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  1. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 12:18
    It's the red-head/eyes smirking at 00:35

    Which reminded me, that I missed the first episode least week
  2. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 10:35
    Dunno, at work or at home I am sitting all the time, so for vacation I need the exact opposite
  3. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 10:07
    Well my dream vacation is hiking through nature to reach historical and religious monuments from dawn to dusk... I had a chance to do for a month across Scandinavia seven years ago, and now it's the second time I can do this for longer in the Far East
  4. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 09:52
    I still have serious problems vocalizing coherent sentences in Japanese, but reading/writing and listening works fine (I can understand enough, more at least compared to when I first moved in Germany). Generally, I really love it here, so started looking for a day-job, since there is no way in hell to get a visa otherwise

    Now, I am arranging the March trip to Korea and rearranging my budget for the Kyuushu/Shikoku tour early in April. The only problem is where to leave some stuff for 40-45 days.

    >> omg do want i need a guy to buy these for me wink wink

    Give me $200 and I will buy them for you ;p
  5. TheEroKing
    2013-01-15 09:25
    yep. looks like a fun series
    Random pics of the day
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  6. Endless Soul
    2013-01-14 13:06
    Endless Soul
    But you're not going to, right? Right?
  7. mangatron
    2013-01-14 12:06
    No, I'm not banned just too many choices for an avatar this season
  8. Malkuth
    2013-01-14 12:02
    Love Live, wasn't my thing, but I'll probably give it a second try

    Sword Art Online, I did watch... first arc was an unambitious, yet popular, repeat of .hack//SIGN... the second arc was plain rediculous, but had Suguha to keep me interested
  9. Miraluka
    2013-01-14 09:59
    Oh, yes, thats true, thats the reason why I joined AnimeSuki to begin with.
  10. TheEroKing
    2013-01-14 08:54
    Random pics of the day
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