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  1. TheEroKing
    2013-02-04 10:25
    Random pics of the day
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  2. Kirito
    2013-02-03 23:52
    I know that Xefi and Zy turn into an OB, but it's just that they die, memories forgotten, remembered, and repeat. I really like the branching points but make an arc that's more "sensitive" to the tragedy and bloodshed concept that's existence in the series plotline. Regenerating lost limbs seems more of an natural thing to do since they're being of an high power.

    So depending on the fusion or the heroine; one can turn good or evil if the heart or will is weak or easily seduced by evil. It's a good concept since it's a test of wills and willingness to fight against it. It's like the force from Star Wars. the dark side is the easiest and the most seductive compared to the latter, the light side. Don't worry dude, more characters are good, but watch out for over quantifying them if they won't hold any significance to the story itself. Just my advice.

    Nice! I like Fire Emblem and not that familiar with the ist of the North Star games. I'll definitely check them out. I have a 3DS (well more like my cousin's took it from my house) and I plan to get a points card for my PSN. Speaking of PSN did I give you my PSN ID? I think you're talking about Under Night In-Birth dude. I heard the game is being considered for licensing right now, but is going to have a major update soon. If not on disc, it's most like be a PS3 download similar to Arcana Heart 3 which was worth downloading. I wish more games have female dominate casts ie. Hyperdimensional Neptunia (sexy girls in battle costumes! Best $60 I've spent, no regrets!) It's not weird. People just buy fighting games to support the genre and the community. You're just doing your part-- although, I wish you'd be a bit more active like I'm since I play to learn and master them.

    It'll be a game and I'll fully support you because it totally speaks out to me. I'm not saying that, it's the truth dude. I truly love your story and it totally feels like a visual novel 2D fighter. Your dream will come true if you believe it will. I'm studying to become a writer, but I'm not giving up until I get my first paid writing job and get my foot in the door. If you ever get stuck, you have me to support you. Remember that!

    I'll definitely think of some classes and some characters for your project. I have a couple, but right now I'm still observing and understanding your story better. The direction is excellent, but need to have the abbreviations and terminology memorized.

    The restaurant thing is getting boring. I'm trying to enjoy myself, but the wings, chili, and pizza were delicious though. People are watching the Superbowl or whatever and I'm just on the Wi-fi replying back to you. I think that I'll just head to bed when I get home. I'll reply back, if you choose to do so, in the morning when I wake up. Have a good night, Xefi. Be well, stay safe, and Dwarven Vow#10: Play well, Play lots!

    Night dude, and thanks for sharing your godlike story with me! I might have the basic visual when I sleep tonight. Weird thinking, right dude?
  3. Kirito
    2013-02-03 21:24
    So many beings, so many combinations. I really like that approach, at the same time keep it moderate and interesting. It upsets me that Xefi and Zy won't be together as individuals, but rather as connected celestials. Hard to stomach but at the same time it's understandable since it's based off a tragic bloodshed with many life changing and spiritualist themes. I really like the fact that you're making it more realistic since that leaves room for plenty of story, character development, and how the plot will keep moving forward in ways that acceptable and reasonable.

    There are humans, demons, and celestials. If you can't decide on the other two how about you add "angels" and "hybrid" races to the story. If there are demons why not angels. Celestials are powerful races but grow stronger with a fusion, why not hybrids. Just my two cents though, just saying. Thanks for keeping the yuri aspect since the story and atmosphere sets the tone for it, at least to me. I hope you do a 2D fighter for this because you know I love fighters. The open world visual novel feel is great too.

    I have a couple of characters I wish to add into the story. If there's anyway to help you with this project I would be glad to contribute. I really love what you're doing and I would to see it continue. I'm flattered that me, Clarami, will possibly be added in your project. I'm sure you'll find the means to finish it and I will be glad to help you. The fact that your approach if this series is to be realistic makes it interesting since you're adding Madoka elements to the mix. Plus, I watched Chinese Kung fu and supernatural movies when I was younger myself.

    If you need help editing the story just let me know because I want to read volume 2, and take your time. I'll gladly help you if you need it. As for endings I also wish to see a Xefi x Zy end but it won't happen and still upsets me since they won't be together individual... Yeah, oh well, story is moving along nicely so no complaints (minus my favourite pairing).

