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  1. Iron Maw
    2014-03-31 09:41
    Iron Maw
    Look we have the similar tastes in MADs because I actually saw that months ago and it became instant favorite for me too. I've got an account just for reference.

    As for sales are concerned, TR seemed moderately popular before it got an adaptation (IIRC avg about 23-25k). In fact right before the anime was aired, some of the later volumes 8 and 10 got a boost. It and it seems now that sales have now surged again:

    Too bad it's ebooks rather than hard copies/paybacks since Oricon doesn't count digital sales but a good sign eitherway. I think when vol 11 comes out next it's sales will get us a decent indicator how much effect the anime had in strengthening series awareness. If LN sales have double then a 2nd season not unlikely. We production committees are far more how original product fares TV series anyway.

    So yeah there is some hope.
  2. Iron Maw
    2014-03-30 02:17
    Iron Maw
    Nice find!

    That was great, but do you how disable the scrolling comments on that?

    EDIT: Nevermind, seems like I finally got it after like an hour of trial & error.
  3. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-22 10:42
    It's only the first book, so not that fast w. The sparks are there though.

    As for mystery, frankly, I'm a little disappointed with it. After opening with a murder scene right away, I was expecting the murder to be the main topic of the mystery, but instead I got 1/3 of the book concerning the murder, and the other 2/3 containing mystery of hyakunin isshu orz. The book itself is entertaining and educating, and the characters are charming, but for someone who knows zip about hyakunin isshu, I'm mostly left with "what are they talking about" instead of "oh, this interpretation of hyakunin isshu is interesting". I don't know if I'll buy next volume or not, but even if I do, it will be after I read several reviews next time what's the main topic in the book.

    For mystery book, Higashino is still king(and his book is interesting IMO) currently, so it's no wonder so it's a little wonder that his book is in Oricon charts alot.
  4. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-20 10:52
    Been busy with exams and overtime this past month, so haven't been been reading as much as I want. I just finished reading Q.E.D, and while it's very interesting, why do they have to take Karuta as the main theme of the opening volume T_T. I don't understand karuta and hyakunin isshu T_T. Plan to pick up Biblia 5 and Subete ga F ni naru next(I know, it's blasphemy that I haven't even touched Biblia ><).

    For next season, I'm definitely picking up Kindaichi if it indeed air. Beside that, I'm not really sure yet. Will probably pick up 1 or 2 episode of Mahouka to see how much it fail, and maybe 1 other mecha shows, probably Sidonia no Kishi. How about you? Pick up any good book? Have any show you're really look forward to next season?

    P.S. I agree "the-leader-that-only-exist-in-flashback" is best girls :3. She's even better in the (free) side stories centering around her journey to Japan
  5. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-19 18:53
    I'm really bad at shooter game like this so I'll pass XD. Beside, I have so many book to catch up T_T
  6. Westlo
    2014-03-14 08:05
    I actually felt like watching anime the last couple of days so watched like 11 episodes of Log Horizon a couple days ago and 8 episodes of Tokyo Ravens yesterday. Tokyo Ravens is actually pretty decent, shame the first episode was kinda weak since I didn't bother to watch anymore until yesterday.

    How's the anime hold up in comparison to the light novels?
  7. Sleep_ping
    2014-02-16 08:05
    Seriously, that cliffhanger...not good for my heart.
  8. kuroishinigami
    2014-02-14 08:58
    R-Really!?!? New Kindaichi Anime !?!?!? @#@!@#$#@#$@#$. When will it starts to air!?
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-02-14 04:59
    Cosmic Eagle
    Much much more than me I'm sure XDD

    Errm...not as yet, maybe in two weeks once vacation starts
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-02-13 22:25
    Cosmic Eagle
    殺戮のマトリクスエッジ (Only thing I am actively reading now due to time + the fact that games>>>all for me. Unless the novel is by a game writer that I seriously love, which Matrix Edge is)

    Any of the Kage Pro volumes

    DR Zero (but I think you already read that anyway)

    96Neko's novel with Closh (can't recall's at home and I'm in school. I admit it's a niche work aimed mainly at her fans)

    The Soukou Akki Muramasa novel

    Rokka is another obvious one but again, I'm sure you read that too...As is Kawakami's stuff

    Iriya no Sora (think you read that too)

    9S (Based off the one volume I read of it....can't find the rest.)

    Do you want manga too?

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