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The Restless FTL

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  1. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 09:47
    Netto Azure
    I agree. :3

    Surprisingly enough I agree with that, although I am one of those people with a rating scale of 7-10 LOL. Still as I said it's the overall theme that gets to me, for example, even though ALO isn't as emotionally attaching as SAO, it still does all the shonen tropes really well and presents it pretty refreshingly.

    This GIF goes really well with that.
  2. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 09:23
    Netto Azure
    Such is life. Sadly, I can't get be much of help in finding a translator. Otherwise I wouldn't be depending on you guys to do so in the first place eh?

    Personally, even without that chapter, I would have still enjoyed the novels a lot the theme's that each arc of SAO goes through is what really drives it and not make it seem too much tedious to read after 9+ volumes. I was just surprised that it even existed in the fist place though.

    And nah, don't let it get you down, I believe that the fandom truly appreciates your efforts. I most certainly do. A lot of people wouldn't have probably enjoyed this series without you guys, and that's not fun. I'd rather have an outspoken fanbase that truly loves what I like, than being alone in liking something because of the language barrier.

    But that's just me I guess, some people might really like being "all hipster and elitist" but I don't, I like sharing my experiences with others. Although I do become pushy about it sometimes.
  3. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 05:53
    Netto Azure
    Ah a QB contract? Initially I was surprised by this, but then realized it's not that much of a worry,volume. 10 trans lations are more important after all.

    Nevertheless it's probably going to become an inside joke to us older LN fans. And since the translations been out for so long, it's relatively easy to obtain for those who ask. But still I do have to point out that SAO doujins would still "pollute the minds" of new fans even without ch.16.5. This is 2012 after all, not 2000, where the term Rule 34 didn't exist in the anime/manga/video game industry. XD
  4. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 01:46
    Netto Azure
    Oh and also good luck with the damage control. :3
  5. Netto Azure
    2012-07-22 14:23
    Netto Azure
    Ah now that's a lot more complicated. Funding is much easier to transfer, but shipping physically is always a pain. Urgh, will try and keep a lookout for someone who might be willing.
  6. Netto Azure
    2012-07-22 03:13
    Netto Azure
    Hmm...funding and shipping issues?
  7. Netto Azure
    2012-07-22 02:05
    Netto Azure
    Ah, that's great. Good luck with Volume 10!
  8. Netto Azure
    2012-07-21 13:22
    Netto Azure
    That's even more admirable that you guys could coordinate it in such a way to make the reading experience fluid. xD
  9. Netto Azure
    2012-07-21 03:14
    Netto Azure
    Oh wow, you're one of the translators for SAO? Thank you very much for your hard work and the rest of the team. Those were some High quality translations. (b")b
  10. Patchy
    2012-07-06 02:18
    Hey TP-sama really apologize for not seeing your request,

    btw here's your request (uber late)

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