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  1. delorean2200
    2014-03-11 03:11
    Well starting of with the first reply nobody is great at first but as you work your way around you'll get more knowledgeable you see . Me for example, I was pretty horrible with extractions and vectors when i first started though i came a long way, practice and experience helps a lot.

    As for Muvluv, i'm a big fan, the visual novels Extra/Unlimited+Alternative are my favorite piece of work, i just never found anything to give me the same experience as muvluv did, it was an epic roller-coaster ride. Atm though i'm staying clear of the Total Eclipse anime, hoping they will someday translate the visual novel, since it is coming to PC as well, i want to go fresh in that XD.
  2. delorean2200
    2014-03-10 02:07
    Hehe, you remind me of my old years in photoshop, i used to make avatar and sigs on a role like crazy, unfortunately most of that passion has died out for me, every so rarely it does show a few signs, but not for to long . Unfortunately while i do know photoshop quite well i'm not a very artistic person, which is also probably why my best works are mech ones lol. Anyway i watched you since the beginning, for some reason your style stuck with me even if in the beginning especially it was rough around the edges, especially for sigs and avatars you make the overall render shine quite well, its going to be nice to see what your going to bring up now that your improving more and more ^^.
  3. delorean2200
    2014-03-09 18:02
    I know this is out of the blue but i really gotta say congrats on your latest avatar+sig combo it turned out impressively good.

    PS: thanks for sharing that scan with the gat girl ^^.
  4. grylsyjaeger
    2014-02-26 01:59
    A HK and multicam? It's beautiful.

  5. grylsyjaeger
    2014-02-25 02:42
    Hey Xefi,

    Just wondering if you'd care to share a link to the source image for your sig? Always got a soft spot for girls with gats!
  6. frivolity
    2014-02-06 17:16
    You probably get this a lot, but which anime/manga/game are the characters in your avatar and sig from?
  7. Libros
    2014-01-21 08:55
    Thanks, she's really cute.
  8. Libros
    2014-01-20 07:18
    Which anime/manga is the girl from your avatar/sig from?
  9. Crimrui
    2014-01-06 13:37
    No problem, you actually have a lot of favorites that are my own so I made a right call haha.

    Thanks, Happy New Year to you too. May all of your wishes come true. It's not too late to congratulate, we have whole 2014 ahead of us. ˇˇ
  10. Kirito
    2013-12-24 22:50
    Yo, Xefi. It's been awhile. Sorry for disturbing if I am dude, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas!

    Oh yes, I played Disagea 1-3 via PSN purchase and going to get 4 when I get my Vita. It's an awesome, silly, and creative series. Thanks for introducing me to it. I'll leave you alone now, so until then dude, until then!

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    you pay rent for living in my house. ^ ^
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