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  1. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-08-27 04:24
    Cosmic Eagle
    Coz you and Saintess don't really post much no? And not in the ongoing series sections.

    There, some noob who's been here for like 2 months at most, with some twisted ideas get all defensive when you lightly respond to them and instead of agreeing to disagree, they take to spamming your user CP with BS...There's good reason I blacked mine out

    And since I spend more time VM-ing my contacts....maybe it's time to cease posting for good...
  2. XxSleepyxX
    2012-08-27 04:18
    First its people selling your hardwork. Next is a blog thats asking people for donations? Than is the people that spamming you asking for more.

    Oh thats cool. I like SAO more than AW. And it isn't because the MC's fat. Although everytime I see haruyuki it feels out of place. Although I think the concept of AW is better. And it character develops better than SAO. I like SAO cause in the end the focus is on Kirito xD. But I want to read when Haruyuki turns into chrome disaster! Better yet Baka-test should of been on the poll. I need more baka-epicness hehe.
  3. XxSleepyxX
    2012-08-27 04:09
    Lol you must be bored than. The day Ping leaves B-T is the day I start learning japanese.
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-08-27 04:07
    Cosmic Eagle
    You just need to be like me

    Neg repping me over your warped morals in a Shana thread? Ok there goes any chance of Shana translation continuing.

    And I went over to translate White Album 2 while Shana dies on the vine.

    It's very easy when not translating is far more effortless than translating
  5. XxSleepyxX
    2012-08-27 04:05
    Ohhh! Friend invite from teh_ping! xD. Yeah i heard about that. Its better to let someone finish or the flow sounds weird. Too bad for me I can't tell the difference xD. So i ended up reading summaries for Vanadis. Its pretty cool XD. I think the rest of the world is currently asleep what are you currently busy doing?
  6. XxSleepyxX
    2012-08-27 03:53
    I actually played that game briefly. Killing chickens.
  7. Netto Azure
    2012-08-27 00:39
    Netto Azure
    What does THAT POST mean? ROTFL.
  8. XxSleepyxX
    2012-08-26 22:08
    According to Kira ping goes on irc! THIS MUST BE A MYTH I SAY! A MYTH!!!!!!!!!
  9. Netto Azure
    2012-08-24 15:39
    Netto Azure
    Nah, I've kept up with it since 2nd Season came out. But yeah.

    Plus I usually ask that question
  10. Netto Azure
    2012-08-24 03:59
    Netto Azure
    Whoah so the TWGOK manga came first brfore the LN :O

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