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  1. HasuMasu
    2016-04-29 10:13
    I liked it enough I think. The movie was a nice experience. I hope Sunshine is better though.
  2. HasuMasu
    2016-04-29 08:03
    Yes, I did. I even saw the movie in theatre.
  3. Tempester
    2016-04-25 22:50
    Warning! The following picture is a potential cause of heart attacks for humans and is not work-safe for Windermeres. View at your own risk.

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  4. Tenzen12
    2016-04-22 19:32
    About Ars Nova. My problem wasn't it was different, but it was sillier. You can effectively say that every single mental model got their intelligence halved (For example Iona is highly intelligent snarker, who can play half of Kongous fleet as violin in manga) on account of becoming more Moe , there was some plot holes and probably most irritating was that submarine-cruiser thing that just doesn't make any sense.

    There were some things done right. Even though Kongou also became completely different person (my avatar is manga version of course), she was pretty cool in AN and Yukana did good job. Battle between I 401 and Kirishima/Haruna also was nicely done (creators actually managed keep most of battle same, despite fact they removed whole ship out of it). And even though I like Maya, her being bot in AN was by no means wrong twist.

    If I didn't read manga I might like Ars Nova (in same way as I like Uppote for example), but knowing that most characters became one dimensional moeblobs did triggered some wrong buttons, knowing how they were originally.
  5. Kotohono
    2016-04-22 13:27
    Also I thought of something related to Ao No Kanata no Four Rhythm that I'd like to talk about.

  6. Tenzen12
    2016-04-22 11:43
    You are very welcome and so far it looks like there will be no problem with enjoying it. Let's hope it will not go wrong along the way.
  7. HasuMasu
    2016-04-22 07:49
    It's actually RenaiSoft. ^///^;

    Those aren't tuxedos but a a kind of school uniform in Japan. Haruhi in Disappearance wore the same thing.
  8. Kakurin-san
    2016-04-21 15:05
    Mostly NFL-politics. From my perspective the initial problem was that the NFL staff present at the AFCCG had no idea about that Ideal Gas Law, that balls will deflate in cold weather if they had been inflated indoor. With their "knowledge" about a discrepancy in the measured PSI at halftime to the inflated PSI prior to the game they thought they caught the Patriots cheating ("We measured the balls, you are in big f***** trouble") and somebody leaked it to the press as soon as the game was over.

    From there it was quite impossible for the NFL to admit that they screwed up without embarrassing themselves to an extreme degree which led to them taking the charge to put the hammer down. Goodell didn't need to worry about negative repercussions since nobody outside of New England would believe the Patriots' version anyway after "Spygate". As soon as news of supposed New England cheating broke their were guilty in the eyes of the public. From later reports it also seemed like the other owners backed/pressured Goodell into issuing heavy penalties. That's the cost of success I guess, if the Patriots were a 3-13 team nobody would've cared about it.
  9. HasuMasu
    2016-04-21 09:51
    Kanade is the heroine for the Original English Language Visual Novel of which I'm the writer called Fuyu no Ballade. You can learn more in my sig.
  10. Kotohono
    2016-04-20 11:29
    I am really glad you did give Ao No Kanata no Four Rhythm another go .

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