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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 16:58
    Dann of Thursday
    I'll definitely let you know if anything happens in that area then

    Strange though as you'd think it would have aired. Unless it was made afterwards for some reason. Something about it looks strange to me for whatever reason.

    Oh, finished Mahouka. Sort of mixed overall. Tatsuya ultimately isn't that interesting a protagonist and while it can be fun to watch him win all the time, it gets kind of old when nothing seems to be a real challenge for him. Miyuki is somehow even more boring and she doesn't have the excuse her brother does of lacking emotions. I sort of hoped there'd end up being more to her, but she's overall just so one-note. Most of the side characters were interesting just as they seemed at the start, though a few of them are kind of one note as well that I wondered why we focused on them at all. The show also feels like it meanders a tad and then it just ends, though I imagine that's due to it's nature as an adaptation. It also started feeling oddly xenophobic in that last arc with the other countries, which was a tad uncomfortable.

    I did look up summaries of later volumes to see where it's going and it's still sort of weird. And the recent developments on the romantic side of thing were really weird if interesting in some respects.

    Oh, and I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I'll actually be going to RTX in two weeks. Family got me a ticket for my birthday. Sort of feels weird since this is the first time I've really taken any kind of vacation. But the RWBY panel is the first day and located in the hotel I'm staying at, so I'm going to try and make it in.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-26 01:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I was figuring I'd have to do something like that and those prices aren't too bad at all really. The latter ones were more of what I was fearing. That's not too bad at all given the area. I'll definitely keep that in mind so thank you. There do seem to be a number of positions in my field so I'll have to see what happens.

    Are you sure it's not a fake or some kind of hoax? I've seen some things regarding that before but they always seemed like fakes.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-24 21:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Odd question, but how is New York in terms of cost of living if you know by any chance? Not NYC, but the state in general. I've been expanding my job search more and more and realized I hadn't really looked there. I ruled out NYC since there's no possible way I could get work that would allow me to actually afford to live there.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-24 20:51
    Dann of Thursday
    It’s always weird how you could often clear up so many issues just by introducing things like cell phones into the mix. I tend to find it odd when I see series based in the future where they don’t have some equivalent.

    Feels like they probably won’t announce a new Build series this year and probably focus on Origin and IBO, which makes sense.

    Disney is very bizarre with their scheduling of new episodes for shows. I know another very popular one that has been going months between episodes despite the season being close to done production wise according to the staff.

    I am curious if we’ll get Blu-rays for all the ones that currently have one like Zeta and Seed. I hope that if we do, and we should, that they aren’t obscenely expensive. Though the prices for the Origin releases over here and the fact they only released Turn A on DVD despite it having a Blu-ray make me think Bandai will continue to be idiots about this. It was that sort of attitude that led to the downfall of Bandai of America in the first place.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-24 20:43
    Dann of Thursday
    I think it was mainly just me as the problem. Mass Effect probably wouldn’t be so bad since compared to other big RPGs they were never really quite that long and sort of more structured in their environments, though they may go all open world again. I got a guide which has all of the checks and what you need to do and such. I see no point in being rude to the Emperor. I don’t care for him, but see no need in engaging in pointless antagonism. Yeah, Kaiden was just sort of generic in every respect. I’d be surprised if they really went with that since while they’ve gotten a bit better it still seems to be fall into either being a saintly leader, crazy psycho or somewhere in the middle. Well, I’m honestly not likely to replay any of these at any point once beaten. Just no time for that.

    Saw it with my sisters and we all enjoyed it quite a bit. I rather hope so, but still sort of expect them to lag behind other companies. I wish they’d localize some of those Gundam games for instance. It’ll sell most on PS4 no matter what anyway and they did finally announce the PS4 will get TR in Holiday 2016. Yeah, Square’s fans seem firmly entrenched on Playstation for the most part so it makes sense to focus there. Will do. Largely agreed, though hopefully going forward they manage to have enough releases to spread over each year so you don’t have too many dry spells.

    I think they’re purposefully trying to avoid giving much of anything away, which is a relief honestly. Well, they’ll have to do something compelling if they do give him a movie. And Thrawn really was the best introduction to them as well sadly.

    I hadn’t thought of that, but given they’ve done some for the last two it would make sense if they did the same for this one, though I’d think it would be some time after the release of the game so they know how people feel about it.

