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  1. Fran
    2014-09-13 22:59
    TEL vs TTC-
    "final battle theme"
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  2. Fran
    2014-09-07 00:26
    The True Creation -Awakening-
    "TTC's theme"
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  3. Fran
    2014-09-04 01:18
    ---The Eternal Lotus Arc---
    Ecstasy Rancor - D.M. Xefizxen's creation. created from the blood of the creator. a powerful guardian resembling Zakonsai (xe's friend) as the gate keeper.
    X.Th "Li" - the darkness of TFC. the leakage of TFC's power even though she's still sealed away. Li runs rampage with no
    purposes. she faces Rancor as she try to invade in Xe's garden. Rancor dealt with her a fatal blow.
    Jewel Phoenix - TSB in the post era after TFC was sealed. she gotten a lot more powerful than last arc we meet her. she's able to be ally with Xe if beaten. she challenges Royal Amythyst in a duel. both tie in power and Jewel wasn't able to progress further and joined with Xe even though they were former enemies.
    Royal Amythyst Blade - TEL's left hand creation.
    Crevice Greaves - TEL's right hand creation.
    The True Creation (TTC) -Awakening- - the time comes when she's awake; the current TFC version after 1 billion years of restlessness. Xe manages to win back Silver's soul during their confrontation, but TTC doesn't need Silver any longer as she continues to become more and more stronger as time passes by. there's only one chance left in this battle against TTC. TEL can't redo another reincarnation; it's all or nothing.
    The Eternal Lotus (TEL) - D.M. Xefizyxen+Ultimate Silver. Xe's journey finally meet with her sworn little sister. they both become one being as Xe embraced Silver for the first time in a VERY long time. Xe & Silver gather enough force for the 2nd round
    against TTC. this time, she make sure to accomplish what she fail before. TEL vs. TTC last confrontation's theme in the work as the two strongest entities battling out their last existence with equal power. one mistake and it's all over.

    epilogue: Xe is finally able to spend quality time and intimate relationship with Zy & Yomi & Silver. the 4 meets once again in the Lotus Garden.
    Xe wanted to try a human life with them. they took the human forms and spend some dailies life together in house on top of a hill. they try socializing
    with the human for the first time. Xe has overcome her hatred of the human that once abandon her and grew to love to live with them. Xe the wife, Zy the husband,
    Yomi the sister, and Silver the sworn little sister. the 4 of them enjoying what's left of their human lives...

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    Ecstasy Rancor's theme
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    Xefizyxen's Sanctuary theme
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  4. delorean2200
    2014-09-03 23:18
    Thank you very much :3.
  5. delorean2200
    2014-09-03 11:58
    Hi can you please give me a source for the render currently used as desktop ?
  6. Fran
    2014-09-02 00:29
    set 2
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  7. delorean2200
    2014-08-10 12:28
    Thank you, and indeed i am, pretty much relaxing and watching anime XD.
  8. Fran
    2014-08-05 23:19
    set 1
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  9. Fran
    2014-04-15 13:32
    Xefizyxen's Sanctuary storyline characters (weakest to strongest)

    ---Beings of the Past:---
    Princess Xefi - age 18. she becomes Zy's wife when they ran away from her kingdom's assassins. dies while trying to protect Zy from poison arrow.
    Royal Knight -Zyxenfryz - age 22. swear to kill Xe's father (the mad king), responsible for the death of Xe. Zy promises to become Yomi's knight in order for Yomi to join Zy as ally. Zy and Yomi successfully taken over the mad king.
    Yomi Untyou (Celestial Queen) - age unknown. nobody knows of her existince and everything about her is not known by the human.

