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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Today 01:09
    Dann of Thursday
    Pretty much. Hopefully some good news comes through soon.

    It's definitely a downer on things and not something I expected to see at all.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    Today 01:07
    Dann of Thursday
    The circumstances seemed to be that the brother lied and was running off with their valuables. The husband caught him and the brother attacked him which led to the latter being killed in self-defense.

    Yeah, I'd expect something like that happening , but curious who we might see since the next would conceivably be the continuation of the story. And this would also be the first fourth game I think since that new ME sounds like it's not really a sequel.

    Yeah, that specialization seems kind of boring compared to the other two honestly, though a couple of the abilities are alright. You certainly can if you just use Spirit Blade. Haven't played with it much. Seems ok for the most part.

    Yes, I've definitely gotten that impression based on what I've watched thus far.

    I'm a little unclear on where Sony's ownership is at this point given all that has happened with them. And who knows what's going on anymore with what's coming in the comics. I didn't even bother with the second movie since I just didn't care for anything I'd seen of it, despite liking Garfield as well as Stone as Gwen. At least they seem to have gotten on a better track, though hopefully they can keep it up with the Apocalypse movie.

    I'm sure there's someone out there who could accomplish it, but I don't know who. I feel one of the problems is that they never go full out with his origin and embrace the silliness of it all.

    Been reading a bit on it so I'll definitely try to attend whatever results. Will probably do Wicked Hearts tomorrow or Sunday. Hopefully that's not too annoying. I just hate timed missions.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    Today 00:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, it sounded quite serious though they haven't disclosed what happened to him. And yeah, funding seems to have gone just fine which is great. Just hope everything goes alright.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 19:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Don't know if you saw the news but Monty Oum has been hospitalized. No details on what happened but it seems serious.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-29 22:29
    Dann of Thursday
    Curious what they might do with him in the next game or how many repeat party members we'll see at all.

    Rogue is relatively simple between Tempest and Assassin. Knight Enchanter is the most powerful mage class, but it can be potentially boring unless you branch out into using the different elements. Rift Mage by comparison is a rather fun class to use.

    I didn't realize they had full on plots going with this show actually.

    He's really the main thing I'm concerned about with this. I actually wish Marvel had the rights to FF back so we could possibly get a truer representation. And then adapt Triumph and Torment into a movie with Dr. Strange.

    I certainly have trouble thinking of an actor off hand who could capture him well. Most of the ones they tend to pick sound off, though that's probably due to how they write him.

    Was going to ask how you wanted to proceed with that when we got to it. I favor that path as well, even if it might lose an alliance.

    Will do.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-29 21:59
    Dann of Thursday
    Quick question, did the Caged Confession quest and ended up telling the woman about her brother for approval. Is that alright or would you prefer something else?
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-28 01:14
    Dann of Thursday
    I think part of it may be that, as someone mentioned, it all pushes his character forward through his interactions with others.

    Well, it's abilities are still useful for the most except with things like dragon battles and even that can be compensated through the use of other abilities. Around everything else it seems to do just fine.

    I started seeing this sort of thing a couple years back when one of my sisters was into cooking and thus had it on all the time. Definitely curious how long until we get to see such a match or if they'll even show it to us. I could see them just showing the aftermath loss to sort of keep the mystery up. It'd also be a good time to meet some of the other members of the 10.

    I do like the science adventure vibe the trailer seems to give for the group, but Doom remains the worrisome part. Unfortunately, the hacker part appears to be a fact of the character with Doom being an online alias last I checked. That said, there's an easter egg in the trailer that leads to something online related to Latvaria, so perhaps they're putting a bit of it in there.

    I just find it weird that the best version of Doom has generally been in the animated sphere. Hell, I was never a big fan of that 90's series, but their Doom was great. Having the voice of Kain was a good choice as well:
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-27 17:24
    Dann of Thursday
    After playing some more, I think I'll go with Templar here. Might go back at some point to see how Reaver works everything later on. So I should have more videos up in a bit. Aside from assigning points, I'm going to go to all the areas in order to establish the first camps and then go forward with Cullen's mission.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-27 14:10
    Dann of Thursday
    First trailer for Fantastic Four out. Not too much to go off of since it's a teaser. I think the guy talking at the very end it suppose to be Doom. I think they're going with him perhaps being severely injured in whatever experiment is at the beginning and the suit being a consequence of that.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-27 00:36
    Dann of Thursday
    I actually found one that's around 5 hours long. I quite like Cole's interactions with everyone.

    At the very least, I've found that as long as you have guard up, your HP being low isn't too much of a problem. Dragon Rage can't actually kill you as it simply becomes unavailable if you get low enough. Still, need to experiment more.

    Ah, cool. I've seen the American version before a few times, but never the Japanese version. Thanks, I'll take a look at it. That certainly sounds like an interesting experience. I'm sure they'll at least have him face off with someone on the Elite Ten, though how they lead into that and how quickly. Maybe Eizan to show off what he can personally do? For some reason, it being Erina would be surprising to me.

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