    We’ll know more soon enough with any luck.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-24 20:26
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm actually completely out of the loop mostly as to what's actually going on with the plot save that things seemed to actually be moving forward. I think I lost track of who the cast is after the second game. Probably a given weíll get that American release though, especially since I wouldnít be surprised to see it be the new BB game for Evo and the like.

    Yeah, everything seems to be lining up in that respect. Now we really just need more info on the Shifters themselves and what their deal is. Iím guessing that Grishaís room may have journals or something that give answers to those questions so we really need to get on with getting to that place. Yeah, there isnít much reason why he couldnít have managed it himself unless he lacked something he either thought or knew Eren had. That connection could also suggest something special about Erenís whole family beyond his father like maybe some relation to that Titan that gave the King that ability. Iíve been wondering about that so hopefully it all connects to explain why. Something will have to give on that front. I keep thinking weíre going to stumble on some super advanced laboratory that has the explanations for the science behind all this. Of course, that would be too convenient so Iíll expect something to go horribly wrong and probably have the next wall invaded to some degree. I guess it sort of just got forgotten in the time since then what with everything else that happened. I wonder if that could end up being one of the keys to defeating them since they donít really have that going on, though they do seem to know how to work together so perhaps it doesnít matter.

    Well, as I said Iím doing Build Fighters Try right now and then Mahouka. After that I was thinking of finishing Yamato 2199 and then maybe finally doing a full watch of Macross Frontier. And the other shows Iím sort of following now like Arslan which Iím extremely behind on. Canít seem to find any time to focus much on anything long enough to accomplish much in the way of progress on any of that and fear if Iím not constantly juggling things Iíll fall behind and never catch up. Iíll have to see if I can find the show somewhere online since I canít find any working downloads. The whole series looks to be only $20 on Amazon, but I canít be spending money on that kind of thing right now. Iím sorry, Iím rambling now.

    I suppose if I just focus on getting through these and excluding anything else that isn't important I could make it through at a decent enough pace.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-24 18:21
    Dann of Thursday
    And as of this latest one we’re still waiting to actually find out what it is he’s made, but he seems to have actually come across something he feels can accomplish it at least. Now we just need to wait till next week to find out what this dish is and probably spend a few more chapters seeing how it goes with customers. He did make quite a boast that seems to have Kuga a tad upset, though I wonder if Soma is jumping the gun with that claim since Kuga could come from some sort of restaurant background. I’ve got to say that the whole threat of expulsion constantly hanging over their heads is getting old even if that is the whole deal with the school. It’ll happen soon if it does at all I’d think. I sort of feel like the arc has been dragging on a bit too long at this point, but maybe it’s just in my head.

    Yep, confirmed we’re doing the Karaage arc next week. Curious if they’ll have it go one episode though as two would feel enough I think.

    It wasn’t a bad visual by any means, but you still end with a lot of things cut as per usual with LN adaptations. That stuff feels more important given how it relates to the main heroine in so many ways. I’m not sure at what point we should consider it to not be likely, though if it’s nothing by next year then I suppose that would be that. Yeah, it was alright as a whole, but not something I’d say you need to go watch right this instance. Yeah, their tech wasn’t that far removed that it didn’t feel like it couldn’t be feasible at some point. I think I’m more curious about the mechanics of it all and the sort of internal stuff going on with the families than I am with the global situation, but then I’ve been needing to get back to the series for some time now which I’ll hopefully get to doing soon. I feel like that’s something the show doesn’t exactly present well unless that’s inherent to the novels in that he doesn’t seem as off as they seem to indicate he is. I feel like Darker than Black did this sort of scenario a bit better for some reason. I’m just assuming they’d actually go for it since for some bizarre reason that seems to be a thing as of late to a degree or at least end it with him not with anybody. Well, at least she’s not completely written out. It’s just sort of weird that he apparently can joke at all to me I think. I may be looking at his state of being incorrectly. I pay attention to her in so much as I figure she’ll get important moments at times to at least push things forward. No I fell behind on pretty much everything and am trying to catch up on things one at a time. Working on Gundam Build Fighters Try right now which I’m nearing completion on and then I’m going to go back to Mahouka. I may have to check that scene again then. Part of it is that whole issue of them getting short seasons and then trying to cram too much in as we discussed. I never did get far in really playing that series. I think I’m going to try playing fighting games more focusing on Street Fighter V and probably BB.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-23 23:33
    Dann of Thursday
    That’s something I should probably do as well at some point. I think I heard there was a comeback by a manga publisher in America recently. Tokyopop it might have been? My sister is planning on starting up her subscription again so I could always use her login. She started this mission last month of completely reading One Piece from the start to current and then is going to progress to the anime. She’s about done with the manga surprisingly, but I suspect the anime will take far, far longer for her.

