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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 23:42
    Right, well, we'll see where Inquisition leaves us off at then before worrying about and speculating on where Volume 2 might hint at for the next game. Yeah, but they also needed a movie to really finish up his story afterwards, it's time to move on form Ezio and do his legacy justice finally. No, I agree, it just doesn't take away from that fact that I really couldn't get back into the Kenways and that I'm glad we're done with them now. No doubt, more often then not I check out a few games by users I like on youtube now and again, and hopefully Heroes of the Storm proves to be as successful in that regard. No confirmation that she's playable unfortunately, though I figure she'll be integral to the overall plot with plenty of appearances. Hah, not holding my breath for that, ah well only 2 and a-half more weeks till we can see one way or the other. I'll be looking for it hopefully then when TGS comes around, it sounds like as good a place as any of Arc does have the next BB in the works. Okay, I'll give you that though it's mostly a means of doing alternate endings/story-lines, for the most part I think we're done with that though and after that last ending it feels like we're finally getting into the meat of this conflict. Yeah, hopefully they have a plan on how to end it when that happens, WoW should go out with style. Interesting, once I logged in to my origins account I then went to the Keep site and then just clicked from there so it wasn't all that hard for me. That does seem the case more often then not, still there's no denying they feel appropriate for the setting and I won't mind speaking my Inquisitor speaking like that, it'll add to his character

    Either way I prefer the dungeon lay-out compared to the Horde mode of ME3, it gives you tangible and uniqe new environments your actually prompted to explore versus just wandering around looking for cover along with tangible loot rewards versus bland way point. The environments should be much more intricate to play in as well, and teamwork no doubt becomes more important with these far more distinct class separations. It'll be something I'll WANT to come back to when they do update verses the repetitiveness of ME3. Bad news though, doesn't look like they've tied anything in to the single-player in terms of transferable resources, it all goes to your customization for your characters and such. Guess I won't be playing it too much, but it should be fun to dabble with.

    Yeah, it's a two-part OVA for Levi which fits with the length of his manga, though do you have any idea what pre-production would be along with what kind of time-frame that gives us before we actually see Season 2 released? I'm taking a wild and hopeful guess that it comes around the end of 2015 but my fear is whether that means it'll be more likely to come out around the beginning of 2016 instead.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 23:41
    I've been to Forbidden Planet, they sell all kind of memorabilia and that includes anime DVDS. Chicago doesn't seem to have the right resources though unfortunately, maybe this fan site can help a bit though. I think the main thing you have to hope for is to get tickets to a convention if you want to go retail price wise, here's a $20 Blu Ray sale plus shipping an handling though if you don't mind taking a risk on this non-brand name site. Yeah, for now let's just enjoy the gun arc while it lasts then. I certainly think so, he can fade into the Spider-man category for the Avengers for all I care at this point. Exactly, the minute he bailed they should have dipped back into the well and re-hammered the story to resemble something along the lines of the original Ant-man to tie it in with the rest of the Avengers as a supporting anchor. Unlikely, the guy who plays Captain America's contract will be up in one of two more movies, and there's no talk of a renewal so it'd likely be a permanent change for Bucky if that is the case unfortunately for me I know, but I'll take what I can get, they were my favorite pairing in Marvel honestly, even in front of Hank and Tigra. I wouldn't mind if I thought the COULD do it but between time and budgets I can't see them being able to expend that much effort for everyone to get an individual movie, not to mention subsequent sequels, so they have to pick and choose and frankly on the notoriety scale Doctor Strange is going to fall at the bottom despite that I personally do like him and his character.

    Something to watch out for in a later date then. I don't either, but like the lack of Erina they haven't DONE anything with the sudden realization of her feelings for awhile so I have to figure they'll play a role at SOME point in the story and frankly I'm getting tired of waiting for all these plot lines to pan out. Mmmh, well other then the newspaper boy possibly being a spy I won't worry about what Subaru is doing, and instead hope beyond that sliver of hope that this temporary partnership with Erina and him translates into something long term, that's what I'm going to be looking forward to most even before the match itself.

