. TheEroKing
  10. NinjaRealist
    2014-06-16 02:38
    Well she's not quite on Kouko's level. Kouko is like the test case for BPD

    Ruuko is more low-key. But in my opinion she does display a lot of the important traits of BPD.

    -She has a persistently unstable self-image and chronic feelings of emptiness

    -She's impulsive and tends to latch onto things that are presented to her.

    -She takes major risks that jeopardize her well-being, and without a lot of consideration for the consequences

    It just seems like the only reason she started battling is because she didn't really have anything else to occupy her free time, and once she started doing it, she got addicted to the thrill. To me, that seems like classic borderline behaviour, but I'm also just an amateur psychologist.

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