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  1. kuroishinigami
    2013-11-12 01:41
    So, I've finally finished reading tsukumodo(and Log Horizon, which is IMO pretty good, although I don't know if fantasy story is to your liking ). While it was good and the main couple is hngh inducing, there's one thing that make me want to tear my head out. Why's the conclusion of the story so depressing Does the author an S who want to make his/her reader depressed or what even Dantalian, which almost to be in the same genre as this has more story with happier conclusion
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-11-11 23:36
    Cosmic Eagle
    Anyway, AFA was epic....that Nana and TMR duet...and that Elisa and Angela....And Egoist on friday....

    Or that Knights of Sidonia segment...
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-11-11 23:28
    Cosmic Eagle
    Kongo is awesome...she's perfect
  4. Sleep_ping
    2013-10-19 08:51

    I planned for Talleyrand to be the follow-up to Biblia, and it certainly is more light-hearted. With Biblia 5 though, I don't know when I get the chance to pick it up.

    For Magdala, I prefer the worldbuilding in this story. Certainly, volume 1's end was underwhelming, but 2 and 3 really picked up the slack in my opinion. I like how Kusla's character is built from past experiences more than his inherent personality, the latter more prominent than in Lawrence's case, and this allows him to be the 'parent' to Fenesis (the parent-child dynamic between them is something I find refreshing), though I do like Lawrence's character as well. Both Kuroi and I agree that Holo > Fenesis though.
  5. Valky
    2013-10-16 04:49
    I see. Thank you for that. Didn't realize they already put the pre-order. BD pre-order is a strong evidence after all.
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-10-11 17:17
    Cosmic Eagle
    Thanks...I love reading stories from the Japanese blend of local legend and Buddhism.

    I don't play MMOs except for War Thunder.

    I play mainly JRPGs and AVG....Can't consider me a standard gamer type in that sense. In fact for the former I play them mainly on PSP
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-10-11 00:18
    Cosmic Eagle
    I have the same trouble actually...Tht's why I read mainly manga these days while waiting for releases linked to games I play.

    The closest I can think of that fits your requirements are games...

    BTW, speaking of Ravens, that incantation in the first you have the actual words? I keep hearing it everywhere...sounds like the 天狗経....need to check
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-10-10 23:28
    Cosmic Eagle

    What version of the release is this from?
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-10-10 22:49
    Cosmic Eagle
    No no...I meant book manga wise. So that's it...

    Coz I recalled seeing his art style in Kino.
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-10-10 22:42
    Cosmic Eagle
    Does he (she?) do any manga?

    Some of the pics look...very familiar

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