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School is gonna kill me~

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  1. LynnieS
    2010-03-25 10:39
    Hey... I fall on your side of the half century mark, thank you very frickin' much! I haven't gotten to the point where I'm looking for my red convertible and a "just-out-of-high school" girl friend yet either!

    Although that first one is becoming more and more tempting these days... But no, I'm going to get a Nissan Skyline when I get my license.

    The young GF is not as tempting. I'm not Hefner the Second!

    My first job was for a Chinese restaurant that a friend of my dad owned... We were pretty poor, but he still made friends from his work. Education is nice, I have to say, but... My parents were college grads and still ended up working at Chinese restaurants to make ends meet. I respect them very much for bringing up the family that way, but never want to get that way myself. I want to be able to spend time with my kids!
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-25 08:17
    Lol cats. Cats are really cute but I prefer dogs a lot more simply because they interact much more with their master. I find them a lot more fun. Sure, they’re much more high maintenance but it’s worth it thanks to their loyalty (if you know how to raise them that is).
    I don’t need to handwrite it beforehand, although I do make handwritten notes to jot down ideas and create a timetable of events so that I know what happens when. That way, I can keep the story consistent over time. Doing this also lets me remember what happened previously in the story once I’m far enough into it. If you wanna know what my fanfic’s about, just ask

    Lol yeah, I don’t smoke for the same reason. I hear people arguing that passive smoking is more dangerous that direct smoking, so the people around the smoker are in greater danger but it’s not a danger to yourself, which makes it ok to smoke in private. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Direct smokers are also passive smokers because they also breathe in the smoke they blow out.
    I wonder how you managed to get so close to a campfire at that age '_' My mother would never allow me to go camping until I was 13. Luckily, nothing really bad happened because I was very cautious (maybe too much). But I changed after I went to Saudi Arabia and started sports

    Yeah, my parents met up like that as well. My dad was in the Navy and he happened to be stationed in Sicily where my mother is from. You know how it went from there I guess Oh I know Tokyo is crazy. That’s precisely why I want to go there. But I also want to see Kyoto for the temples and castles. It’s a really safe place there as well. London is just famous for its history though, and not much else. It has great museums and everything, but I tend to think that London’s a better place to be in if you wanted to work here. There’s nothing much exotic here in terms of tourism imho.
  3. LynnieS
    2010-03-24 10:52
    Oh, you have half-siblings, then? Kind of cool, I guess. I always found it hard to dislike my sister - even while she was clawing my arms to pieces during a fight - but half-sibs? No problems in beating them up... and up... and up...

    And you're going to be working in a frickin' Chick-Fil-A? Good grief. I haven't seen one of those in ages! I don't want to sound too "old man" here, but do they even take kids as employees? I had thought that your new work place would be some shop owned by your parents or their friend(s)!

    Don't worry too much about looking like an idiot in front of the guy on whom you have a crush. Believe me. That happens even when you go past the half-century mark. No getting away from it, girl!

    And... Did you write to "protect my innocence"? LOL...
  4. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-24 06:59
    Ö.The floor '_'
    I wish it was like that for me too, but working all day keeps me pretty conscious of what Iím doing all the time (if the things I have to do make sense ) I do like to write though. Iím in the middle of panning out a little fanfic (if youíd call it little) right now. Iím going to start writing it pretty soon hopefully.

    Thatís crazy! I never liked carrying lighters in the first place. Itís actually one of the reasons I donít smoke. Call me paranoid, but one thing Iím scared of is that the lighter will accidentally activate and my pants catch fire D= I hate fire. I also remember when I went camping sometimes with Boy Scouts or for school trips that we made huge fires. My skin couldnít stand the heat from it for one thing and I preferred to just stay in the cold, and my eyes couldnít look at the fire for more than half a second. Iím not talking about a small campfire, it was a pretty big one because there were quite a lot of us. I much prefer the water. Itís a life-saving substance that nobody can live without. Fire, on the other hand, is much more dangerous! Itís true that water could kill (tsunamis, drowning) but fires are harder to control on a day to day basis imo.

    Wow, thatís an interesting mix (Korean/German). Iíve never actually heard of that. Iíve never been to Zambia. The only place Iíve been to in Africa is Egypt, but I really do want to visit South Africa, especially Cape Town. Iíve heard people say a lot of great things about it. I had two friends from Tunisia who lived there as well and they were always so nostalgic of the place Of course, I would also like to see Tokyo. Iíd expect youíd visit London with your fam. Itís an ok place but I think itís slightly overrated (I live in London right now actually). There are nice places to see but mostly museums and such. Me and my parents went to the London Art Museum during my first graduation and it was a good experience, although I much preferred Vienna in that respect.
  5. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-24 02:22
    Lol, I fell asleep in front of my computer last night
    Oh yeah, I know. I don't watch that much TV either because I'm against the whole idea now :P I've taken a liking to reading now much more than before.

    Well, I take back what I said earlier about getting scars so easily. Seriously, those fires must have been scary. Don't play with matches again. They're dangerous! And you officially just entered my "weird people" list. I've never met a girl who laughs when someone punches her. Guys, yes. I know myself. But Still, I find the warm up lap funny....sorry....I just had to say it.