    Oh, they actually did consult with him then on it to a degree? From what I’ve gathered, the status of ZZ is still really weird in terms of canon even with stuff like that which can’t exist without that show being around. It’d probably be most helpful if they made compilation movies of ZZ that could clean up the pacing problems I heard that show had.

    I’m largely the same way for the same reasons, though the person in charge of series composition worries me as her adaptations are generally quite good but the original. Setting is definitely an interesting setup and very glad that we’re getting it relatively soon as well. A bit disappointed on the lack of female characters or at least that mention of them being romantic interests for the hero, which almost felt like a joke when I heard that. The main character oddly feels like he’d be more at home in Attack on Titan by his design when I look at him. Summaries for the character provide some decent material for them to work off of overall I’d say and I rather like that the Gundam is some incredibly old piece of tech that was just being used as a power source before they commissioned it for battle. I think that mechanic has a lot of potential as well along with being a prime way to sell all the Gunpla so you can get the various parts and weapons. I could have sworn I heard something about other Gundams as well, which could provide some cool upgrades if they salvage from those. Oh wow, that’s all around the same time? Sounds like fun then I think an aspect of it is the time gap between everything that I first really noticed it with that wait between seasons for Code Geass. I’m not opposed to that length though too often you end up with a cliffhanger and no continuation in sight. Definitely, though I’m not sure we know what the count on this new Gundam is quite yet for instance though it could end up being two 25 episode seasons. I’m sure they’ll be doing one of those given how big the series is. Well, he’s at least working on it.

    Going to do the rest tomorrow.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-23 20:41
    Dann of Thursday
    They certainly seem very excited at the prospect of doing so and have been quite grateful with the positive response the game has received thus far. Those systems are definitely ones I want to know more of and with any luck they’ll be able to handle them in a good way.

    With any luck the wait will be worth it and you can usually count on Nintendo to create well-tuned games that don’t have massive problems on launch. But Star Fox is coming to the Wii U and not the handheld? Or did you mean that port of the N64 game they put on the 3DS a few years back. Especially curious in the sad wake of Iwata’s death, but it may depend on what sort of thing the NX ends up being.

    One thing I’m not sure on is what sort specs it needs. I think it will also depend on how compelling the campaign is since that was one of the major problems with Destiny for a lot of people, even if the gameplay was solid. I just wish Ubisoft would stop with those demos with the pre-recorded phony dialogue. Have fun with that if you do as I’m staying far away from that one.

    That and the better tech of systems today and their higher familiarity with it now. I feel like you’d need to either change them up in a big way or create new ones in some form to keep it pushing forward and not feeling like a retread. Granted, the classes really did just end up being Warrior, Rogue, and Mage with Hybrid classes there as well and they’ve always kept to that. And that has the potential to be really fun or a chore depending on how they play it.

    Oh definitely. That aspect always irritated me since it made it a chore in situations where you ended up with members you hadn’t been focusing on. I think it could be okay with things like leveling Materia since that still encourages you to switch it up while not making it quite the problem when the previously mentioned situation arrives. I’m just prepared for the expected outrage no matter what happens at this point, though given how aware SE has to be on this project perhaps they’ll be considerate in how they give info out to try and avoid that if they can. We’re a long ways off anyway and at least we have their more upcoming projects to look forward to hearing about.

    Given how far out it is I think I’d be okay doing it sometime soon than waiting, though it’s on the backburner while I try to get through some other things when I can find the time. Still trying to avoid juggling too much and I want to have at least one of the ones I’m doing now done by the time Zestiria comes around.

    Yes, I’ll be happy with what I can get even if it’s not precisely what I expected originally, but that was so long ago I feel I’d sort of left behind a lot of expectations I had in the past. Only a few more weeks till we get to see more anyway.

