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The Restless FTL

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  1. SilverSyko
    2012-07-01 02:41
    Pardon me Mr. Ping but I was directed here by another member by the name of Chaos2Frozen, and I was wondering if you would be so kind to assist me with something? He has told me you are quite knowledgeable about such things.

    I've decided that the anime I want to watch this upcoming summer season is "Sword Art Online". The main reason for this decision was because it was based around a similar premise of an online game like ".hack" is, which is one series in particular that I've really enjoyed.

    Problem is though after researching it, I've become a little disheartened at the fact there's such an abundance of female characters and that there's actually a harem aspect of the series. However, the male lead sounds awesome enough that I'm still willing to watch it.

    Mainly I just want to know, does it actually tell an interesting story that deeply analyzes the characters whilst accompanied by a creative and interesting world? Or is it more comedy focused with a large amount of otaku pandering?
  2. Marcus H.
    2012-06-22 00:29
    Marcus H.
    Well, I'm not really a fan of basketball, but seeing how a single game goes (especially watching the faces of the losing team when the game is won through a buzzer-beater) is interesting.

    And the thread now becomes a relay match between the Bron haters and the LeBronies.
  3. kuroishinigami
    2012-06-17 19:54
    I'll continue around august when there's a 1 week national holiday here. Sorry, too many professional exam this year that makes me has to semi retire from translating >_<. I might return to my slow translating speed next year, but no promise lol
  4. Chaos2Frozen
    2012-06-17 08:34
    No more than I would staring at a computer screen while reading roughly the same thing
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2012-06-17 07:53
    Hmmm, ah well it was worth a shot...

    Picked up C3 v5 today, I was hoping that maybe reading an actual book would help me power through all 'em Chinese Does that make sense to you ?

    There wasn't any v4, but maybe that's for the better- I heard v5 have more epiciness...
  6. Chaos2Frozen
    2012-06-17 06:11
    Have you heard of [Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi] and [Light x Right] ? I was down at Kino today and those two Light Novels caught my eye...
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-15 10:13
    Cosmic Eagle
    Yeah he does. But at times the repetition gets tedious no? Well at least the plot is good.

    Although vol 10 has quite a few ???
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-15 09:46
    Cosmic Eagle
    BTW, in this case, how you find Kagami's writing style in Itsuten? can tahan or not?
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-15 09:26
    Cosmic Eagle
    Is no minus on Asura Cryin' to be lacking in certain aspects compared to Zaregoto seeing as how Asura Cryin' isn't even the same genre as it.

    Zaregoto is more like a...character analysis kind of story while Asura isn't. The things Ii-kun says as you slowly see just what an effed up person he is and those dark areas of the human mind are what really attracted me to it.

    Too bad I have only up to vol 4....The rest I'll get only after I finish Muv Luv Alt. TE and Zetsuen no Tempest...
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-15 09:17
    Cosmic Eagle
    Not just language...the psychological ripping apart of the characters is what really stands's like Monogatari on crack

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