    Edit: By the time you're reading this, I'm at a restaurant (well forced to go) and typing on a IPhone. I'm bored as hell right now and typing on it is a pain since the keys are to crammed and way too sensitive.
  4. Kirito
    2013-02-03 18:27
    I hope you'll find the drive to continue the story, as it was really starting to get really amazing. Will Xefi and Zy get a true reunion? I hope you'll stick with the yuri aspect because I think it suits what you're doing better. I know that gods, celestrial beings, spirits etc. Can take different forms, but this seems like a story where a character should be defined by a gender rather than make it complicated and awkward by making them genderless. I can see other pairing being made in my head, but am decided on who should be paired up with whom so to speak.

    The fusions in this are interesting. It wasn't as cheesy compared to DBZ since there was no weird dance to initiated it. Just a vow and a strong sense of will to do it. The combinations are well written and the approach was something short of creative. The ranking of power is easy to understand, but the whole Xefi and Zy fusing together to become Xefizxyen really just doesn't sit well with me. It's because since they were in love they should at least be their own separate entities and pick up where they left off. Plus, the whole wanting to become strong to protect you forever really touches me. Want to know something...? My heart was crushed when Xefi died protecting Zy after they got married.

    Dude, your story was godlike. It's like ready a story for a fighting x visual novel adaptation since I'm sure that's what you were aiming for, right? It sucks that nobody never cared to notice it. Oh well, you have me as a fan so that's comforting, right? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2D fighting anime game similar to Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena. A fan like me can hope or dream, right?

    I loved the video and the song that was implemented at it, and I can't wait to see how the other girls will fit into the story. Great choice of girls, I'm impressed! Can't wait to see volume 2 if you choose to do it. But remember Dwarven Vow #24: Never let your feet run faster than your shoes.
  5. Kirito
    2013-02-03 12:08
    Sorry for the late reply, Xefi. I was really busy yesterday and was too tired to reply back. I've read the story and was totally amazed and intrigued by the characters, direction, and the interesting choice of endings and branching points offered. Glad to see that this series is yuri oriented. I totally love girl x girl goodness!

    I also liked how beautifully tragic and heartwarming you made the love between Xefi and Zy. Zy was willing to end her life to be with Xefi, but it was really sad that despite being revived, The latter couldn't remember her past life, and how she was persecuted. I really like how the Cel Q played a huge role in the development of Zy and showing her the secrets of immortality and of a higher power. Overtime the power failed to save herself and Xefi was alone to fight and honor Zy and Cel Q's request to keep things in control. I don't know which ending I enjoyed the most. I wish that there was an "Reunion" ending where Xefi and Zy remember each other and end up together forever like they'd planned before her sudden death.

    I truly loved what you've done, and I hope you write volume 2. I can definitely see this as a video game or a visual novel. It's too amazing not to be one, I mean, seriously. The characters are interesting, the story is something I'd following and buy up every single volume, soundtrack, merchandise etc.

    it's like a dream if i can get Xe's Sanc story into a video games or anime...i can dream, right?
    It's definitely anime 2D figher or visual novel material. I truly love the story and I really wish to know more. Will Xefi and Zy be together? They're too beautiful to die and continuously be separated from each other. Why isn't this story in the fan creation sub forum? It definitely deserves a spot there.

    Can't wait for volume 2 if you write it. Or better yet, give me a synopsis of it when you have time. Once again, nicely done. I'm a huge fan of your work dude! Keep at it!
  6. TheEroKing
    2013-02-03 10:28
    Shana special!
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  7. Mai Sakurando
    2013-02-03 02:09
    Mai Sakurando
    Your signature looks amazing like always, Xe.
  8. Kirito
    2013-02-02 11:40
    I just woke up and I really like the idea and concept for the story. Some characters in Arcana Heart use weapons or magic to fight. Only Heart, Akane, Saki, and Lilica fight without them. The whole bloody battle thing is interesting since it's a female only cast with unique names and I'm sure abilities. What are the girls fighting for. Is there logic in why they fight or is a straight up battle royale no holds bars kind of atmosphere, minus the logic.

    There's a part two in progress, nice! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    LOL...maybe i should try fitting all 1323 wallpapers that i made and put them ALL into one music video!
    I would love to see that, but isn't that sort of complicated to do with that many image files fitting into one video. Sure sounds like it.
  9. TheEroKing
    2013-02-02 09:39
    Random pics of the day
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  10. Kirito
    2013-02-02 02:09
    Thanks. I'm go with 1920x1080p since my monitor can go up to that estimate. I look forward to seeing, the Mami wallpaper. The sigs you makes for me are amazing and I know your wallpapers don't disappoint.

    I have cool videos to post but will do so later. I know what you're saying, but a few people on here just piss me the hell off and pretty much look down on me.

    Edit: The song in the video was incredible. I'll going to subscribe to your YT channel.

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