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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-26 12:36
    Sure, I'd like a roommate I could trust to justify keeping a place this big going on my own anyway

    From what I've read on the forums it is legitimate, but that hasn't stopped people from debating if it's still Canon, I mean the art from the ending looked too legit to be a replica, but you can see for yourself on YouTube if you search for it
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-25 22:58
    Huh, can't believe I just found out about this but did you know there was a director's cut ending from the Japanese box set of Code Geass R2 where it confirmed Lelouch was alive and driving the cart?
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-24 23:06
    Not so bad if you live upstate and are willing to commute to the city for work purposes, rents are like 800-1000 range unlike the absurd 2000-1500 range or even 3,000 dollar price tag in Manhattan. I live in a rent-controlled/supplemented co-op so I'm only at around 1,150-1,200 myself in Brooklyn, thank god. If you want you can always stay with me, I probably need a roomate at some point once I get a job myself so my parents can finally move out
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-20 18:57
    Okay, cool then, feel free to e-mail it to me and I'll see what I can do with it.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-19 13:51
    Okay cool, body count wise best to go with that then. The orphan thing still makes me sick to my stomach but the math says this saves the most lives overall and in the future, if it was just a clear choice between the kids and the town then kids all the way but it'll just add up the longer the spirit is loose and if you're going to kill the Crones either way best get rid of them all as you say, hopefully said DLC comes around soon so that you can finish the job with the last Crone then and avenge those kids at least.

    I thought so as well, just much more in depth and many more interactions all told, so yeah, go Yenn
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-19 02:19
    Wait, really? Okay, slightly modified answer from me then, if you can also KILL the crones as well and stop them from being a future threat too then yes kill the spirit, wiping them all out in one go. That'll save lives over the long run, though if you have no choice but to pick between the two evils/letting one of them live then save the kids and let the town burn. That's my ruthless calculus on the matter.

    Quick question but you going Yennefer or Triss romance? I lean Yennefer myself personally but curious as to your taste on the matter
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-18 20:44
    Kill the spirit. Sacrificing the children leaves a bad taste in my stomach as well but hard sacrifices need to be made and the implications to the bloody baron's family are also to be considered. He'll also be available as an ally against the Wild Hunt later I believe, but if you save the kids he hangs himself, so best just do the job I guess.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-18 00:25
    Eh, probably leaving some ground work to entice people for next year, whatever, just glad it's finally coming, same with KH III. Moving on then, since we've already dealt with BlazBlue, and confirmed I have premonition abilities when predicting releases now

    Just a suggestion, it didn't SEEM that big compared to some of the othe channels that have done playthroughs but I'm sure there will be other games to look at in the future, Andromeda comes to mind. It's hard to find people who have guides for it though, or aren't complete asses to Emhyr etc, I think they CAN be as happy, for one thing Ciri won't be freaking sterile by becoming a witcher and they'll be just as separated if she did become a Witcher anyway, so in the overrall plus minus formula I definitely think becoming Empress is the best thing. Pretty much how I felt about it as well, they were too damn predictable/frustrating even when it didn't make sense in the overall context, though Kaiden was still definitely less interesting then Ashley just because I we never did learn more about his family/background etc with emotional scenes like the war memorial with Ashley's sister. Exactly my thinking, a proper balance with really unique situations and some more morally gray choices that mixes the decision making up would do wonders for the series when Andormeda comes out. True, but it also presents more replayability if you have to reconsider some choices, hopefully both the Witcher and Dragon Age games help show the Mass Effect guys the way forward. Yup, best to always be cautious, doesn't cost you anything to be polite in my view, if you're going to kill them later then that should be more then sufficient payback in my mind without the need for snark Right, well let's hold off on further speculation until more info on Andromeda comes in.

