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  1. Suzuku
    2011-09-07 06:51
    Yeah Horizon is only behind P4 and AGE in thread count, which is amazing since the general idea is that Haganai is the anime to beat this season on 2ch, but Horizon outnumbers not only its anime threads but also the novel threads. I didn't know that prescreening event was that successful though (don't follow twitter) so I'm really happy to hear that. I still have trouble understanding where all the popularity has come from though considering that the novels only sale around 25k copies.

    Finally, I wanted to ask how the novels present all this info? I read that 60% of the novels is made of settIng explanations, so I was wondering if the info is given through character monologues or just given in a third party narration in the novel?
  2. Suzuku
    2011-09-06 17:57
    I see, thanks for the insight.

    And I was wondering about would you rate the character development or at least establishment in the story? There are so many characters and it's hard to see how most of them will get any amount of decent screen time. That said, I don't mind if a lot of the side characters are throw away, as long as the more prominent ones are handled well. And what other difficulties would you say come with animating this? After all, Ono said that this is the type of story that only a studio like Sunrise can produce, so I figured there would be a lot of complications in animating. Is it just the scale of the battles and the amount of characters?

    Sorry to ask so many questions lol but I'm really interested in this work.
  3. Suzuku
    2011-09-06 16:48
    lol very indirect way of making a connection. But nope, never met Jaalin and don't talk to Kiiragi anymore.

    Speaking of Horizon's director, I'm still kind of wondering why Ono was chosen to be the director. The only reason I can think of is because of his experience working with Urahara, who has a nice and balanced resume as a script writer.

    Oh btw I've been wanting to ask you, do you think that the anime could cover both volumes 1 and 2 in the first season even with only 12 episodes? I though you'd have a good feel for how the pacing should be since you've read the first volume.
  4. Suzuku
    2011-09-06 07:21
    Never met Jaalin since he never came back online after leaving but yes I did talk to Kiiragi.
  5. Westlo
    2011-09-01 23:31
    Oh nice, Ryoko Shiraishi is her seiyuu. Will she get much screentime?

    Knowing my tastes who woul you think I would like the most out of the Horizon cast? So massive...
  6. Westlo
    2011-09-01 22:59
    What's the English translation for that character type? Good to hear that a few of them are like that in Horizon! I don't mind Sera so much but she would've been a lot better if she had more wit about her instead of mostly abuse.

    Btw... who's this character in Horizon? She's the one that the MC gropes the breasts of in the trailer right? I like her design and the way she carried herself in the other scene she was during the latest trailer.

  7. Westlo
    2011-08-29 01:23
    Yeah I guess I'll keep posting, besides the real interesting time will be when the Fall season starts and I'll have been working @ my new job for about 4 weeks by than.

    So deactivating your account is similar to when you get banned in regards to only having 25 pms.

    And yeah I'll keep reading Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, mostly for that silver haired vixen with a sharp tongue. I think Hitagi has got me hooked on those characters.. but their just more interesting than the typical ones as well...
  8. judasmartel
    2011-08-27 22:34
    See? That's what I'm talking about. The US Academic Decathlon gives students of all grade classes a chance to get involved in quizzes, when normally only straight-A students are expected to dominate. Sadly, the latter is true in our country.
  9. judasmartel
    2011-08-25 23:09
    Where are you from, anyway? I'm from the eastern side of the world, from where the Pac-Man is, if you know what I mean.

    You know what, we memorized every book we can get in the library, and you know how many of those appeared in the actual game? LESS THAN ONE-HUNDREDTHS OF A PERCENT! Now that's unpredictability for you. So we can't just rely on the library, we also need to read newspapers, magazines, and watch news on TV EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR TRAINING FROM HELL! So if you really want to win quizzes like we used to do, it's not enough to be just prepared. You must be CRAZY PREPARED!

    Comp Math for me is rather manageable, as you only need to practice a set number of problems everyday. It doesn't have to be 10 Nintendo Hard Math questions everyday, but it shouldn't be one addition question a day, either.
  10. judasmartel
    2011-08-24 21:35
    Same here. Been a quizzer since grade school. I started out in computational Math, from there I took General Information since quizzes nowadays are not all about Comp Math anymore.

    Made it to the regional Math bowl in grade school and lost, then won a Statistics bowl in high school. Since the day I became a quizzer, I've always been the ace player of every team I have been into.

    Well, 7o3x has a different quiz style altogether. Most people who have read it thought that Mikuriya's ability to get correct answers right at the first confirmation point as so ridiculously HAX that they nicknamed him "Aizen". Fortunately though, he wasn't able to use his HAX ability on here (paraphrased for easier reference, slashes denote possible confirmation points):

    Q:"The end / of the world/ in Norse / mythology / is known as ________."
    A: Ragnarok

    Somehow, Mikuriya got lost in his own mental map, then Shiki blurted out "Ragnarok" before he could even think about it.

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