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  1. kuroishinigami
    2013-07-22 08:09
    I haven't read those two titles O_O. Is it good? I've read most of the well-known English mystery novel(Ellery Queen, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, Carr), but for Japanese, I think I only read one or two because I don't know that much about the good one(Higashino's Galileo Tantei, Aoyagi Aito's Hamamura Nagisa Keisan Note, Biblia, and Bannou Kanteishi Q that you recommended).

    And I agree, Biblia 5 when ;_;?
  2. kuroishinigami
    2013-07-20 00:33
    Lol. yeah, this author is definitely not for everyone. I actually like the metallurgy description(well, I also like the economic description in Spice and Wolf so I guess it's not that surprising ), but I definitely can see how this part will bore a lot of people though . But, if you're looking for more クースラxフェネシス, you definitely won't be disappointed, and although the metallurgy tidbits is still there, it's not as heavy as vol 1(which IMO is a world building volume) and the side character will be explored more. Overall, I think that the pacing in this series is quite similar to Spice and Wolf, where the author make the relationship between the two main protagonist advance by volume-by-volume adversity. The author just decide to take even more obscure subject(metallurgy) than before(economy) which might make it even more boring for some reader . I have to ask though, did you like Spice and Wolf?

    Also, I agree that フェネシス is soooo cute even for non-loli lover like me, especially when she's being teased by クースラ (just like a little kitten that you want to protect XD), although I still like the wise-cracking "tsundere" Holo a lot more.
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-19 20:58
    Cosmic Eagle
    Ah, ears fail me orz

    Is this story full of black humor like the boiled in a pot thingy?
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-14 09:31
    Cosmic Eagle
    holy's not bad. Tell me, does Yashiro end up with Benten? Those two are so good together

    And should be in animation rather than chemistry lolol
  5. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-14 05:02
    Cosmic Eagle

    Watch Sympho S2 on your part lolz
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-14 04:32
    Cosmic Eagle
    eh? There's an anime?

    And finally, Ronpa got its own subforum..
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-14 03:29
    Cosmic Eagle
    Best girl is forever Nanamin ww

    You read her manga?

    Finally, Seikai no Senki arrived...
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-07-11 06:56
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Having sad internet sucks ;-; And to boot having summer flu when you have a trip is even more sucks. ;-; I totally can relate to that change--from Australia going to near equator countries now... *dead of heat* AC is the besuto invention ever indeed! :3 (And being done with exam doesn not mean I'm having blues over waiting the result HAHA I AM SO GONNA FAIL OVER ONE SUBJECT *shots*)

    俺らの希望は天使しか見えないじゃん! といっても、苗木キュンは弱気?アニメのみ組の誰かさん達マジ叩きたい、はい。:x

    I always thought Maizono-chan is underappreciated-always thought she is a double heroine with Kirigiri-sama from the start actually. She is the constant reason why Naegi keep trying his best to believe that murder is not the only solution, and even until the end he constantly got reminded of her. Certainly Maizono-chan is a special presence for Naegi, so the 1037 in SDR2 was like "OH MAI GA KODAKAAAA *cries rivers*" to meeeee

    And we know that Hinata needs a waifu and aijin (rationale: No, Nat). Waifu needs not to proclaim labu, Kunagisa, they can act riajyuu, perfect partners while making the others envy them xD I actually like how their relationship is represented in SDR2 main storyline though--it is obvious that Hinata has a crush on Nanamin (and this is coming from HiKoma fan /o/) but they don't really need to confess love to each other to show that they care for each other in a little bit more than 'just friends'. At least to my shipping goggles anyway

    And I actually don't hate Mikan, in fact I found her interesting. It's just... I think I don't connect with her? Or probably I am too blinded by imouto-sama's awesome despair to fangirl at her ;w;

    Hey, we are on the same wavelength! I always thought that if there is a third game it will be about miracle in one way or another EVEN THOUGH I KNOW HOW CHEESY THAT SOUNDS BUT THEN BOTH KIBOU AND MIRAI ARE CHEESY AS HELL SO WHY NOT www And yesh, we need the Eva queen if 3rd is present. I'm just gonna hope for a sequel hook in the Vita version to go despairing at the long wait for the 3rd series, now

    Oh and question, what is exactly storyboard? Sakuga?
  9. Westlo
    2013-07-10 13:34
    Man just marathon'd Symphogear over the last couple days, + the first episode of the new season, man smh @ me for not watching this before, so flawed but really enjoyable, dat music, dat power of friendship, dat macross missile spam. Only meant to watch an episode of this to check it out and ended up watching 7 straight and than finished the rest + G's first episode today lol. Pity I can't get in such a mode for other stuff but whatever.

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to this Monogatari season, I pretty much know what happens in the 2nd and 5th arc that will air (though not like knowing what happens will matter as much as the dialogue), but the rest are unknown to me except for a few things, like I knew Neko Shiro was going to be from Tsubasa's POV. Anyway 2nd arc is going to be so good and dat 5th arc, can't wait, Nisio da gawd.

    Hmmm the VOMIC VA for Medaka was Megumi Toyoguchi, I thought Toyosaki did a fine job @ it, much better than I thought she was going to do, which is the second time she's really surprised me, the other being Beelzebub's Aoi. But she was nowhere near as good as Toyoguchi's Medaka imo, she just fit all aspects of Medaka's character, whereas Toyosaki was forcing it quite a bit.

    These Symphogear vocal songs, so fucking good.
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-05 07:15
    Cosmic Eagle
    I really do hope for a DR0 OVA can't have Junko screwing everyone over and then not cover her story....

    EDIT: And it was pretty tense watching the DR anime, hoping it won't turn into a major disaster.

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