    Right, well I suppose we'll worry about that after episode 7 then, for now let's look forward to getting back into the meat of things tomorrow . I hope not as well, that'd be pretty uninspiring in terms of an overall goal, if there's a deeper philosophical meaning behind the agenda I'm all for it. Right, well given that time frame I suppose it's premature to expect a major reveal on what their motivations are, for now it looks like we'll be focusing on the consequences of their actions. I hope not, for the most part I'll treat it like a fun minigame and that's all I'll be looking forward to the game. They only had a week of two between Book 2 and 3, logically it'd make more sense to take place in the months between Book 1 and 2, especially since they revealed Pro-bending is available to play in. Hopefully we'll get a better understanding as we see Bolin use it more, for now I'm just going to let him enjoy his moment of glory I think it's the obsession part myself, she might have been unhinged but that sense of focus probably didn't go away, in fact that was the problem as it consumed her every thought really, though at the same time I'll allow that several years of producing Blue Fire probably makes it feel natural and instinctual to her by that point. See, there are still doubters so this only highlights why Mako stepping up next Book is going to be important if for no other reason then to resolve these ill-feelings/indifference once the series is done, and I don't see their point, he only had an opportunity to electrocute her thorough the lake, firing lightning directly to specifically target Ming-Hua's tendrils would have required too much accuracy/time compared to just shooting at a wide surface area like a lake and would be easier for her to dodge considering lightening's narrow spread when it fires unlike a large fireball. I hope that won't be the case and they play up the injury for awhile, it wouldn't mean as much if she just suddenly and quickly got back healthy in the first two episodes, I wouldn't be comfortable unless it was episode 8 or at a minimum 6 at the half-way point of the season. Me neither, maybe Suyin can do something from Zaofu, she's got a commanding personality, though the main reason I bring it up is I'm worried how much the trouble in the EK will take away from exploring the Fire Nation and hope they manage both scenarios time wise reasonably well.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 03:22
    Oh dang, I can't believe I missed this but the Levi spin-off manga has an anime release at the end of the year and Season 2 for attack on titan has apparently been confirmed to be in pre-production. It's coming out like the way we talked about Dann
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-26 23:19
    Given that we're restricted to Orlais and Ferelden for the time being I'm not expecting too much new information, maybe a few codex entries hinting at these other lands but that'd be about it. They definitely seem to have plans to continue the DA series well after Inquisition though which is good and provides me with a sense of relief.

    The only things to like about AC:R was that we got to see Altair again, as for AC:3 and 4 we got to ride ships, that's about it, so I'm thankful we're making a clean break story-wise with Unity while simultaneously getting back to 2's urban environment roots. If they make mini-games it should be a purely for fun kind of spin-off from the main series like Blizzards Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm rather then some shoe-horned lore tidbit nobody will even know come the actual mention in the main series. Mmhmm, hopefully some more tidbits and demo's going forward will show that off, I'd like to see Elise in action gameplay wise for one thing. I would be as well unfortunately, but if they keep to this 2015 projection they've got to start getting ready to put a date on it at some point soon. I'd just like assurances that it's on the way is all, after the wait we've had. Ah , then GG sounds like it's basically done so hopefully at least a trailer to show BlazBlue will be on the way at some point this year. That is surprisingly true, though to give BlazBlue credit it's adoption of the light novel format has made it's storylines much more compelling them most other fighting games. Yeah, though I do wonder when they'll admit defeat and finally bring the game to a satisfying conclusion story wise. I'll just enjoy the ride for what it is for now, and worry about the future once a clearer picture on the direction Warlords is taking comes into light. Well I've just registered on EA's origins website, so I'm set to login to the keep once it is available, it's a completely online browser site from what I've learned though so easy access for us Hah, I hadn't even thought about that but you're right, I wonder if it's something in the water in Britain that causes them to be so associated with fantasy motifs

    True, though I do wish there was a bit more interactive story elements like say in TOR which was one of the few good demonstrations of their flashpoint system I felt. But hey, phat loots and tangible resources for when I play on the War Table are always good
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-26 22:53
    Well when you can manage it it shouldn't be THAT hard to track a place down that sells Sword of the Stranger at a more reasonable price I imagine. I remember seeing it in a comic-book place called Forbidden Planet for $23 recently. Only the gunslinger arc is confirmed, though they have 24 episodes planned so who knows. No, I see your point, though I hope to god they don't include GL for the JL movie now that you bring it up <_< No, I can see it too, I'm just thinking Ant Man isn't that well known and has a movie scheduled, would it have been that hard to tie the two in to help promote it through Avengers? Dang straight, I'm not sure how I feel about it since I like the Winter Soldier persona more though. Oh, they can just make up some circumstance in the next movie where they bond or something, it'd work Meh, it's a shame but they've got enough of the core now that I'd rather they focus the budget on the Avengers series going forward.