    Hah! Definitely should have picked Inside Out, good movie with a surprisingly deep message, while I could tell Jurassic World was going to be a disaster Check it out when you can, KissCartoon actually has Inside Out available now that I think about it if you really can't find the time to get away. Well they should have enough time to address the issue, that and hopefully they DID learn from the previous Vesperia experience whatever the issue with that ultimately was. Oh I expect it will, but not before Sony does a good run on sales first given how impatient people will be for the Remake, so hah to Xbox and their Tomb Raider delay nonsense once more. Well despite losing exclusivity Sony and Square have worked together the longest so good for them. Alright, well keep me informed if anything new pops up on the Tales front then. True, true, though they really couldn't go in empty handed either, besides E3 should be reserved for making big new release announcements I think, unless a demo is available to showcase new gameplay.

    The movies coming soon, likely about a month or two before it finally releases we'll get a new trailer, and yeah they did a good job keeping it from spoiling anything. Yeah, he was one of my favorites so I followed him in the expanded novels, Boba's role/character went through some interesting evolution's. Likely not given the latest depictions, shame, they're an interesting culture even if you don't include Thrawn in the mix.

    I managed to track it down, very interesting all around. And hey, they needed someone who could follow up Daisuke from P4, and who knows, an anime adaptation for P5 might have need Jun at some point

    Or like with ME3, hopefully Biowares learned their lesson, the DA will come out when it's ready, let's see how they did with Andromeda first though
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-17 17:02
    So continuing off my BlazBlue comments I'm a bit stunned I missed out on the new character Kurogane being introduced through a Light Novel, I must be really slipping if I didn't check in for that, though when it takes place and what their exact relation to the main story is still yet to be determined, though him looking like Ragna is.... an interesting choice, so let's see what comes of it. Likely Nine will be making her debut as well based on the last bit of that trailer. In any event we can probably expect a console/American release for Central Fiction next year, and I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting some answers resolved along with how certain characters come back/get involved in the matter.

    Well, latest chapter for AoT is out, not much to go on but some interesting hints. As I thought Grisha definitely came from beyond the walls, likely he defected to the first king conspiracy since he had that needle/vial and was angry they did nothing to intervene when the shifters came despite his warnings. I still definitely feel like he knew something and why he was so adamant that Eren being his son meant he could achieve vengeance, it just doesn't make any sense why he didn't try to achieve vengeance himself otherwise I feel. My suggestion that Grisha and the Ape guy are related, and given the ape guys own subtle control of Titans, along with Eren's own demonstration of using the power to me still suggests there's more to him then he thinks however down he feels about himself. Also consider the fact that Reinhardt and Burt never tried eating Eren themselves, actually tried to persuade him to help them, to me that suggests they realized they NEED Eren and can't just dump the Coordinate off on some random person unless it's a last resort and even then they needed Historia as a back-up. But yeah, back to our other conversation I do hope Eren DOES eventually get a clue and resolves the matter. True, though I also hope Historia manages to assert herself even further once she starts growing up as well, but for now we'll deal with the operation against the Titans. Well, that's my whole point, the shifters had to have an origin point because if they were all mindless in the beginning then how did the first shifters get sentience back in the first place since there was no one to eat at the time? But as you say we really need more info on the matter. Which is why the battle at Shiganshina is going to be so critical, because if they can deal with the Shifters then and there it'll allow the Titan clearing devices to operate without interference and before long they'll be able to wipe out all the Titans within Wall Maria. Well we had hints back when Eren finally learned 3-D maneuvers during his training Keith revealed he knew Grisha. Oh yeah, I was still 50/50 on the matter but I suppose we shouldn't hold the tower siege against Ape Man given Annie tried to squeeze Reinhardt's head in once upon a time while acting like they were enemies, to me though there's no clear chain of command which makes them different from a military anyway, we'll see just how their hierarchy works though.

