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School is gonna kill me~

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  1. xlilyx
    2010-05-23 04:21
    hi akiyox, i just wanted to say that your profile pic and avatar are so cute. And you also have a lot of favourite movies/series.
  2. LynnieS
    2010-05-03 07:21
    Hah hah. Grounded? What the heck did you do to deserve that?

    I've been in China for a month now, and it's... so so. Nice people - generally... - but the air quality leaves a lot to be desired. Going to work means my taking the bus, and girl, you never want to get on a city bus in a major metro area during rush hour. I did that once, and am now going to work a good 1.5 hours early + leaving 1.0 hour late each day.

    As for why we guys do such a thing, well, when you are young, you don't tend to think things through; to be honest, that goes for both guys and girls! For guys, esp. when we are young, emotions get a bit crazy at times, and I'm sure that macho-ness play a part in it also.
  3. LynnieS
    2010-04-05 08:27
    Hah hah. I'm in Shenzhen now, and may be moving to Hong Kong in the near future... or stay in Shenzhen instead. Not really sure as of yet, but I will miss Japan and its hiking trails - even though I keep hurting (and re-hurting) my left knee. I got injured there years ago, and it never healed right.

    There are still some good places in China for hiking and traveling, though, but I'm fairly sure that the better ones (read: fewer people and more nature) are farther away than I actually like. Certainly the sports areas like for skiing and scuba diving are better developed elsewhere at the moment, but I could always hope that they improve... Or move back to Japan or someplace in a year's time.

    ... And no offense, girl, but this guy whom you said "moved last year"? Sounds like he's a player. Make sure that he's not still seeing that other girl first, eh? If you don't mind my butting in, of course. Guys tend to see having multiple girls on their speed dial as a "good thing", and it can take us awhile to get out of that thinking!
  4. LynnieS
    2010-03-31 21:18
    Hey, running the first leg isn't as bad as having to run the last leg, no? A lot of pressure for the last guy, esp. if the lead is very little, if at all. The first leg is just the 2nd worse, IMHO. I liked running the 200m myself, but it has been so long as I did any kind of running that I lost any kind of edge that I had in the past. These days, I like to go mountain hiking instead since that has much better scenery.

    At 14... Girl, your hormones are probably getting way into your way, if I remember my teenage years... which I quite truthfully don't want to. I don't think that you can help yourself for getting a crush... Wait! Why am I arguing your case for you!?

    BTW, though, WTH does the "people like you" phrase supposed to mean, hmm? /me says in a threatening - and joking - voice. ;p
  5. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-28 17:53
    Just got back from the concert. It was so amazing! But excuse me for the paradox, but it was so much louder than I thought it would I thought me ears would be destroyed! But I'm the one with super-sensitive hearing My biggest gripe was how a horribly disgusting band played before Kamelot I felt the torture would never end.

    Btw, you don't have to tell me how old you are if you don't want to. I can understand, and it's not like I would not take no for an answer. If you feel uncomfortable for some reason, just say it and I'll back off.
  6. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-27 15:54
    Hmm, well thing is that some studies show that a lot of girls (at least in France) never even masturbated until after they had sex for the first time. Some more girls never did it despite the fact they had sex. And I also heard girls don't really experience orgasms as much as guys do, but you would know better I suppose.

    I'm just asking out of curiosity, and I wanted to know how much of your life you've been spending in a single place. Regardless, you're really lucky to have been able to live so long in a single place.
  7. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-27 15:46
    That's good. Keep working to improve. You've done it now, you can do it again I really need to start working as well. I can't wait for next month, I'm gonna train more and more as time goes by, both Judo and general fitness. I remember when I was in junior high and I was running the 1500 meters. It was pretty much the only thing I was good at in track meets. But I made a breakthrough on my third year in Saudi and jumped from 6th place to 1st, and I beat the guy that came after me by a full minute, which was a huge gap. I was really proud because just two years before, I wasn't very good at anything. I hope to experience something similar soon.
    Should I wait for your next reply then?
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-27 15:15
    Lol, well you did really good in the track meet, but won basketball by default Really nice. As much as I don't like winning by default (part of my honor code says that a true victory is one that you earn), it's quite convenient for you isn't it

    Man, and some women say that they're not as pervy as men. I guess it's true in most cases but it's not like it's impossible for any women to be as promiscuous as men are. It really does make me wonder who the father is. I wonder if she knows too.
    Well, as much as I'm afraid of falling, I can't say I don't expect that kinda of thing to happen to me. While I'm a beginner at least, I will follow my coach's guidance to the letter. There is the risk of getting a few mild injuries from it, not like in swimming where the worst you can get is a cramp.

    Goodness, and I've never been in a single place for more than 5 years at a time. You don't know how much I would love to stay in a single place for more than that long. How old are you btw?
  9. LynnieS
    2010-03-27 10:32
    District Track, eh? Hope you kicked butt... but since I wouldn't know otherwise, you're welcome to say that you did... when you didn't.

    "Whistles"? Umm, about... Oh, the GF thing? For why the hell would you be nervous? You, girl, are much too young!

    I'll probably not be replying much for awhile so don't worry too much if you don't hear from me. Not that you would, but what the heck, I might as well say it - if only to not to get angry notes from you. (#>*)/
  10. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-27 08:48
    Lol I imagine how it can be pretty harsh doing two events one right after the other. I felt the same a lot of times after swim meets, but at the same time, it was quite energzing.
    Actually, this morning I ran into my landlady's cat one my way out to do the laundry and for some reason it was really interested in playing with me, so I decided to let it have fun before going. I will admit cats are pretty cute.

    Yeah, smoking when you're pregnant is dangerous for way too many reasons. The child is small and weak on birth. The child's immune system will be weak because the mother's blood that was shared with the baby is bad and contains toxins that damage the baby. Well, if the baby dies prematurely, she'll know who to blame hopefully...And fires are always really hot. Considering they're enough to make water boil, it's quite enough to leave at least a little mark there. I kinda wish I went skiing tho. Considering I live close to a mountain with plenty of ski resorts, it's a wonder how I passed up on the opportunity D=

    Well, it's quite common around here really. Considering my hometown is close to the military base, americans pass by frequently enough, and there are people in town who go there for work, so they meet up with people from here a lot.

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