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Triple_R Triple_R is online now

Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. Windy
    Today 11:20
    Glad you liked it! I was kind of disillusioned by the first single that when my friend told me to give AQUARIUM a try I almost didn't want to, but I'm glad I did. Then when Sunshine started like around when Ep 4 came out I started listening to the sub-unit singles and never looked back! Strawberry Trapper is one of the better songs out of the entirety of Aqours so far, though on a personal level I prefer Azalea's more soothing almost dreamlike songs. CYaRon's songs are pretty decent as well, though Genki Zenkai Day Day Day! is a bit too high energy for my tastes. Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no is the better song of the single, and its another one I'd give a try if you're interested!
  2. Windy
    Today 10:22
    I think if you disagree with my music list then you already know which songs i'd suggest lol. The thing is with the anime the songs have a lot more solo aspects than the already established songs, so its easier to pick out voices, especially Maru's. Her voice is very angelic in her solo parts.

    That said, Tokimeki Bunruigaku is probably my favorite subunit song at the moment, despite loving Strawberry Trapper to death. The former has that soft/sweet feel to the song and Strawberry Trapper as mentioned was a good example of Yohane's vocal range. I'm not too big on the KimiKokoro single in general as I said, it still sounds a bit too Muse for me to differentiate the groups. AQUARIUM is however a fantastic single, both songs.

    I can appreciate your love of Emitsun's singing voice though. I liked her solos much more than the others, though I still prefer Hanayo's voice as far as group singing goes.
  3. Windy
    Today 09:48
    Anyway enough of that, or I'll start thinking of BokuHikari which I don't even want to start thinking about or I'll tear up, so back to Sunshine!

    I think I mentioned in one of the 10/11 topics that I'd seperated my Sunshine favorites into characters and singing! Its actually very different from the original right now, since when I thought to do the same for that, the lists actually would have been exactly the same . But yeah, as characters, this is my current list.

    Chika > Riko >= Dia > Maru > Ruby > You > Yohane >= Kanan > Mari

    Chika antics aside, I'll think of them as an outlier for now. Dia will probably top Riko one day~ That said, as I mentioned if you tier them by their singing talent its completely different!

    Maru > Yohane > Dia > Chika = Riko > Kanan = You = Mari > Ruby

    Personally I think Maru has the best singing voice between both Muse and Aqours, period, and its not even really close, and Yohane's range is just leagues above everyone else as well. Dia's voice just clicked with me when I was listening to the Azalea single. Everyone else is mostly on the same tier to be honest. I know people say You's singing isn't that great but I can tell she tries really hard to improve. I'd want a solo album before I could really tell who stands where on the list but its still painfully obvious who the top 2 would be.
  4. Last Sinner
    Today 07:28
    Last Sinner
    Power back in my suburb at last. Apparently nine transmission pylons out on the west coast of the state got knocked over, which caused us to drop off the connector in Victoria. Storm could cause more issues though. Hopefully the worst is over.
  5. Last Sinner
    Today 02:24
    Last Sinner
    Half an hour ago in South Australia we lost all power.The entire state.... cyclone grade storm hit and something has gone foul.
  6. Requiem-x
    Yesterday 23:48
    Thank you for for listening, or rather, reading so quickly.

    That was the moment when I decided Honoka was my favorite. On that note, I'm having a hard time deciding for a favorite in Sunshine. All signs point at Chika, but there are others who I feel do better in the pure entertainent department, as in Chika I can root for and admire, but Yoshiko is so hilarious its hard to ignore her. On the other hand, I suppose its a good thing to like multiple members instead of saying there's only one who really gets to you. Another thing to consider is that sunshine pushes OT3s so hard its difficult to like a single girl (On that note, there's already one good doujin with RIko and You drooling over Chika, and that makes me very happy)

