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  1. kuroishinigami
    2014-06-01 02:37
    ooh, gonna buy it with my next wave of order from kino XD. Thanks for the recommendation
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-04-24 12:01
    Cosmic Eagle
    He's baiting while proving what a retard he is that's all....must be some 40 year old NEET or 15 year old turd

    haha nahh...not that often. And I have never left Asia
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-04-21 17:48
    Cosmic Eagle
    Overhyped by see how they burn the books and disciminate actual customers? This goes beyond overhyped to stupidity-I-should-just-go-fuck-a-goat level.

    I am not sick of the SHAFT style but it's applied badly here...oh my eyes...

    No idea.....Can't really tell until the sales for the discs start to show.

    I just returned. Spent 14 days there....half in Daejon, latter half in Seoul.

    Was great. Very similar to Japan.
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-04-19 09:53
    Cosmic Eagle
    Did you see that new title by Ayasaki Syun? (The Kachoufugetsu and Noble Children guy....I's a he right?)


    Just bought the first vol...I think this one is gearing up to focus more on the romance aspect rather than mystery I think..

    How far are you with Kagepro novels? Following the anime?

    Lol speaking about Korean animators....The place surprisingly, is quite full of Jap otaku stores...And it seems White Album 2 is quite popular there lol
  5. Hell_ping
    2014-04-12 23:07
    1. She has a hint of Lady Macbeth in her.
    2. I thought you hated the harem aspect XD? Nah, it was pretty much OTL right from the get-go.
    3. I see that you like the start to the Nanana anime.

    No way is Marida going to be left alive after this. At that point, she's more of a plot device than a character because of how she is the driving force between so many people's actions, most notably Alberto, who I feel deserves to have his comeuppance after all the mistakes he made before. It's tragic, but what's left for Marida to do after the war?
  6. Westlo
    2014-04-10 05:02
    I started reading the anime thread and saw manga readers complain about the expressions not being as good as the anime. Really there was nothing wrong with the expressions, and people forget this is also a voiced medium so you don't have to exaggerate as much. Unless a particular "Style" of expression is a calling card of sorts for a manga (like think Magi or FMA with their expressions) you don't really need to overplay such an aspect in this medium. But yeah LN/Manga fans gonna fan, always going to overact to the point where it makes actual legitimate points/times look like more usual whining.

    I'm enjoying Log Horizon, actually stopped at the same point you did when the Princess was walking down the stairs. I don't think it's an "9" quality anime but it will probably end up being a solid 7 or great 8 in my books. Also everyone seems to rave about the OP song.... but to me... it's the ED song that's takes it... I just love when anime have ending themes start up before the actual credits. Ever since Macross Plus and "after in the dark". It just really adds to certain scenes if the song suits.. I mean shit Roundabout and JoJo episode 6 is just one of the best examples of segue into the ED.

    As for sales king of... I guess you mean Spring? Really only between Mahouka and Mekaku City.... I'll go with Mekaku City... I think Mahouka gonna be SAO/Anohana levels while MC can reach nearish Madoka levels.

    Bakemonogatari still the king! Please release Kizu Shaft

    I really need to finish DRRR season 1.

    Tokyo Ghoul going to be that hyped up? lol eoten.

    Most people wouldn't even know koreans animate a lot of shit we see these days lol.
  7. Hell_ping
    2014-04-04 09:48
    I got my copy. Haven't touched my copy of Volume 2 though

    Nobody I know of for the latter.
  8. Iron Maw
    2014-03-31 09:41
    Iron Maw
    Look we have the similar tastes in MADs because I actually saw that months ago and it became instant favorite for me too. I've got an account just for reference.

    As for sales are concerned, TR seemed moderately popular before it got an adaptation (IIRC avg about 23-25k). In fact right before the anime was aired, some of the later volumes 8 and 10 got a boost. It and it seems now that sales have now surged again:

    Too bad it's ebooks rather than hard copies/paybacks since Oricon doesn't count digital sales but a good sign eitherway. I think when vol 11 comes out next it's sales will get us a decent indicator how much effect the anime had in strengthening series awareness. If LN sales have double then a 2nd season not unlikely. We production committees are far more how original product fares TV series anyway.

    So yeah there is some hope.
  9. Iron Maw
    2014-03-30 02:17
    Iron Maw
    Nice find!

    That was great, but do you how disable the scrolling comments on that?

    EDIT: Nevermind, seems like I finally got it after like an hour of trial & error.
  10. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-22 10:42
    It's only the first book, so not that fast w. The sparks are there though.

    As for mystery, frankly, I'm a little disappointed with it. After opening with a murder scene right away, I was expecting the murder to be the main topic of the mystery, but instead I got 1/3 of the book concerning the murder, and the other 2/3 containing mystery of hyakunin isshu orz. The book itself is entertaining and educating, and the characters are charming, but for someone who knows zip about hyakunin isshu, I'm mostly left with "what are they talking about" instead of "oh, this interpretation of hyakunin isshu is interesting". I don't know if I'll buy next volume or not, but even if I do, it will be after I read several reviews next time what's the main topic in the book.

    For mystery book, Higashino is still king(and his book is interesting IMO) currently, so it's no wonder so it's a little wonder that his book is in Oricon charts alot.

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