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School is gonna kill me~

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  1. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-21 17:23
    I never really cared much for the quality of the artwork or animation tbh. I actually think old school anime and manga are better. Yu Yu Hakusho for instance has been my favorite manga for the longest time and still is in a lot of respects, even though the artwork is poor and the animation is low quality compared to other series being done these days. Higu and Umi have extraordinary plots, so the artwork didn't really bother me. What bothered me was that they spent too little time on Umi

    Lol, so you admit that girls are difficult is that true even for other girls or are you speaking for guys? Either way, I can vouch for that. Guys, on the other hand, are so much easier to understand. They tell me we're too easy to read.
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-21 17:10
    I'll have to admit, the visual novels were miles better than the anime, although Higurashi kinda got the feel of the novel, but DEEN completely butchered Umineko.
    Lol, that's nothing to apologize for. I'm glad that I managed to sorta guess what you meant there I get that too sometimes, and I really don't like it but when something's got to end, it's got to end I just shows how much you liked it iibh
  3. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-21 16:59

    What? I don't really know where you're going with that, you mean those times when you finish something but don't quite accept that it is finished or it seemed to end so fast?
  4. Tsuyoshi
    2010-03-21 16:02
    I see you like Higurashi and Umineko. Did you also read the visual novels?
  5. Mr.Raw
    2010-03-21 11:31
    You are very special!

  6. LynnieS
    2010-03-21 11:13
    Umm, I should note that if you are supposed to be lazy, by definition, you should not be "always have to change something." It totally defeats the purpose!

    I just like to coast on by when things are quiet... Pretending to be busy so no one hassles me with demands. What can I say, I love my "me" time!

    (I guess that this makes me lazy and self-centered, then? LOL.)
  7. LynnieS
    2010-03-20 23:15
    LOL. The only program that I use for my photographs is the Nikon View one, and that is only because I use it to convert the raw images to something more presentable. Not to mention making them smaller in size!

    To be honest, I'm also just too lazy to learn to use software like GIMP or too cheap to buy Photoshop. Using a filter to get a motion blur effect... Eh, it's a bit hard to get it looking right, no? I saw some awhile back, and the images just don't look good. I like getting the bokeh effect by changing my camera's settings.
  8. Daisu
    2010-03-20 23:09
    Yep, I am one of the same. Did I friend ya there too?
  9. LynnieS
    2010-03-20 10:18
    Too humble... If that was crappy, then what exactly does it say about my eye for details?
  10. LynnieS
    2010-03-19 21:58
    ... Yes, indeed you are not bad at editing. ;p

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