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  1. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-08-10 21:52
    Cosmic Eagle
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-08-07 13:02
    Cosmic Eagle
    Is Uchouten Kazoku being continued by the author?
  3. kuroishinigami
    2013-08-06 06:32
    Wow *_*. Perfect answer lol. I need to re-read the things to answer some of the question(only know the edogawa ranpou questions lol. Only LN title I read these days are Kamachi's work, Mahouka, and spill over from my old one(Durarara, Kino no Tabi, Baka to Test). For the many harem works these days, I only read if there's translation of it(doesn't want to waste brain power and time to read it in Japanese lol. In English I can read a volume in 4-5 hours).

    Still looking for interesting collection of short stories such as aru hi, bakudan ga ochitekita XD.
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-08-06 02:57
    Cosmic Eagle
    Speaking of you know when the ED is out?
  5. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-08-05 12:37
    Cosmic Eagle
    Nekomonogatari is not bad. You should watch it soon
  6. Sleep_ping
    2013-08-05 12:26
    I know that hurts...
  7. Westlo
    2013-08-04 10:16
    I was actually surprised she got offed in the first episode, I mean I never followed the show when it aired but I did see some of the pre-airing key visuals and the like, so she looked like a prominent character. Well in a way she still was but not in the way I expected her to be, and characters that are used in this way for episode 1's usually don't get shown off as much.

    And yeah I'm really enjoying G so far, though I've fallen behind by two episodes. Really liking that Yoko Hikasa is Maria, she'll get the change to sing all out in this show.

    Haven't had any time to watch Crowds, how does Iwasaki's score hold up after the first four episodes? I really hope he gets back to his best one day, Sawano's becoming too predictable and is overrated, Kajiura's a bit more hit and miss these days, Fate/Zero great, SAO, meh personified. Katou I think has heaps of talent, Horizon showed him at his best (and I really rate that score) but man doing 3 series at once right now... in Free, Daybreak and Prisma☆Illya... too much. Would love to see Iwasaki go back to his Gurren Lagann level with Kill la Kill...

    Catch up on Monogatari? I only watched episode 1 but super hyped for the start of next arc, I think I'll watch that one weekly and than try and watch all I missed.

    Tokyo Ravens good? What do you think of the 5 MF Bunko J LNs that just got announced? Also what do you think of Mahouka?
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-31 20:38
    Cosmic Eagle
    You know what...Uchouten Kazoku is effectively best anime for me this season
  9. kuroishinigami
    2013-07-24 11:48
    Ooh!! If you recommend it that much, then I guess Tokyo Zodiac Murder is a must read for me, especially when you mention that it is almost as classic as And Then There Were None, which in my opinion is still one of the best Christie's work(and I've almost read all of them). I'll order it together with my next batch of LN. And yes, Suspect X was super amazing, even more so in the novel. I've bought the new galileo novel that also going to be adapted as movie, but I haven't read it yet XD.

    As for 月見月理解 and 付喪堂, is the "detective" character the heroines that you said is interesting? Are their quirks and the tricks interesting?
  10. Sleep_ping
    2013-07-24 03:54
    I did, point for me to rush through volumes 9 and 10 huh?

    Anyway, here's a sample work:

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