    I wasn't thinking you do, but I think every household has their shenanigans so I'm not too surprised. I just find it weird that parents encourage being lazy

    Well, when I first saw your pics, I honestly thought you were Korean mixed in with something else, probably American or Australian. But you've been around to exotic places quite a lot! I feel kinda jealous now. The furthest I've been from Italy were the US and Saudi Arabia. Apart from that, I've only been to a few places in Europe. And people find my travel adventures amazing
  6. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-23 17:42
    Well, one good thing came out of such shows. The line "You are NOT the father" gave birth to one of the most famous internet memes ever made *super mario dance*
    Most comedy shows I know of are Italian tbh. I only know about Who'se line is it anyways because someone else showed it to me on utube and I was impressed. We had something similar in Italy as well but it didn't last very long sadly. And most people on TV have been in the business so long that it's gotten pretty stale.

    You have some interesting parents. I never knew any caring parent would encourage their kid to do nothing. How strange '_'

    Wow. Wow. 13? My count is around 5. I guess I'm still an amateur after all But you seem to have gotten them way too easily. A warm up lap???? How did you get one from doing that? xD I'll admit, I wasn't very co-ordinated either until I started swimming. Swimming really changed my life, and that's why I'm determined to pick up sports again. The sedentary office life doesn't suit my character at all. I'm no masochist though, at least xD but the fact that I like competition in Judo is a bit of a paradox iibh

    Hehe, I can see the asian there, definitely. But I knew there had to be some kind of other mix in there as well. That picture where you smile tipped me off actually. It was a very....mediterranean smile ^^
    Truth be told, I'm part american as well but I've never lived there long enough to actually feel american. It was only for 2 years when I was 7, and I've only been to one state: Ohio. Nearly every American I've known has been to at least 3 states in the US, so by that standard, I don't even qualify I have other things as well from my father's side, but my mom's is purely Italian. I only really learned English when I first went to the US though when I was 7. Before then, I only ever spoke Italian, so I couldn't even understand what my dad said to me until then....
  7. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-23 17:19
    Indeed. Save it for the news. They already cover enough of that
    Ahh, I'll check it out on youtube later on. I'm up for a few good laughs. There was actually a good show from the US that I also liked with comedians and I think the title was "Who'se line is it anyway?" and it had various comedians acting out a certain scenario that was given to them by the host. It was truly amazing, even from an actor's pov.

    That's already pretty good. I think if you can do that much, that's already half-way through. I wanted to learn the piano as well but by accident I ended up playing the Flute instead. Even though I never really gave all my dedication to it, I reached a level where I could've easily gone into a conservatory. Alas, that never happened because my parents pushed for academic progress instead.

    Well, I already several scars from the past. For starters, I was dropped on my head onto a sharp edge when I was a kid in elementary school, and I have the stitchmarks to prove it. I still have a faint scar on my left thigh after tripping on a hidden concrete block in the beach, and yet another scar on my forehead from playing space monkey, which knocked me completely unconscious and splitting my head open when I fell. With all the blood in my head from playing, you can imagine how that went. I didn't go into shock somehow (thankfully). That being said, it's not like I haven't had my share of injuries, but now, I want to try and avoid getting any more wherever I can.

    I mean like, just as I'm from Italy, where are you from?
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-23 16:55
    I miss the days when TV was good to watch. That was before reality shows ever existed. There were Soap Operas, but you could bear with some of them I never watched that show tbh. In fact, I've never even heard of it. Mind telling me what it's about?

    Yep, I'm that bad. My mother tried getting me to singing lessons because I do have a powerful voice but to no avail. I could just never get it. But it proved useful on stage ;P

    A lot of people told me I'd be a pretty good Rugby player because I have the build for it. Honestly though, I've never tried it mostly because it's pretty dangerous and it's commonplace to get a bone fracture once every few weeks, so I chose not to. I have to admit, I was quite tempted to play, but I've never been much good at team sports. That's why I took up swimming and much later, Judo.
    Yeah, I hear YMCA is non-competitive. I've never really looked into it though because I know it's some christian organization, and I don't like to take part in organizations with a religious flare. Knowing what the Church, especially the Vatican, is like, I tend not to trust Christian charities. Where you from anyways?
  9. LynnieS
    2010-03-23 09:45
    Eh... The only place in Dallas to which I had been was the airport, and no, I'm not ashamed to admit it either! I've been to College Station, though, while in high school and there for some academic competition or something. I'm sure that it has changed by now... Please? ;p

    But aww... Little Akiyox in a cute costume while skating her heart out on the ice rink... How adorable! ROTFL. C'mon, you must have photos of that little debacle! I dare you to post it in the Photos thread!

    And you're going to work when you're just 14? I think that I started work then as well... but am pretty sure that it wasn't right after my birthday. Don't remember much of that event, though. I did get a big crush on a colleague, however, but nothing came of it. It was nice having the spending cash, but to be honest, it wasn't a whole lot... You are not going to make enough to get to Japan, I think!

    Umm, and would that "reason" for the South Korea trip be to keep your friend busy - and stop being a complete nuisance - while her parents have their "me" time?
  10. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-23 09:05
    Lol but they were That show was awesome tho. I used to watch it since before I even knew about the inet actually. Itís thanks to that show that I thought Japanese TV is the best. Everything they do is so hilarious. There was another game they played where they shoot someone from a circus-like cannon, for example, after the person slides down a giant waterslide.

    No matter what, whether Iím in the shower, with friends, in the car listening to the radio, my singing is horrifying. If you heard me sing, youíd either want to kill me or kill yourself. Iím that bad

    I was never good at soccer either, which is actually ironic in my case. I was quite good at track though, in junior high and high school both, I was champion in 1500 meters. I havenít had the chance to train often since I came to uni though, so I lost a bit of speed but Iíll get it back soon, I hope. Whatís the YMCA about though? I even see a few around here, I thought they started in America right?

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