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The Restless FTL

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  1. Seitsuki
    2012-05-29 04:17
    Ah hah.. ah haha..?.. Ping sama sure has a brutal sense of humour, but.. that's part of what we love about you after all..

    I'll just casually be on my way out
  2. Seitsuki
    2012-05-28 20:09
    Ehh?? Butbut..! I was serious?! Besides uhm, there's no shame in it right? We all have characteristics that we may not be particularly proud of, what's important is to acce..

    Please don't hurt me..
  3. Seitsuki
    2012-05-28 19:52
    You can't spell manly withou--!

    I just wanted to say that, regardless of anything, I truly, deeply, sincerely respect and admire you from the bottom of my heart.. and.. uhm.. >_>;;
  4. dragon1412
    2012-05-28 10:43
    i told you before, most people don't understand the diffirence between translating LN and Manga... no, evn when the manga release is slow, they can easily find another title to read in the waiting time or wait for another goup to pick it up but the LN translating community is completly diffirent the number of translating site is only 3-4 site and even the largest currently is BT only have about 20 title with diffirent taste, and normally the LN translation are below the raw 1-3 vol, plus some translator like you have a very high speed translating which make them keep demanding when the speed drop, so the most effective way is sometimes rage to let out all your frustration but don't think about it too much, when you rage, some of them can sympathize and understand a little bit more about the work and you can let all four feeling outs, thats good isn't it, tolerating them is a good idea but its fine to let it out sometims, you have to let them know you are human too.
  5. kuroishinigami
    2012-05-28 08:43
  6. Seitsuki
    2012-05-28 03:39
    Hehe, yeah. Although even now I still feel periodical urges to TL (totally not because I care about them or anything!) which I can only ignore because my care meter has managed to be depleted so low. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to keep going despite all the crap you go through.. guess we're all a bit M deep down ^^;;
  7. Seitsuki
    2012-05-28 03:05
    Urk..! Knew that would bite me..

    Well, you have been working really hard for a long time. Think you're overdue for a break ^^;;

    I feel terrible since I only ended up doing a few chapters and gave up already.. my motivation runs out fast. The whole thing's kinda disillusioning..
  8. Seitsuki
    2012-05-27 21:06
    Just noticed.. you've been nominated for promotion? Congratulations! And good luck!
  9. Chaos2Frozen
    2012-05-25 04:16
    You don't say- Every time I post a new chapter of my Toaru horror fic I keep asking myself if it worth it... >.>

    Maybe I should go back to trolling Nanoha yuri fans...
  10. Miraluka
    2012-05-24 12:50
    Oh, how long without talking to you Ping!!!

    Wait, how my post ended here?

    Mizuki IS my current favorite character (second next to her is Yoshii's sis) but with the never-ending status quo, well, it just bothers me like any other series. I enjoyed more reading the novels than watching the tv series <:3.

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