    ---Alternate Ending Story Arc---
    Gate keeper (abyss) -Zakon - age 200,000. created by Zy
    Gate keeper (abyss) -Zakonsai - age 200,000 created by Zy
    Xe's guardian -Feisy - age 200,000 created by Zy
    Celestial Xefi - age 10,000. Zy was able to revive her former lover after 500,000 years gone by, but Xe's memories were lost.
    D. Dragon (one being of Zakon+Zakonsai)
    Queen Zyxenfryz - age 500,000. became the ruler of the sea and given the task to defend the "Abyss" so that the powerful lost souls can't escape.
    Yomi Untyou (Cel Q) - age 1,000,000. the queen of Lotus Garden. she becomes like a big sister to Xe & Zy.
    ExXefi (xefi+d. dragon) - corrupted form of Xe
    Xefizyxen (xefi+zyxenfryz) - the two lovers as one being.
    D. Empress - Silver's real demonic sister. age 5,000,000
    The Silver - become sworn sister of Xe, Zy and Yomi after her lost battle against them. age 5,000,000
    Xefizyxen Zyxenfryz (xefi+zy+yomi) - their ultimate form
    D. Demon - a special demon with unique abilities unknown to the celestials. he escape from the "Abyss" and almost killed D.Dragon in the process. he taken a very powerful body granted by the D.Empress. he was killed by Xefizyxen Zyxenfryz's ult. attack (harms the user and the enemy), but in doing so, Yomi dies in order for Xe & Zy to not also suffer from the feedback of that ult. attack.
    Xephonia (xefizyxen+silver) - her last form in this arc. demon+celestial blood as one being. in this form, she was able to defeat the D.Empress, but Xeph was killed by the invaded Vermillion Kingdom at the end of the arc soon afterward since she wasn't strong enough to do anything...bad ending.

    ---Real Ending Story Arc---
    Zy, Yomi and all the celestial (except Xe) die when D.Demon invaded Lotus Garden, where this arc begins.
    The Xefi Unit - Xe's ultimate form by herself. obtained after countless battles and her will to bring the traitor ,Silver, back to her. age 3,500,000. she alone in this form defeated the D.Demon by herself in this arc.
    Unknown Being -Cz - D.Empress final form. age 7,000,000
    Dark-Moon Blade, Starlet Scarlet, and Eternal Universe - Light/Dark Hope's guardians. age 5,000,000 respectively.
    Ulitmate Silver - silver's ult. form. she helps D.Demon to take over Lotus Garden, but totally regrets her decision as her sworn sisters got kill. age 7,000,000. she later gone insane and was taken over by TSB as her soul gotten devoured into TSB.
    Queen Xefi - with zy and yomi's soul resided inside her. Xe becomes the queen of celestials by her lonely self. age 5,000,000. Queen Xefi defeated Cz in this form. she also defeated Ult.Silver, but silver gone mad and ran away from Xe.

    ---Dark-Purple Moonlight Arc---
    Light Hope - she is one half of Dark. a very protective being and always near Dark. age 2,000,000,000
    Dark Hope - the queen of DPM kingdom. she join alliance with Queen Xefi to fend off TSB. age 2,000,000,000
    The Supreme Being (TSB) - queen of Vermillion Kingdom. she always send her generals to invade DPM. age 2,500,000,000

    ---Descending Monoliths & Majestic Arc---
    Weapon of Creation - (Light & Dark Hope together as one)
    D.M. Xefizyxen - (Weapon of Creation+queen Xefi) a being exist only to create. the creator. age 5,000,000,000
    Weapon of Majestic - (TSB+ultimate silver) a mad corrupted weapon. aiming @ destruction and chaos
    The Final Creation (TFC)- tsb+ult.silver last form. the strongest being in the storyline. age 5,000,000,000. TFC defeated D.M. Xefizyxen, but was sealed away by Xe. she sleep for another billion year.

    ---Xefizyxen's Sanctuary 2---
    D.M. Xefizyxen lost to TFC @ their final battle, but manage to seal TFC for another billion of years. Xe's
    reincarnated into a human and recreated everything again. the story begins again, but only Xe remember
    everything as she progress on her journey to gather more strength in order to kill TFC and hopefully save Ult.Silver's soul.
    in her journey, this time around, she can protect Zy & Yomi without them getting kill. as the 3 of them united again,
    only Silver is left for them to unite as whole.

    to be continue...
  10. delorean2200
    2014-03-12 02:44
    In my case it was the story, plot and deep character development what made me love this series .

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