    I'm moving the Utawarerumono discussion here as well. I really urge that the next anime you do watch, whenever you get a chance, should be that one. Alongside Arslan this series is the one to check out if you want engrossing alterante world-building, a diverse cast of characters, political intrigue and intense military warfare/strategy along with crazy solo-action sequences, honestly it's shows like these and Madan that keep me going in between similar but more fantasy and less science-fiction esque dramas like Gundam, so please make sure you find some time prior to Utawarerumono's sequel this fall Dann, I guarantee you won't regret it.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-17 17:00
    So based on spoilers from the lastest chapter Soma seems to have the situation under control as he's slowly building himself back up thanks to using his stalls maneuverability, but at the same time he's still looking for a means to actually challenge Kuga and apparently still wants to do it with his Mapo Dofu, I do hope he does a different take on Mapo Dofu in order to teach Kuga a lesson. about involving all aspects of Chinese cuisine but we'll see. Also my Eizan prediction from way back might actually be on to something since apparently he's noticeably missing from the festival despite that phone-call about getting his preparations ready, should be interesting to see what he's up to... but anyway the progress seems to be slow going right now but also entering it's final phase as the main confrontation between Soma and Kuga looks to be coming to a head, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see another 5 or six chapters dealing with the depending on whether or not my Eizan intervention forecast comes about in the last chapters of this arc to set up the next battle, but we'll see. Anyway, I'm glad for more Erina interaction however it comes about at this point, mayhaps if Soma ever learns his father's lesson about cooking/devoting himself to another both Soma and Erina can grow from it, but we'll see.

    The order of this latest episode in 15 is a bit... different, but can still work, they have done reordering before thought not quite on this scale, but so long as they don't ACTUALLY cut out the Kaarage Arc along with Eizan's introduction, which I don't think they will given the selection process is still ongoing, they can still fit that in after this next episode.

    EDIT: I just rechecked the new opening, and we are OKAY regarding the Kaarage Arc because I noticed Eizan's silhouette next to Isshiki's, so he's definitely going to be introduced at some point.

    I did think they balanced out action with strategic chess pieces well enough, never staying on either too long so as to make sure we got the whole picture, but unavoidably they cut a few things, like Tigre's battle against Ganelon for one thing, along with Ganelon's henchman, along with a few background tidbits like the ones involving the history of Zhcted and origins regarding the Dragon Gear. Still those aren't such a big deal that I still don't hope for that second season from Madan soon at some point. Huh, definitely something I'm going to put on the backburner for the time being then, I was 50/50 regarding Dungeon thing anyway. Well, that and however futuristic the setting Ghost's basis on modern technology was still kind of evident, I mean look at us now and how connected the internet has made us, so it wasn't THAT big of a stretch to comprehend versus learning about a whole new set of physics and rules regarding magic, but I'm mostly refering to scale here and the political intrigue involved given we still know very little about the overall political situation both foreign and domestic in Mahouka. That's generally because he takes a more reserved/cautious approach, reading some of the stuff in the LN and getting more of his internal process shows how very different Tatsuya's mindset is. Well I could argue that the incest thing is a false flag meant to set up/deliver the emotional tragedy even more, I mean right now in the LN the set-up can go one way or the other I think, and so I'll cling to what hope/hints there are still left for Mayumi until it's been definitively shut down. Errr, I read ahead in the Light Novels, her sisters attend Magic Academy so she makes cameos AND she comes to Tatsuya for help regarding certain matters later on, so her standing is still pretty good in terms of the shipping race, though that's balanced out by learning about the tragic history of Tatsuya and Mayuki as well. Well, that's just his automatic loyalty mode to Mayuki kicking in, he goes along with it because that makes her happy, even though he can never ACTUALLY follow-through or feel anything in that kind of way, he's just acting like he usually does. Well, yeah, there are important exposition moments from Mayuki that you have to watch out for, but otherwise tune her out, though PLEASE pay attention and laugh at her reactions with me when Tatsuya discusses with the gadget otaku on the student council about who Taurus Silver is, that was pretty funny all things considered Have you caught up yet? Because the issue isn't about studying but a much more personal connection between Mari and Erika that Tatsuya upon with a very flippant comment to Mari on his part during his student council introduction, hint it's why there are no Tatsuya and Mari shippers Amen, I hope other series/adaptations listen to that by the way, I hate rushed endings the most in anything I watch <_< I thought so, but let's move on to an actual fighting game like the one involving BB: CentralFiction, that has more then enough colorful characters for me right now

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