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  1. Netto Azure
    2012-07-26 03:16
    Netto Azure
    Oh ok. Just take your time, the SAO anime should be enough to satisfy people's wants.

    Just you know, finish before this season ends.
  2. Netto Azure
    2012-07-26 02:57
    Netto Azure
    So when will it be out? :>
  3. Netto Azure
    2012-07-26 02:37
    Netto Azure
    Didn't you see MY POST? XD
  4. Athena
    2012-07-25 16:21
    Ping, you love Kyuubei too much.

    (BTW, Kira here)
  5. XxSleepyxX
    2012-07-25 12:32
    Miyama-Zero is the dude who does the art for Oda lol. Hes known for lolis. Thats why his art is better in oda than dxd. Hes also done some art for a few eroges. Just had to say it when you mentioned that art on b-t.
  6. Netto Azure
    2012-07-25 01:00
    Netto Azure
    Hahahaha. You're like all the way across the Pacific ocean LOL. (The trauma is amazing over that series) (Pffft...Masou-Shojo contract? Jeez watching Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka, but anyways send it when u can :3)

    It's easily available as you said, I'm over that already. There's already that darn Floor 22 colored lulzy doujin anyways. xD Meh, that's life I'm already happy with what you guys do. Heck as I said before many English fans wouldn't be this dedicated without you guys.

    Oh I agree, but we get spurts of the sports arena...and the Olympics LOL.

    Yeah, I play for the plot, so I wait for the English release xP
  7. Netto Azure
    2012-07-25 00:31
    Netto Azure
    Where did you go? XD (*CoughI'mtakingyourVolume10previewofferPMPLZcough *)

    Oh I probably did...but that was a week or so ago...did you read our convo all the way then? XD

    And naw, it's not that big a deal, Although it would be nice to get more official web novel side stories lol.

    Of course it's not, but where could people channel their nationalistic energies nowadays? xP

    Oh, of course it's a fun game LOL. Although I'm in the middle of my PKMN HG walkthrough. xD
    Still waiting for White 2 tho. :<
  8. Netto Azure
    2012-07-25 00:04
    Netto Azure
    You move around a lot? And you never did LOL. (PREVIEW PM PLZ )

    Well yes I know, this is the VM system after all but yeah looking back I never did mention anything about the Nasuverse here yet...Maybe my MAL?

    That's for example. Riots everywhere over that LOL. that the all ages version? There's an official US release? :O
  9. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 23:09
    Netto Azure
    Wow, that's quite fast. I thought you had shipping problems...Did you go with the Scan route? AND OK THEN I WANT PREVIEWS NOW IF IT'S COMING OUT ANYWAYS.

    How did you know I liked FZ and F/SN? I don't believe I mentioned that before in this forum. O.O

    Surprisingly enough Anime fans aren't so bad as portrayed by others. It's actually a pretty fun community. Still IDK about dropping IQ's but I do agree that once you become a fan, some sense of rationality goes out the window. xD

    I will, am just trying to get the right copy for the Amaterasu translations. Still I feel seriously behind not being able to play TE, After The Day and read the Euro Front stuff.
  10. Netto Azure
    2012-07-24 22:22
    Netto Azure
    Oh please, K-Pop fans are even worse. With their color coded catfight competitions. xD

    I would definitely love that...yet The wait for the whole thing would make my heart beat so fast. Still how could I say no?

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