    Haven't heard much of that one, but sure, I could give it a try. Right now, my only confirmed shows are Gundam, Brave Witches and Vivid Strike.
  7. Requiem-x
    Yesterday 23:23
    The live itself was ok (never been my favorite part of LL outside of the movie), and its not I disliked the episode, it showed very well the entire cast and their feelings (Yoshiko hugging Ruby and Maru was really sweet, and the talk between the third years was quite emotional). Really, my only issue is the recap feel I got from that part, and even with that, I didn't really hate it. It could just be like what I said about Re:zero (still haven't watched that finale, by the way), where the prior stuff was so strong that the finale feels less climatic, and like I said before, this wasn't even meant to be a finale, but a show of how far they've come, so it really isn't a climax, but its still the "finale" of this season, so it ends up coming short in the big feeling part. Also, I focus more on character specific moments than the big celebration, so the song didn't have as strong as an effect on me (for the movie, I was more moved by that final bit with Honoka by herself on the street just before Sunny Day Song than anything else).

    Maybe I'm just sad because I want more Aqours (remember, I marathoned the original, so there was no waiting time for me), and now that the drama and referencing are out of the way, they're free to go all out, and if that little performance is any indication, we could be seeing some very fun stuff later on. Oh, and I'm very glad we didn't get any last minute drama.

    About that, maybe they managed to sell it as part of the live, since it clearly wasn't improvised.
  8. Requiem-x
    Yesterday 22:45
    I was literally writing this message when you asked me about it (opened the site in another tab to check for notifications)

    I suppose you're talking about the recap. Well, its kinda of a mixed bag for me as well: On one hand, its a recap, but it makes sense in-series, it is a nice way to distinguish themselves from Muse without letting go of the "our story" mantra, and it gave me another reason to respect Chika (can't be easy to relive one of your saddest moments in such a big stage, and your family watching). It wasn't that good of a finale, but it was never meant to be a finale in the first place, so its fine.

    Also watched Ange Vierge, and that was a much better finale. My only real complaint was that we didn't get Amane commenting on Saya's newfound harem lead position, but then I checked the thread and saw we got that in the webcomic, so all is well. It was nice to see the big climax wasn't just a big action scene, but Saya apologizing to Amane (Saya wrecking Hinata with a dual lightsaber was still cool, though). Yes, it was foreshadowed through the entire series, but it came out better than I expected. I often try to pick a smaller show each season to not be just about the big stuff that everyone talks about, and Ange Vierge filled that position perfectly. Cute, fun, and slightly smarter than expected. Good stuff.
  9. Windy
    2016-09-26 13:29
    It's a little saddening that people think like that at times. I do understand the need to give other girls the spotlight from time to time but just because they're the 'main' girls doesn't mean you should shaft them in popularity polls for others if you in fact do like them over the others in the first place!

    I've been meaning to watch through iM@S as well, specifically Cinderella Girls. I've only mostly gotten into that through art but I really like Shiburin's and Uzuki's designs.

    As far as my love for Hanayo...I don't actually eat very much rice myself! Think of it like a Phoenix Wright conversion where they change ramen/rice into burgers! XD...I do actually like eating rice whenever I can though. I feel like a lot of people undervalue Hanayo's singing voice in general, and indeed, Printemps is my favorite subunit as you could probably tell from my listing lol.

    I'll say more on Steins;Gate later, gotta go to my wrist therapy for right now. I need a PhoneWave (Name to be determined) in my life right about now.

    Edit: Especially since I got the time wrong and I was an hour and a half late XD.

    Anyway, Steins;Gate is one of the very few instances of time manipulation that I actually enjoy. Its not that I would enjoy the ability to try to change the past, but the futility of trying to do so just amused me in a way I never thought was possible, just by adding alternate dimension 'world lines'.

    ...Thinking back on it, the Faris route near the end really had me tear up.
  10. SleepingTerror
    2016-09-26 13:29
    Hehe, yeah Nozomi is great. It makes me a little sad that a good number of people dismiss her tactics as solely sexual harassment (which it is, no doubt), but to me, it's really funny and I'm pretty sure that was primary intention.
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    As for Heinz, I had similar issues with Elfen Lied (anime) regarding morality.
    Spoiler for Elfen Lied (anime):

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