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School is gonna kill me~

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  1. LynnieS
    2010-03-23 03:21
    A-KON is in Texas? It's not held in Houston, is it? I only know of the ice rink in that city's Galleria mall, but I never heard of a 'con held there while I was still in the city. I always wanted to try the 'con at San Diego or the E3 (only before it got changed, though), but it'll be awhile before I manage that trick. To be honest, I haven't even gone to a Comiket!

    Honestly, though, I don't really want to ever go there. I was never into the whole doujinshi scene very deeply, and these days, I'd rather do something else...

    Yeah, I read your intro in that thread earlier... Till you get a job, though, I suspect that the only way you will get to go to Japan is with your family and only to see family, no? The airfare does get pretty expensive these days, I will admit. My last trip to NYC costed me about $1000 or so; even though I flew last minute, I still don't think it was cheaper the last time I priced that flight well in advance!
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-23 00:15
    That's a bit of a weird title for people spending 9 days in the arctic. That actually kinda reminds me of a Japanese TV show called Banzai where they had 3 or 4 guys sit naked in the cold while tempting them with all kinds of food. I think they were sitting on ice as well so by the end they all had to rush to take a wee

    Geez, I've yet to meet a girl who doesn't like singing. Really, is there some sort of conspiracy among you girls? That's a lot of sports too! The only ones I've ever done were swimming, track, a little bit of basketball and I'm just started with Judo, which is probably better than anything I've done so far.
  3. LynnieS
    2010-03-22 21:41
    Sorry... I don't know A-KON... I think that the only 'con to which I had gone was that "Big Apple" one that is held in Manhattan each year, and that was only one time only. It was really... boring! There are a few 'cons that I would like to see, but having been at a few trade shows over the past few years, I really think that I'd be horribly bored, though.

    At least I think the air quality in the U.S. 'cons would be better. The JP ones... Phew! Please turn up the air circulation systems! The Big Sight and Messe buildings get terribly hot and humid when you jam thousands of people into them!

    No other comment from me about the family... except one: Things get better. I didn't get along with mine quite often, but now that I'm away from them, I do miss them... except for my dad's insisting that I settle down ASAP. That, I do not miss at all! ;p
  4. LynnieS
    2010-03-22 21:18
    Honestly... One question, and feel free to not say anything also. Are you really 13? If so and speaking for myself only, I have to say that I have a really BIG problem about parents calling their kids losers. People make mistakes when they are young; it's a way to learn, and hopefully, that learning process doesn't get too painful. Just... don't take those kinds of statements to heart, eh?
  5. LynnieS
    2010-03-22 20:42
    Huh? Did I comment on your spelling - or the lack thereof earlier? Hey! WTH happened to my last post? Dang, you deleted me post!

    You have never heard of the term "rose-colored glasses" before? And yes, you're not the biggest loser... WTH would say that!?
  6. akiyox
    2010-03-22 17:50
    dangit, I didn't mean to delete that. My bad.
    I don't pay attention. xD
  7. Mr.Raw
    2010-03-22 09:58
    Not a problem ^^...I can see you're a new member!

    Well...Welcome and have fun
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-22 08:06
    "I Shouldn't Be Alive", "Haunted".....Since when were these documentaries run by emo kids? But it's true that there are some things in nature that are just really scary. Some of them make me afraid of going out on a Safari just because I could get a lethal snake bite out of nowhere. But I do know what you mean. That's actually exactly why I like them.

    Yeah, I did drama for a couple of years as well but I stopped at uni because virtually everything they do here is musicals and I'm a horrible singer v_v I went to do some amateur voice acting instead and actually did a couple of online projects, namely Johnny B Design's "Agent Scarecrow" where I play the lead part Mike in the second episode. Unfortunately, my mic broke and I couldn't continue, but I will as soon as I get a new one. Good luck with your club! I remember it was extremely fun btw what sports do you play?
  9. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-22 07:41
    withdrawls are scary I always remember something I like, because it's worth it (no, I'm not trying to make a cheap imitation of the l'Oreal commercial )

    I don't watch it a lot either. If anything, I really don't like to watch anything on TV, even the news because no matter what you see, it's all the same. The only programs I find interesting are documentaries, especially history ones.

    I'm so with you about those moments you wonder "what the hell was I thinking" after doing something really stupid. I started doing these kinda things for a long time, and I did it a lot in the drama club when I was in high school just because I could get away with it without looking so stupid We all did stupid things, but thankfully nothing that could be deemed unhealthy ^^
  10. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-22 01:59
    lol just the opposite of me then xD Once I like something so much I get obsessed with it (case in point: Yu Yu Hakusho), I remain a fan for a really long time. I think it's been three years since I've seen it the first time and I still love to see it again from time to time

    It can happen I guess, where some girls are just so different from others that they have a hard time comprehending them. Different lifestyle or culture begets a different way of understanding things. I've known other _rare_ girls who were really different from others and sometimes didn't understand why they do certain things because it's either inefficient or just plain stupid As for the drama, I guess people are watching to much TV, especially reality TV, that the drama is contagious.

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