    Yeah, logically speaking it just doesn't seem likely, something needs to seriously happen to massively reverse her attitude toward Souma for her appearance to last beyond this preparation week. Hah, I'd laugh, though I wonder as unlikely as it seems whether or not romantic rivalries and jealousy might develop if say she and Megumi encounter one another, we haven't really visited the issue of Megumi's feelings for awhile now. I hope so, this is one of those golden opportunities for the two to clear the air with each other. My impression is Subaru takes great pride in knowing every detail, if a detail escapes him he becomes incredibly disturbed like how Souma caught him off guard by upping the stakes like that. In point of fact it might make Eizan MORE determined to take Souma down and force him to submit. No doubt, will be fun to see when it happens, but for now character development time FINALLY with our two supposed main characters so hopefully some interesting spoilers pop up tomorrow.

    Mmhmm, and there'll likely be a LOT of details they could fill in with these shorts so it'll be great in keeping people's interest as well long term, one of my biggest headaches in going to a new world cold is trying to figure out where and who everyone is along with the relationship dynamics within that world. Indeed, that stockpile Cinder and Roman though give some pretty big hints they'll be important I imagine, perhaps an environmental disaster waiting to happen, or an energy shortage, the possibilities could be quite dire if and when they're revealed. It warrants a look, and I'm sure we'll smile a lot at some gameplay nostalgia moments but I won't expect much, the story can't be all that compelling just given the restrictions by the show plot. Indeed, it'll be tough watching her going into Book 4 but if they do it right it'll make her recovery all the sweeter, still I'll be excited by the opportunity the others will have to grow into their new responsibilities as guardians of the world. You're right, you're right, though the fact that only fully realized Avatar was ever shown lava-bending did help highlight the matter I thought, the fact that it's a liquid to me is what made it so difficult to control given their love of rigid forms, earthbenders have actually never been shown to transform their element prior to lavabending like dirt into mud or sand now that I think about it, they can bend those things but never change the molecular structure themselves prior to now. Going to go with her level of focus and singular mindset personally, even if she lacked exact control at the end since that's what I generally associate with the color blue anyway Yeah, well got to take the good with the bad, we've had some dynamic story arcs at the very least to go with them. I do wish that had occurred as well, but frankly we're lucky they managed to get approval at all. But NOW is the time to strike when emotions are raw over Korra's debilitated state, if Mako can somehow build on that and show he can be a true pillar of support for her people's sympathies for Korra would in turn translate to gratitude toward Mako, and I'm glad to see people were impressed with the Ming-Hua fight which is why he NEEDS something like Blue Flame to make him more badass to impress people further. Could be a combination of both, though I suspect it'll be because of recovery first and then some situation develops that becomes a real danger. That Air Nomad protection proclamation by Tenzin is a good way for them to do so and I'll be shocked if some kind of resolution isn't reached to end the power vacuum in the EK.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-26 15:35
    Hey Dann, ign just came out with confirmation on a multi-player co-op. It looks okay for now, nothing shocking or ground breaking but it seems like an improvement on ME3's experience with a bit more variety. I like the idea of a dungeon crawl like envrionment along with tangible loot. Here, take a read/look or check out this new video.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-25 22:02
    Edit: Huh, I just checked the DA wiki, and this is relevant to our discussions on future expansions but apparently it contains info of lands and countries OUTSIDE of Thedas. Now that is setting up some ground work right there, I think the DA franchise is in good hands in terms of material to work off of going forward.