    I feel like that’s been the case with them and other companies creating their own engines and then having it sort of backfire on them, though I suppose that Frostbite engine from EA has been working out well enough for them.

    That’s definitely something I’d wish they’d learn to do better though they have made some strides. I definitely had a lot of fun with them and wouldn’t mind seeing some enhanced version of that system make an appearance. I guess it would just depend on the scope of the game compared to XV, but that’s just a random thought on my part that I don’t actually think will happen. I think announcing it when you’re not too far would be even better, but waiting until you have a release that’s not too far off that you’re confident of is quite acceptable as well.

    I agree with that sentiment as it’s definitely makes it feel like a more real product than one that’s years away from ever giving you a good look at it.

    It’s also relieving to see in the wake of all that talk that he could end up leaving the company that was going around.

    I’m probably going to end up making that list smaller depending on how things are for next year. Maybe wait for a few to get really cheap. Ratchet and Clank and Last Guardian are also ones that shouldn’t take all that long if I power through. It’s mainly that I have a tendency to wander or get sidetracked that’s the issue.

    Yeah, I’ll probably do the same at some point as I’m sure there are plenty of playthroughs to get a look at. That it would most likely and I am curious what sort of mode it would have for single player. Something like that could be possible though I heard mixed things on it from people that played Titanfall so who knows what Ubisoft will do.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-07-23 19:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it’s such a jumble of plots from what I have read regarding the story that actually getting through them all would take more time than I probably had. From that sound of things that new one could be even bigger than the Witcher. I think I’m going to try going with waiting on releases more now since I often find I just don’t have the time to put in and by the time I do I could have gotten it cheaper. Aside from exceptions like FFXV or releases that I have reason to believe might be limited prints.

    You could certainly do some interesting things with a boss fight like that, though Platinum generally does well with gigantic boss fights. Activision has done that with several good teams like Raven Software who used to make stuff like the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. All that said, I do think this Platinum game could be promising. They’ve been working on it since at least last year and it certainly captures the look perfectly.


    Hopefully what we get is at least substantial. I do wonder what it might say for how they’re thinking XV might do if they really think VII is a potential saving grace. I’d be really disappointed if a lot of the humorous and weird stuff in the game gets taken out due to a reason like that. It would largely depend on the ultimate style of everything I guess. I’m not sure enough people really care that much about that stuff to be honest. I’d certainly be fine if they just left it though for the sake of expanding on the materiel for the full game I expect some of it may find its way in. It’s been long enough that some details might not be as fresh in people’s minds as well.

    There was recently a comment that they were still aiming for a global release so there’s that. Spring or Fall 2016 seems the safest bet. Hopefully we see some more systems like magic or something.

    Yeah, though they’re clearly going through everything again to see what needs to be changed and I sort of think we’ll get a completely new script since this game will have voice acting in all likelihood. I’d say earliest would be 2018 unless they can really get a lot of work done relatively quickly and have it actually be a quality game.

    Which is kind of a shame since I’ve come to really appreciate that older style given how well it can convey areas in terms of things like size and such. I guess so.

    I’m still genuinely curious how far they truly are, though perhaps whatever we get during the winter will give a better impression on where they are.

    I’d think that optimization would be a goal of theirs given how much games tend to be dissected in terms of graphics these days. Something to look forward to at any rate, along with everything else. To us perhaps, but Uncharted is a big enough series for Sony that it’s considered to be one of the biggest releases next year.

    I suppose I’m just hoping for a higher amount of new species compared to returning ones since with the new galaxy and such you’d hope to see quite a few new ones. Or perhaps give us a party member of a species from the first series that never got one. Yeah, they haven’t said a thing about it since and I’d be surprised if we saw anything new before late in the year, which is fine given everything else going on.

    Yes, a sequel is always an opportunity to enhance and fix aspects of the previous game so I’m curious what they can do with this one to accomplish that even if I never played the first. It’d be cool if they each had independent campaigns that intersected at times with each of them talking to the other throughout. Given how prevalent a complaint it was I’d have to really think they’d try to address it like how the new Deus Ex is doing so with the issues the first had in that department. True, it’s more the fact that it’s there and I’d feel I was missing out or something by not doing it.

    Definitely interested in how they’ve managed to change things up with that one.

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