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Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. Requiem-x
    Yesterday 20:58
    Good to see you're enjoying this season so much. Its ok to me, but that might only be due to having to many things going through my head. Also, I've been focusing on games lately, and with pokemon about to come out, that won't be changing soon.

    I've never been much of a sports fan outside of soccer world cup, but I do know it feels good when your team does great.

    Doing fine. My vacation is about to end, and I managed to catch up on some backlog, though not all of it, and of course, following stuff this season. Honestly, I just want to watch what I want, otherwise it'll be a chore. Feeling nervous regarding personal issues, but that's something I'll solve later, hopefully.
  2. Requiem-x
    Yesterday 20:11
    Good to know you also liked flipflappers. What a crazy episode that was.

    How have you been?
  3. Kazu-kun
    2016-10-16 15:02
    I decided not to post it because it was mostly a rant about something someone said elsewhere. But thanks for saying it was a good post anyway.
  4. Requiem-x
    2016-10-15 14:22
    Hey there. First of all, I tried long riders, and it is nice, but it feels, how do I put it, too straightforward. Like, I was waiting for a punchline that never came. Maybe episode 2 could change that...

    Second, you might want to prepare yourself when watching girlish number, because the audience's attitude and its motives could also apply to idol events, and the girls are expected to be more idol like than usual, so consider that when analyzing.
  5. Tempester
    2016-10-15 10:36
    It's AstralAir no Shiroki Towa. Nitta Emi uses the alias "Touen Nina" and voices the main heroine Yuuki. As mentioned it has no translation, but I do plan to read it some day when I can, it's a very pretty VN.

    And you're welcome.
  6. Tempester
    2016-10-14 17:53
    Here's another gorgeous VN song sung by Nitta Emi:

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    I found out she also voices the main heroine of this VN. Too bad there is no English translation.
  7. Requiem-x
    2016-10-13 13:13
    Pretty awesome, wasn't it? I especially liked Chitose's (honest) answer to what she thought of the heroine. Just imagine her saying that NOT with a robotic tone, but the most casual, non-chalant one ever.

    Agreed on your assesment, but you forgot "pointing out and laughing at everything wrong with LNs"
  8. Requiem-x
    2016-10-12 21:29
    Thanks, I actually was thinking on skipping that one, but I'll check it out then.

    Ahhh, I just want more flip flap already.

    Oh, funny detail, the crunchyroll subs for girlish number actually helped me notice a very funny detail about Chitose: the little song she does after finishing her job. That girl is something else.
  9. SleepingTerror
    2016-10-12 12:29
    Yup lol. TTwTT
    Probably Yuri!!! on Ice. Only one episode so far, and it seems pretty good. Animation is solid, it's funny, the characters are likable, and I feel they laid out the path of the story very well. Contrary to popular belief, it's not as gayyyy as everyone is screaming. Whether that's a good or bad thing to you ;3
  10. Requiem-x
    2016-10-12 11:39
    Surprisingly well, and thanks to my vacation, I have some time to deal with stuff I had pending, like utawarerumono and koimonogatari.

    Raising project is doing well so far, establishing some good potential for the future with the latest episode.

    Matoi is, to me, nothing extrordinary, but a good way to spend free time regardless, and I do like both MAtoi and Yuma, as well as the old shcool feeling it gives with its humour.

    Second episode of Izetta didn't do much for me, but I'm more than willing to stay with it because of the solid characters.

    Flipflappers shows a lot of potential for fun and maybe a couple surprises judging from interviews and similar stuff, and the great visual and animation style helps, of course.

    Girlish number seems like it could be fun, if only because of the absolute shredding LNs as a whole are guaranteed to get through the whole thing. Oh, so you did notice that jab at Love Live inmediately? And did you check that mock interview thing with Chitose? Its hilarious.

    Too early to say much about brave witches, since the show won't really pick up until the whole crew is present.

    Occultic;nine had an insane beginning that got me intrigued and wishing for more. Whether that more will be good or not is a realy mystery right now, though.

    Magic of Stella is a cute little SoL funny enough to watch.

    Gundam was stuck in setup mode so far, but it looks like the action will pick up this week, which is great.

    Say, do you need to watch the previous wixoss to pick this one up?

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