    Hah, well thankfully DA:I doesn't look like it's going down that path and Unity looks free of it now as well so I'm optimistic everyone's learned for the better Which I don't think they even finished on facebook, so I'm not overly worried on that score with DA:I. That's why I'm happy we're starting fresh with Arno and Elise, it looks like an intricate and more compelling drama and might be what finally gets me back into the universe to finally see how exactly this is supposed to end with the current situation in the present still looming. So yeah, TGS will mostly be the topping to any otherwise fantastic cake, at least when it comes to the remaining releases for this year, I won't say no to additional info for stuff coming in next year certainly or for that matter a definitive date for FFXV or KH3 etc, which would be nice. Gah, I hadn't heard that, I thought they'd basically moved on from the franchise and were going in full speed now that Persona 4 Ultimax is basically done. They can't just leave BB at the cliffhanger they did though so I hope Arc is dual developing both games in that case. Huh, I just checked the DA wiki, and this is relevant to our discussions on future expansions because apparently World of Thedas Volume 2 contains info of lands and cultures OUTSIDE of Thedas. Now that is setting up some ground work right there, I think the DA franchise is in good hands in terms of material to work off of going forward. Very recent, they're little Flashpoint things and not something I expect to revive TOR but it is nice they're throwing a bone. I can't wait to dive into both DAI and Warlords stories when November hits. I don't THINK that's the case, Blizzard could have done that while ago, I imagine it'll be a satisfying special event expansion when/if they decide to close WoW down though. It's ridiculous, and quite frankly I'm glad someone finally snuck some images out, at least I'm somewhat relieved we'll get comprehensive coverage for everything we want going into DA:I. I appreciate the options, even if I haven't heard the American versions yet for either gender, and the British ones made sense given the previous games accents except for Orlais and NOBODY wants to be talking like them
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-25 21:51
    I thought you were in relative travel distance to Chicago or was I mistaken? There should be shops aplenty in a big metropolis area like that if you can look them up online beforehand. That's probably it, either way the anime has plenty of material to base and continue off of from what I've read. All we can do is hope for the best, at least Batman still has enough cred to buffer D.C a while longer, even if this whole non-Christian Bale crossover has me worried for the J.L movie going forward. Yeah, it would have worked out so much better had they tied in to Hank and done more to promote the Ant-man movie after a debacle like that, and honestly I'm more excited to see a sequel dealing with Winter Soldier instead (and tieing him to Black Widow like in the comics ) then I am for Ultron. Avengers can wake me up when they join the Guardians or something to stop Thanos. I'll let you know if Gotham's any good then whenever you have the time to catch up.

    Heh, I'd buy the volume with that scene if it occurred, especially if Souma is the one or just tags along by some circumstance I'm afraid that might be the case, with how impatient some people are though I hope any wait in between when we see her next isn't too long, this brief appearance likely won't be enough to abet the criticism of Erina's lack of presence in the main story. Not to mention how Souma might react to the knowledge those two know each other, but more then anything I hope this current scene they have going on regarding the stew helps change and fortify Souma's own perspective while hopefully garnering more of Erina's reluctant respect once they finish refining it. I for one would like to see Subaru's relationship to Eizan brought to life and their reactions when he does lose, I imagine Eizan will make what Erina did to Ikumi seem like giving her a Caribbean vacation.

    I'd like that, though I wonder if they might save that for breaks in upcoming volumes given Monty's projected length. The ominous ending to the monolgue by Cortana on Dust would suggest something big behind the scenes, but we'll see. Or they may never bother and treat it like it's nothing, but moving on. Not if they keep to their past promotional schedule, I don't expect anything new till early spring to summer. Yeah, it looks okay but I just don't know how enticing it is for some people, tie-in games generally don't have a compelling enough story to garner new customers or anyone who isn't already committed to the franchise though I will check it out. Well I hope so as well, and tough as it is on Korra it'd give the other cast members an opportunity to shine and develop since she'll be relying on them more. One of those drawbacks in having a shortened season, but it's not as though they didn't do the same with sandbending, or how how exactly waterbenders transform water into ice or clouds, we've had evidence of lavabending since the original Avatar, not to mention of conversations regarding how one obtains Blue Fire or combustionbending, we'll just have to make the logical inferences ourselves. And at the very least we have confirmation on the strength of will needed to dig deep down when the pressure is one that brings the talent out, like going back to Toph and metalbending or Katara suddenly mastering bloodbending. I hope so, I fervently hope so, he really deserves a means of building back his reputation among the fans even now and this is as good an opportunity to do so <_< Well as I said I won't deny she could become important, but her actions like when I pointed out with Suyin are too controversial to what would be logical for a Red Lotus agent to do, so I'm not going to fret over the matter unless something changes. That expected Fire Nation focus next Book might be taking the main gang a bit away though, but it'd make sense for the Nomads to concentrate on the Earth Kingdom, among them finding and helping out new airbenders and trying to alleviate the conflict. I really wonder how it'll all turn out for the EK though, whether they'll unify under a new leader/government or completely break apart into separate states.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-24 21:59
    Gah! Over the limit again, wish they'd increase this to 6 or 7 thousand characters at some point

