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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-13 11:24
    Kay, hoping for the best.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-13 10:20
    Have you dealt with/been dealing with the Divine Election thing yet? I can't seem to track down any of the follow-up cutscenes involving it regarding Leliana at least.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-12 23:28
    The one about dealing with his lies? Go Cullen I guess, you get an actual reward and still make use of the treaties instead of storing them away. If you'd banished the wardens I would have said go Josephine but you have their authorization at this point since you're allied.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-08 15:26
    Going to wait until the end of the week for the full reply Dann, until translations for the new Shokugeki chapter and episode come out. But just wanted to drop some gaming news today as Square's at least made an announcement for another of its franchises...
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-05 22:37
    Hey, what episode was the snow wyvern quest for Vivienne?
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-04 10:24
    Hey, if you weren't going to bring it up I was. Take your time, we've got a whole week between now and the next episode
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-30 21:59
    Indeed, they used 112 well in showing the logical progression Souma would have needed to make in order to compete in the original menu design contest despite having less knowledge/experience in French Cusine compared to the others so I'm looking forward to seeing what he, and the others to an extent, bust out for this week. And I'm giddy for the first episode on Friday even if it will be a few more weeks before they get to some of the more intriguing parts most likely

    Yeah, I hadn't seen that until right after I made my post. I was certainly glad for it, people were clamoring to be able to play Lady all the way back in DMC3SE, and Trish will be a nice bonus since we'll get to see how her Marvel vs. Capcom moves translate in the actual game. Well I'd certainly appreciate THAT if it is the case, since figuring it'd be nice to finally get a definitive answer on his connection to the DMC4 storyline if you know what I mean. If they do go prequel version with Vergil MAYBE they might do some original content for him at least, we'll see. All good signs and a way for Capcom to finally get back to their roots with their fans after the finger of DmC... Hah, that'd certainly be welcome, a lot to look forward to E3 then, in addition to some new titles hopefully and updates on upcoming once I'm looking forward to this year like The Division and of course FFXV if they finally announce a release date along with news on KHIII.

    Bah, let's move on, I'm depressed now about MCL <_< It'll be worth it, and speaking of 2D titles I'm glad to hear the point and click adventure game Broken Age is finally getting Act 2 released, so many mysteries to solve with that one... Well leaving those things out definitely changes a lot of different aspects to the experience, I'm sure it'll work out well in the final release version and we see all those in action. Targeting and camera angles are the biggest concerns in live action-rpg games, so much info to register, but hopefully the KH series and recently Type-0 will show them a way to at least mitigate those concerns even if can't be fully addressed. You're right, plus demos meant to help sort through hiccups like those to help smooth out the final releases when they do come. I've actually been okay so far with most of them provided they manage to sync the lines and lip movements as well as they have in the past (some earlier trailers of the dub had me worried on that front) and I like Gideon Emery too much to be overly concerned about Ignis, so long as he captures that stoic Spock-like (rest in pace Leonard Nimoy) intellectual persona he should be fine. Cool, let me know how you like it once you do, I've been a bit busy to watch but it's also allowed for more Type-0 walkthroughs to pop up so it's all good. Yeah, it's supposed to take place at least a decade, if not several, since Prime ended, and CN are still being dicks and putting up at 6:30 AM for new episodes on Saturday. Honestly they introduce a new action series in for like ever, and this is what they do with it.... *sigh* guess it's back to streaming videos if I can't bring myself to wake up that early on the East Coast. This and what happened to my favorite Belgian fries place (it caught fire after the sushi restaurant next door blew up from a gas leak with two fatalities at the sushi place itself unfortunately) has really soured this last week for me Dann <_<
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-30 21:33
    Yeah, had my interview last week so now I'm just waiting for the response. Good luck to you man, right now I'll be happy with anything that can put some money back into my accounts instead of siphioning them. Not a bad idea all around. I keep most of mine on hand though, mostly in case of long travel scenarios where recharging will be more scarce. That and I need to actually purchase an e-reader at some point, though not before FINALLY getting a new PC instead of the laptop I'm working with, maybe some games so that I can finally play some while I'm at it... <_<

    True that, it does still have to be good for it to be noteworthy so hopefully some previews will show up soon to let us know how it's coming along though hopefully doing the remastered versions will give them the experience to handle it. Always an interesting scenario to face, like during Tactics Ogre, I'll look forward to checking it out once I finish up with some other series. I have faith it will, only a month till it hits and we see for ourselves. I think the movies, so far at least, and based on what I remember reading of Origins when I went to the book stores or comic book shops, have mostly stayed faithful to the source material in almost all aspects in its depiction, humor included. Things might be interesting and vary a little for the second movie though based on the new trailer with a couple of cameos of certain characters we've discussed before, check out the video once you've gone through the first movie and let me know what you think It's something to get used too, though I admit it suits the faster pace they seem to want to go at and serves better in terms of depicting the wide scale battle they want. I still like Unicorns combination of drawn and some CGI inserts, mostly as highlights for the animation, but I understand why they went this route considering it IS a full features movie. Surprisingly I think the CGI worked well with the slow action scene near the end, once you get that far let me know if you agree. Oh I can definitely relate to that, generally speaking after I go through a series the first time I'll take a break from all other entertainment to recover from the burn out, except for occasionally going back to rewatch certain episodes so that I can better reflect and understand their integration into the wider story that I didn't see before as was the case with Yamato, though at a more leisurely pace for only short intervals, like maybe one episode on one free day until I fully recover. It'll always be good to see more of of how that family dynamic works, especially if it does justice to what I've read in the manga, more Gihren never hurts except when he's dropping colonies Meh, I won't complain if they do one day go the full reboot route with the rest of the series, there'll be plenty to tide us over with this in the mean time.

    That's always true, I'm eager to see what if anything they'll pull once all the current series run their courses this year. Let's hope the next ones don't turn out as badly as I've heard Reonguista is turning into and Sunrise realizes they need to pull stuff out of the U.C universe like 0081 to save their bacon after this no matter how much Try Fighters is doing to support them. Is it sad that I think the exaggerated fighting robot versions of Gundam seem to have been the best received of all the alt continuity's so far? <_<
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-29 20:15
    Eh, who knows. I was actually a little disappointed there wasn't more then just Corypheus personally though. To much hope on that Dragon being Dumat reborn I guess, possibly getting some dang answers about what happened in the Golden City.

    That last part regarding the companions might be due to you not having completed the game and the possibility of you dismissing them, but we'll see. But yeah, let's hope so, otherwise there seems to be little point on the matter. Hey, when you're done send me over the file would you? I'd like to see if it'd work on my end if it simply needs the progress to be registered.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-28 20:56
    Gonna get the main response in tomorrow Dann, hopefully after an update/translation for Shokugeki 112.

    Been poking around a few walkthrough videos. I certainly don't mind more worldbuilding and lore. The main enemy feels a bit generic though, don't know if I get the sense of personality on how dire its threat is, and the dialogue/additions of the companions seems superficial.

    So basically only once you've cleared the game/taken that option it'll reveal itself or is it only only regarding the class/character and you can choose all the paths right away once you complete the game the first time? Cause there are some paths I probably would never take but would like to see what all the options were.

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