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Orga777 Orga777 is offline

TRUE! Lelouch is dead! XD

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  1. Revolutionist
    2010-08-09 18:06
    hey you still around man? it's been a long time since I've seen ya around.
  2. demon_god04
    2009-05-17 09:18
    Well, I am leaving for Greece in a few hours, see you in a month or so, unless I manage to get internet.
  3. demon_god04
    2009-05-16 22:48
    True enough. Bah it still irks me about DBZ

    That guy was just a really persistent troll. Annoying as all hell. Thank god he was banned.

    Me and eliarine never really got along so that is not a surprise.
  4. demon_god04
    2009-05-16 12:38
    Really it gets so fustrating watching the series like that. Honestly you have to wonder what people saw in DBZ and why it became so popular.

    Well I gave one to Babagunsh or whatever his name is, remember that totally obvious troll that comes in to spew crap. And the other was to Eliarine, she gave me a neg rep cause she basically could not reply and had nothing to her argument but was angry for me calling her out on her playing victim in the threads and saying she was done with a subject but keeps coming back to bring it up again. I just answered in kind because that got annoying.
  5. demon_god04
    2009-05-16 11:27
    Well, I think that is mainly because the first season doesn't really have those three episode long powerups before the fights actually start, plus they start dragging out the fights longer and longer to waste time.

    Well honestly I have only given neg rep like twice, and both times I tagged my name behind the comments so if they did not agree I'd welcome them to change my mind.
  6. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 19:19
    I think part of it is down to the type of audience anime tends to attract over here - usually, the growing impressionable teen. A lot of mistakes tend to be made down the road at that age, and it reflects significantly in their interests (or rather, reasons why they like their interests).

    They so siwwy. :V
  7. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 19:03
    Logic? On an anime forum?
    ARE YOU MAD!? D:<

    Ah, anime fans. Maybe it's that I don't compare them to most other fans enough, but some of them really know how to lose a screw. <3
  8. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 18:55
    High-five. o/
  9. demon_god04
    2009-05-15 18:32
    Dragonball was more as like a comedy and then anything else and that was a fun read, Z was just... long and crappy.

    To me it is not so much like a problem to me personally, but more that it is a shift from actual debate to just spiting someone.
  10. demon_god04
    2009-05-15 08:28
    When you say first season, do you mean the original Dragonball where Goku was a kid?

    Either way, I'd rather they do original movies.

    I actually laughed this morning when I checked my user CP to see if anyone posted anything new in the Kara no Kyoukai thread. someone apparently thought that my examples were so bad that they tried to give me a neg rep, except that it was just a gray rep since they have not posted enough. It kinda saddens me in a way though, getting an influx of these people that rather then offer a rebuttal with substance, they just take a childish shot at something they disagree but do not have anything to back up why.

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