    I know, and I'm not going to worry about it until we get a fixed trailer/demo to show what we can expect from ME4. Yeah, though hopefully not a tower defense like in AC:R, I'd prefer a battle more free flowing then that <_< I'd rather not, it'd fun if you can participate in the main game through a mobile device like in the Division but anything that is solely in the device itself just isn't dynamic enough game play wise to warrant separation in my view. And I'm just referring to the story of 4, I quite frankly had enough of the Kenways and all their drama so I'm glad we have something new and compelling in Unity to work with. In rogue, I'm a little curious but doubtful on the overall impact of that story, and the gameplay reminds me of a rehashed 4 in the arctic, and as cool as being in the arctic sounds I'm not sure how compelling an environment it will be to play in, look at that frontier nonsense with 3. Who knows, gamescons abetted most of my anticipated releases, I'm really only interested in hearing that Square and FFXV will be there and maybe on how the next BlazBlue from ArcSystems is coming along. Maybe new peoples and cultures but they seem pretty set on races in DA unless they want to bring something new from wherever the Qunari came from across the ocean. Yeah, we'd rather avoid that though I wish them all the success with Shadowrealms and at least with TOR they did make a recent update, not much of one but my Imperial is happy and hoping to close with Lana Beinko soon Mmhmm, though I'm sure they'll have some indication on their next direction by the end of Warlords, for now I'm just going to enjoy the ride. Well, hopefully Keep's ban doesn't last too much longer as we inch closer to release, that's all we can really bank on right now, though Blizzard sure as heck isn't this secretive of their full on beta gameplay much less a storytelling device <_< Eh, either Bioware fixes it or they don't, luckily I have no objections to the default male human Inquisitor I've seen so far in the trailers, or his smashing British accent voice which I'll be choosing, so it's all good.

    Edit: Hah!! I'm getting closer to Vivienne romance wish now, Varric's been confirmed as a non-romance, which isn't too surprising given his background with Bianca.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-24 21:58
    Yeah, and don't be afraid to try to find regular retail shops like comic book stores and the like that also might have them available, or even just know where you might find someplace that does. The novels are still ongoing last I checked, and this bullet arc at least should have finished awhile ago, you might be thinking about the arc after this one but as I said it's still ongoing. Sadly not showcased nearly enough, ah well I can hope a movie budget might be able to reveal Aquaman's full potential on that score, we'll see. You might be right, but either way I just hope they do alright in setting them up for the JL movie later, I'm getting worried about D.C now that everyone is up for Age of Ultron, though I'm peeved they removed Hank Pym from the process. I don't doubt it, either way it'll be fun to see these embryonic stages in Gotham's development. In any event I have nothing better to watch this fall t.v wise so I'm going to give it a chance.

    It might be due to personal bias though, as Erina does value Hisako more then just a cook, we can see sh'e quite hopeless without Hisako holding her hand through everything No, that part on the deal was pretty clear now that the translations up, I'm just hoping that they somehow translate this into a long-term presence for Erina rather then a one arc cameo as it were, though it'll take some serious development and bonding in a short amount of time to make this more then a temporary alliance as things stand.... Man, I hope Jochirou does make a reveal now so that it'll provide a motivation for Erina to stick around Souma Should be fun to read, but he's probably the last thing on my mind now, I just want to know who'll be returning as judges besides Gin and how Souma and Erina's relationship develops from here.

    No doubt, though I'll be looking forward to getting back into things this week. I think that's inevitable, people on the rwby wiki are still debating which country or region is where right now. Given Cinder's previous display they'll probably need it, but we'll see how it develops. Right, well it looks nice in the meantime while being a nice surprise if any special property in her cloak is ever revealed. No you're right, I'm just thinking why a mid-season break was needed at all, but that's just me. Ugh, I know, I really almost shed a tear with her at that moment Well, I'm praying that they push Book 4 through and we can set out to build her back up again, it just won't feel right until she's back on her feet in my view. I could see the problem, but I reflected back on that 1/100 deal with metal-bending and I'm starting to think it may be just some people are more apt at it then others, in any case they make good points on Bolin's more mobile style working better with a liquid earth like lava. Exactly, and Blue Flames would be the next logical step now that Bolin's upgraded and Korra's down, plus it's a good opportunity for Mako to try and be there for emotional support and maybe build their relationship back up, which is my deepest hope to come out of this ordeal. Same, we'll see who'll be up among the villians next book soon enough hopefully. I think you're being overly worried like people were about Asami and now Suyin, I judge motivations based on actions and if Kuvira was a Red Lotus then she would have just let Tonraq fallen in my view, I think she'll be a cool/good character if we ever revisit her. I thought so, it left us with a bit of hope and I can't wait to see how the Air Nomad's grow from here, certainly there's less incentive for Airbenders in the Earth Kingdom to stay now that the whole country is in chaos.

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